A large, metal ring affixed horizontally around a tree.
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20 Weird Things People Couldn't Identify On Their Own

Unless you're the kind of super genius that only really exists in movies, chances are you don't know everything. Don't get me wrong, it's not like that's a bad thing (I, for one, am in that category). It just means there's a lot out there to learn.

Like these strange things people couldn't identify without the help of Reddit. They learned something new, and maybe you can, too!

"What is this thing? An inflated plastic bag sticking out of the window of one of the houses on my street."

A house with a strange bag-like object sticking out of one window.
reddit | GreatScot4224

One smart Reddit user had the answer to this:

"It's a positive pressure vent. It's used when mold is being remediated. When demo of the affected area is being done, it causes dust with mold spores in them. The tube is hooked up to an air scrubber machine and that tube sticking out is the machines exhaust."

"This is strongly affixed wall in an old medical office in Canada. It's about 8cm wide."

A metal object sticking out of a wall with a caption that reads, "What is this and why is it so securely attached to the wall??"
reddit | Mad_scientwist

After a user said, "We have these anchor points attached to desks for cable locks for laptops and other computer equipment," the thread was able to confirm that this is right! Nice.

"They came as a pair and the blocks swivel. Each block is stamped with a one through four face."

Two wooden objects with blocks that turn around some kind of spindle.
reddit | Mymotherwasaspore

The Reddit comments figured out that these things are old fashioned dice. The number of circles on each square face makes a lot of sense, now.

"What’s the name of the shelf like space between the wall and ceiling?"

A room where there's a gap between one wall and the ceiling, with an orange line drawn on to illustrate it.
reddit | 94012004589

Some commenters called it a storage loft, others a vaulted shelf. But the bottom line is, it's just there for extra storage. That sounds about right.

"What is this thing? At a local playground. Not steep enough to be a slide, no ladder or sand play mechanisms."

A wooden and metal ramp-like object in a park sandbox.
reddit | rumblesaysmerve

One Redditor said, "Totally a water play table/ramp. Parents probably were tired of dealing with messy kids and the they discontinued it. If you are in a drought area they may have turned it off as well."

I've never seen these before, but it makes sense.

"Silver-handled vintage/antique clamp of some kind. 'Beak' of clamp is hollow - so not umbilical. Clamp does not open wide because."

Two ornate metal rods attached to one another in a scissors fashion.
reddit | MamaBearsApron

One Reddit user was quick to answer this, saying, "That looks like a glove stretcher. To loosen up the fingers in leather gloves."

"Projectile 'A 1-2' found in Spain."

A strange, metal object with "A 1-2" stamped on it.
reddit | celeduc

One user commented that this thing is part of an electrode holder, and a second one confirmed that, saying, "I'm a welder and this is the tip of an electrode holder. The 2 holes [not pictured] are for electrode positioning, one is 90 degree angle and the other 45."

"What are these metal tube/casings? Various sizes, hollow inside with fake gemstones/letters or things on the cap end. Has a matching heavy half metal cylinder with opening and hinge."

Several metal and plastic pieces with blue, green, and white tips.
reddit | irishfather

"Those are old light lenses... For panel lights and such before there were LEDs," one user commented.

So weird.

"Stack of these behind a warehouse."

Stacks of strange, metal objects outside of a warehouse.
reddit | No_Shock6751

A Reddit user quickly guessed the right answer, saying, "Loading dock ramps. To bridge the gap between the trailer and the dock so forklifts have access to the trailer."

I hate how obvious that was and yet I still needed it pointed out to me...

"Drawstring bag attached to an envelope. Found at my office (small textile distribution)- no one knows what it might have been used for- probably been there for decades."

A drawstring bag attached to a long, yellow envelope.
reddit | kazbeast

According to one Redditor, "Just general-use mailing bags with an address label tag." Of course...

"Antique brass standing object with central dial. I think the dial is porcelain. Could be of South Asian or Middle Eastern origin?"

A brass plate-like object with no bottom.
reddit | NotInMyShop

One Reddit user guessed, "That looks like a trivet, used to place a kettle over an open fire." After a bit of back and forth, they figured out this was the right answer.

"Opened the window and rain fell on my windowsill. What are these green things inside the droplets?"

A surface covered in water droplets with little green objects in them.
reddit | HeadTea9880

One Reddit user said, "Probably pollen on the windowsill. It’s hydrophobic so the water would form a droplet around it instead of it mixing together."

Makes sense, since OP had their window open and it's pollen season and all.

"Orange brown with speckles, a spiny ribbed section with two wings and two antennae looking things between wings, rubbery material, maybe 4 inches long."

A strange, lobster-like piece of ribbed plastic.
reddit | bugs_bunny_in_drag

See, I was stumped too. But the Reddit comments said it's a fishing lure, and suddenly everything makes sense.

"Probable kitchen item made of metal with sharp prongs on the back?"

A long, tulip-like metal object set next to a pen.
reddit | beigemom

Well, it's definitely a kitchen item. A Reddit user said, "It is for removing kernels from corn." Now I wish I had one of these things at home.

"What is this dull bladed small kitchen tool? Says 'Cillo' and there are two of them in the kitchen drawer."

A red and blue plastic object.
reddit | pastel_orange

A Reddit user said, "Does the tip fit in a wine bottle? If so, I think it may be a wine bottle stopper. The 'dull blade' should just be for leverage to get it back out." And they were right!

"Lightweight metal piece, flat and tapered with hard leather handle and cloth-covered electrical cord. Measures about 18 inches, including handle."

A long, knife-like object with a cord sticking out of the end.
reddit | Sanforcl

"An electric necktie iron. For all of your wrinkled necktie needs," one Redditor commented. Such a random thing, and yet it's the right answer.

"What is this thing and what does it do?? It plugs into a cigarette lighter and can fold up. It has a light at the top when you plug it in, and a dial right below it."

A plastic and metal object that can plug into a car plug.
reddit | That-Shoe1054

A Reddit user said, "It's garbage sold under the guise of being an air purifier."

Sounds about right.

"Found on the roof of my shed. Rusty metal strip, with serrations on one side. No markings visible."

A rusted, serrated pieces of metal.
reddit | Classic_Yogurt

The Reddit comment section figured out that this is some kind of old sawblade, though they didn't know the exact kind of saw it was for. Close enough.

"Found these small circular things sewn into the ruffles of a vintage 1970s dress while I was cleaning it. They are a little smaller than a clove and are different colors. They are hard."

A wet piece of fabric containing small beads.
reddit | qwerty1112233

One Redditor commented, "Corn--traditionally sewn into the wedding dress for good luck, fertility!" Wow, that's actually so neat!

"Anyone know what this metal ring around the tree is for? It's completely supported by the tree, there's no support at the base."

A large metal ring affixed horizontally to a large tree.
reddit | AdamBomb_3141

One commenter said, "Was this tree in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London? If so, it's one of the History Trees." They even included a link. Looks like it's an art installation.