A small yacht half sunken into a body of water.
reddit | Eu_Nao_Concordo

20 People Who Are Living On The Edge...Of Disaster

There are some people out there who seem like they're constantly on the brink of total disaster. Whether they know it or not, they're like walking, talking, ticking time bombs.

Like the people in this list. They may have already faced disaster, or maybe they're on their way. But if one thing's for sure, it's that they're the polar opposite of lucky.

"I was mowing the lawn and found some money."

A 10 Euro banknote ripped apart on some grass.
reddit | PoetBoye

I don't know about Europe, but over here it's against the law to rip up money. I'm pretty sure they give you a pass if you did it by complete accident, though.

"Once a week someone hits the bridge. This guy went full 'Can Opener.'"

A large truck where the top and back of the trailer have been torn off.
reddit | CityWeasel

I guess some truck drivers seriously underestimate how tall their trucks are. Or maybe they're in too much of a hurry to notice. You know, until it's too late.

"Note to self: with 4 cats in the house, always, *always* wall mount the darn TV."

A television with multiple cracks in the screen.
reddit | SpecterAscendant

Something tells me that, if you have at least one cat in your household, investing in a wall mount for your TV might be the way to go.

"Every tea drinker experiences this at least once in their life."

A tea bag where the tag and string have torn off.
reddit | LordGhoul

This feels like the kind of thing that would act as an ill omen for the rest of your day. If your teabag string breaks, you're probably in for a bad time.

"My co-worker got a new mouse for his computer. He decided to use scissors to open it."

A corded mouse where the cord has been cut.
reddit | crashcar22

I feel like this guy is the type who just has a lot of mildly unfortunate things happen to him.

A brand new mouse and everything...

"Tree falls on tree service truck."

A tree that fell through the cab of a tree removal services truck.
reddit | tomytronics

A lot of people use the term irony to define things that aren't ironic. But this? It's irony at its finest. Like when a tow truck needs to be towed, but arguably a lot worse.

"I added chili flakes to my curry. Turns out it was infested by weevils. 3 days of dinner gone."

A pot of curry with small bugs inside of it.
reddit | Sproose_Moose

I'm almost tempted to say just eat around them but... no. This is both really unlucky and really upsetting. Stupid bugs.

"My dishwasher flooded. Now 1/4 of my house is getting replaced from water damage."

A section of a kitchen that's covered with clear tarp.
reddit | GoogleZero

Sometimes, your house gets messed up from a really bad storm. Other times, it's literally one appliance that decides to act up in the worst possible way.

"Ferrari 458."

A red sports car that had fallen through a bracket that was keeping it raised in a mechanic shop.
reddit | AnxiousIndicator

To be honest, this would've been bad enough if it had happened to a regular car. But the fact that this is an expensive sports car is just... awful. I'm not even a car person, and this is making me sad.

"A week after installing our new garage door opener our teenager backs into both garage doors completely dislodging them and hitting a support beam."

A broken frame to a garage door.
reddit | BunBunChow

I don't know who's more unlucky here, the parents, or their teenager. Either way, that's coming out of someone's paycheck (or allowance).

"Pipes burst underneath Basketball Court."

A gym floor that's warped and wavy.
reddit | BigfootDynamite

Just looking at this is making me cringe so hard. I wonder what it would've been like being there, what with all that water damage. Do you think you could walk on that floor, or would you just fall right through?

"BBQ Bologna."

An orange sports car that's on fire.
reddit | GPR79

Another day, another sports car that fell victim to disaster for whatever reason. This one is honestly so hard to look away from, though. It's like a train wreck, except instead of a train, it's a really expensive car.

"8 Electric Buses Caught Fire."

A scene at a bus station where there's a lot of smoke and fire.
reddit | the123king-reddit

The fact that not one, not two, not even three, but eight separate buses caught on fire? That's just strange. I also have a feeling someone's job is at risk right about now.

"Wind knocked over the basketball hoop."

A car with a street basketball hoop through the windshield.
reddit | Breadstixx2163

See, you'd have to be facing some pretty strong wind for the whole basketball hop to fall over like that. But, uh, it's really making me think that I don't want one of those on my driveway ever.

"Overloaded that baby!"

A truck where the middle of the trailer is warped and bent.
reddit | TheIronDickHead

I'd ask what would have to happen for a truck to end up looking like that, but I almost feel like I don't want to know. What I do know, though, is that I'd hate to be the driver right about now.

"Was having a nice relaxing chat with my girlfriend before she went to work, then boom!"

Multiple game consoles smashed through a broken tempered glass table.
reddit | UPExodus

Don't you just love it when a glass table or stand shatters out of nowhere for no good reason? Yeah, you're right, no one does.

"Can’t leave my house, damn near fell to my demise."

The view outside someone's apartment complex where the deck is missing.
reddit | [deleted]

That's just plain terrifying. Though, the amount of Redditors making jokes about the "porch pirates" being at it again have really soften the blow. Still, I'd be pretty uncomfortable if that was the view out of my front door.

"Tesla BBQ."

A Tesla car that's on fire.
reddit | GomerP19

It's amazing how many expensive cars catch on fire for seemingly no reason. Amazing and kind of sad. Imagine spending money on a Tesla, just for it to end up a feature on your local news (and not for a good reason).

"ITAP of a skater in Venice."

A picture of a skateboarder midair. The board is nowhere near where he's going to land.
reddit | FreedomWarrior22

I like to think that he just landed on his feet and nothing bad happened. But, like, I know better than that.

I can't even imagine how much that fall must've hurt.

"Somebody sank their water Ferrari and just left it."

A small yacht that's half sunken in a body of water.
reddit | Eu_Nao_Concordo

I really hope they're coming back.

But also, I wish I was rich enough to sink a boat and just leave it without a second thought. I wouldn't do it, I just want to be rich enough to have the option.