20 Pics Where The Backstory Is A Huge Help

Photo of kid taken by Obama
reddit | empirepie499

It's said that context is everything. Now, no matter how much of a contrarian you may be, it's hard to disagree with this statement. Context only ever helps us better understand something, and helps avoid unfortunate blunders.

Each of these pics has a little bit of backstory — and indeed, the context each backstory provides is absolutely everything.

"I graduated with a B.S. in Physics the same day as the total lunar eclipse - here's my grad photo."

Physics grad posing in front of lunar eclipse
reddit | VincentLedvina

If you spend a few years in college learning how the physical world works, there could be no more appropriate setting for a photo than in front of a lunar eclipse.

"Got laid off today with zero notice, found all my stuff already in a box when I got to work."

Laid off employee's belongings boxed up
reddit | Shrek1onDVD

It's a cliché that you need to box up your stuff once you get fired or laid off, but sometimes the work is already done for you.

"I drew a chrome rhino for a chalk art contest."

Chrome rhino drawn for chalk art contest
reddit | NesdorkArt

Just in case anyone thought this was a real chrome rhino (I did a double take), it's actually the work of a very skilled chalk artist. Just look at that shiny texture!

"Older fan at a Slayer concert."

Older fan at a Slayer concert
reddit | DoINeed1OfThese

It's great to see people out there, enjoying music, and I don't want to gatekeep. That said, this guy really doesn't look like a Slayer fan. Did he get lost on the way to the Springsteen stage?

"I happily beat the odds! High school dropout from a low income home to a NASA engineer and now Ph.D graduate!!! Official graduation photo shoot: wearing rental regalia everywhere (to get my money's worth) including on a boat, while wearing star wars pants and sandals."

High school dropout is now a Ph.D
reddit | Shrimp_eyes_are_cool

If you're particularly proud of how far you've come on graduation day, then you might as well pull out all the stops.

"I’m a stone carver! Here’s an L in marble, carved completely with hammer and chisel."

Letter 'L' hand-chiseled into stone
reddit | Knot_Much

This photo makes me appreciate the chiseling work that's present on pretty much every old-school statue. It's incredible that the cutters don't make more mistakes.

"During the Memorial Day siren, a Holocaust survivor is being honored by her granddaughter."

Holocaust survivor honored by granddaughter
reddit | Sinotek2

This pic is a powerful reminder of some of humanity's darkest days. While we'd like the Holocaust to be a distant memory, it took place within living memory.

"I’ve been feeling sad lately so I decided to open my piggy bank that I’ve been saving money in for 2 years. The money counted to $546."

$546 in a piggy bank
reddit | Drumsticks__18

Over $500? That's not a bad haul, especially when you didn't realize you had it in the first place.

"4 years ago I posted on here about getting my life on track and going on a first date with my new girlfriend. Today I got engaged. Thanks for your support guys."

Man proposing to his girlfriend
reddit | ismo420

Posting personal stuff online isn't for everyone, but for some people, it's a powerful motivator. This guy has clearly been feeling the support from the Reddit community.

"That time I woke up at 4am to say hi to my first ever crush before he went for a surf."

Surfer posing with Steve-O
reddit | ohheysarahjay

The story of Steve-O's career and eventual sobriety is an epic saga. It's truly heartwarming to see him thriving in his second act.

"I had adult braces for the last 2 years and used to hide my smile my entire life. This is me post braces and I never felt so good!"

Woman smiling after braces removal
reddit | sameenasbackup

No one really wants to wear braces, but when you get them as an adult, it stings that much more. It's great to see her smiling once more.

"Was standing in the grocery store when the ceiling tile above me fell, hit me in the head, followed by a few gallons of dirty water. I was completely soaked and employees didn't do anything."

Aftermath of ceiling collapse in a grocery store
reddit | Scott13Pippen

There are days when you find a four-leaf clover and know it's going to be a good day. Then there are days like the one described here.

"Someone is free soloing the sales force tower today."

Man climbing a skyscraper
reddit | SplungerPlunger

If this happened at your workplace, what would you do? It would be hard to look away, but at the same time, it would probably make everyone more than a little bit nervous.

"Phone fell as I was taking a pic of me hiking."

Pic taken by falling phone creates unique visual effect
reddit | mysticfunkymonk

If you ever want a weird pic (and don't care about dropping your phone), try setting up a timer and then throwing it up in the air. Things will get very swirly.

"I'm A Preschool Teacher With alopecia. My Students Said Today, 'You Look Like The Map!'"

Teacher with alopecia
reddit | KohanaCat

Props to this teacher for absolutely rocking her look. Plenty of people with alopecia make efforts to cover things up, but this teacher has decided to own it.

"My little brother’s graduation note to me."

A heartfelt congratulations note
reddit | NotUniqueUsernameee

This is adorable, but also a bit weird. Leaving aside the, "I don't care what other people say" shade, what's with the wishes for the rest of his life? They're still going to see each other, I would assume.

"My adorable grandma standing under a rhododendron her mom planted over 45 years ago for her."

Woman with large rhododendron plant
reddit | Randall_Butternubs_

I don't know much about gardening, but if there's a contest for biggest rhododendron plant, it seems like this woman should probably win it.

"Found my grandfather’s shirt from the 80’s - I think I might keep it."

Woman wearing vintage sperm-themed shirt
reddit | ohheysarahjay

I was thinking that the banana-yellow shirt was a good look, and then I saw the design. I guess it's fun, but I personally wouldn't want to wear it.

"My nephew snuck safety goggles to his school photo."

Kid wearing safety goggles in school photo
reddit | IansjonesPGH

Kids love to accessorize with whatever they can find. These safety goggles would be just another piece of equipment for a worker, but to this kid, they're the coolest specs he could ever ask for.

"This photo of me was taken by Obama himself."

Photo of kid taken by Obama
reddit | empirepie499

Not many of us have a picture of ourselves that was taken by a sitting president, but this kid does. Also, I'm just going to say it: Obama's photography skills leave something to be desired.

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