20 Pics That Fooled Us Up Real Good

Woman who appears to have two elbows on one arm
reddit | Phoebes_Father

The laws of physics and nature tell us that things are predictable, always behaving in a consistent way. But lived experience tells us that things are not always as they seem.

Are the pics here evidence of witchcraft or wizardry? No. Believe it or not, they all check out. But it might not seem that way at first.

"When the shadow lines up perfectly."

Shadow on man creates unique perspective effect
reddit | Flimsy_Researcher

You know when there's a group photo that's missing one person, so someone clumsily Photoshops them in later? This pic looks a lot like that. The weird thing is that it isn't doctored at all.

"These miniature dinosaurs."

Long tails of coatis makes them look like dinosaur necks
reddit | Rich7469

If you've spent time in the Mayan Riviera, you've seen these cute little coatis. They do indeed look like miniature brontosauruses, although the illusion disappears somewhat when you see them moving and realize the 'necks' are just tails.


Dog standing behind woman makes her look like a centaur
reddit | ProfVerstrooid

This pic makes me wonder if centaur legends in the old days came about because someone saw a four-legged animal standing behind a person and thought it looked pretty cool. I mean, just look at this pic. It does look pretty cool.


Soccer player appears to have a giant foot
reddit | bo3ayed

After a moment, it's easy to see that this guy's left foot is normally sized, and his (also normally-sized) right foot is hiding behind it. Still, at first glance it looks like he's wearing those fashionable long-toed shoes.

"A teeny tiny guy, or a giant girl?"

Perspective makes two people appear to be very different sizes
reddit | neophlegm

Everyone knows that perspective can change things drastically, and this pic is a prime example. I'm still trying to get my head around exactly where that guy is sitting to make him look so tiny.

"Flat house, for models only."

Triangular building appears totally flat
reddit | Appropriate-Text-350

You get these kinds of pics when you're looking at a triangular building (like the Flatiron Building) from a specific angle. The effect of it being just a thin facade really is quite uncanny.

"Hey PETA come here."

Pastry that looks like a dog
reddit | mpcamposz

I don't know if stuffing a helpless dog into a box of pastries would really fall under PETA's jurisdiction, but it really should. Just look at this poor little doggo's face. He clearly wants to be let out.

"Looking at this marble floor mosaic at the Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy is like gazing at the light at the end of a tunnel."

Marble floor mosaic looks like an infinite portal
reddit | toeprint

If this looks trippy to you in the 21st century, just imagine how many minds were blown way back in the day.

"Maybe windows for a staircase idk."

Building with oddly slanted windows
reddit | BenediktusXI

I smugly assumed I'd be able to sort out what's going on in each of these pics. But I'm really not sure with this. Are those just slanted windows, or is there some weird perspective stuff going on here?

"Charles Davis captured this image of Australian budgerigars (budgies) in a tree. There's no leaves..."

Budgies in tree look like leaves
reddit | yeoyoey

This would be a truly odd sight in real time. It would look like every single leaf on this tree is a sentient creature.

"It's embarrassing until you realize they're the reflection of the chairs in the room."

Reflection makes it look like man has wet himself
reddit | 4BDUL4Z1Z

This belongs in the Confusing Perspective Hall of Fame. When you look closely at the reflection / possible pee stain, you can see how the chair legs really make things look realistic.

"Giant lady."

Woman sitting on cliff appears to be a giant
reddit | Kilika2

At first I thought the landscape was small, but the landscape is actually big. What's going on is that she's sitting on a nearby cliff face in the foreground, which seamlessly blends in to the cliff face in the background.

"Floating cat?"

Cat on couch appears to be floating
reddit | Flamind666

Shadows, or the suggestion of a shadow, can really mess with your perception. The fact that there's an indistinct dark mark next to this cat really makes it look like it's floating. I mean, for all I know, it actually is floating.

"There is no water in this picture."

Concrete wall appears to be water
reddit | Exotic-Custard-8293

Someone in the comments said that the supposed 'water' in this photo is actually just a concrete wall in the foreground. I'm willing to take their word for it, but I still don't quite see it.

"Mr. Tiny Legs."

Man who appears to have tiny legs
reddit | DiosMioMan63

Anyone who has kids is probably familiar with this scene: they get bored and start flouncing around, and before you know it, you've got a photo that makes it look like you have little girl legs.

"A pair of legs."

Disembodied legs shown in a mirror
reddit | mdv_cali

I'm just about certain that this effect is due to the fact that there's a mirror inside that...cabinet? Shelf unit? I'm not sure what it is. In any event, this is a fun photo to have.

"I'll have the 'Pineapple Fade' please."

Palm tree appears to be man's hair
reddit | cheesygrundit

If you're anything like me, you're coming to terms with the fact that your hair is no more. But with a bit of effort and some appropriate background props, you can make it look like you have hair once more.

"Look at those two buildings in the background. Which one is closer?"

Two buildings, difficult to tell which is in the foreground
reddit | Exotic-Custard-8293

You know what I just said about understanding these pics? Yeah, this one's got me flummoxed as well. I'm pretty sure the building on the right is closer, but who knows?

"Parallel universe behind the fence."

A mirrored fence
reddit | Meskalink

I have no idea why anyone would ever want a mirrored fence. It would catch the sun and cause some unpleasant reflections. Then again, maybe these oddball photos make everything worthwhile.

"Two elbows can come in handy sometimes."

Woman who appears to have two elbows on one arm
reddit | Phoebes_Father

At first I thought she genuinely had two elbows in her arm. I mean, that has to be a thing, right? Now I'm pretty sure she has just one elbow, though, like the rest of us.

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