20 Photoshop Fails That Make Us Wonder Why People Went Through The Trouble

Ashley Hunte
A hand with unnaturally smooth skin.
reddit | NopeifyVEVO

Look, I get it. Social media has this ability to make you feel really insecure with yourself. The amount of people online who suffer from body image issues is both unreal, and really sad.

But when people post poorly edited photos of themselves online like these ones, it just makes the problem worse. It's bad enough having to deal with unrealistic body standards, let alone the ones that are literally impossible.

"Gotta love the good 'ol thick elbow and wonky horizon."

A woman in a bathing suit. The image is edited to make her waist loo smaller.
reddit | hisokawiththefatass

Society's love for the hourglass figure goes way too far. To the point where people edit their pictures to make their waists look impossibly small. And they're never good at hiding it.

"Hinge: Meet Photoshop."

A screenshot from a dating app showing a man in a bathroom. The background is visibly warped as the photo is edited to make the man look more muscular.
reddit | HugeAppearance13

If you think it's just women who feel like they have to exaggerate their features in photos, you'd be dead wrong. Anyone can decide to completely warp a background to make some features smaller, or others bigger.

"Found one in the wild! Where do her organs go???"

A woman posing in a gym. Her waist is impossibly small.
reddit | BabyStinkBreath

In case you didn't already know, you can't really have a waist that disproportionately small. Not unless you go through plastic surgery. Or you photoshop the hell out of all your pictures.

"Never heard of skin texture."

A picture of a woman whose face and neck have been totally smoothed out.
reddit | KirkDuyt

It's pretty easy to feel insecure about your own facial features. But no one's gonna believe your skin is actually that smooth. There's no amount of foundation in the world that's going to cover every single line on your face like that.

"Even feet aren't safe here."

A pair of feet in sandals. The feet have been obviously photoshopped to look smoother.
reddit | toomuchnothingness

If this wasn't such a glaring example of photo editing, I'd actually be impressed. Like, who out there has the actual patience to edit their own feet to make them look smoother?


A woman posing while wearing sunglasses; her head looks disproportionately small compared to her arms and torso.
reddit | Yourlocalpizzakebab

It's so hard to tell if her arms were edited to look big, or if her head was edited to look small. Either way, the editing job in this pic makes so little sense, it's actually a little uncanny.

"When your waist is so compressed it has its own gravitational field."

A woman whose waist is edited to look smaller, but her hair and arms are also oddly warped.
reddit | SmashedPumpkin_

It's pretty normal to fall into the trap of desperately wanting a smaller waist. But this is just plain unrealistic. Not to mention her arm and hair straight up don't make and sense in this picture.

"That cloud wont leave her alone..."

Four separate pictures of the same woman, each one having the exact same cloud formation edited into the sky despite each photo being in a different location.
reddit | your-missing-mom

On the plus side, it doesn't look like this person spent too much time editing herself. Just... the random cloud formation in the background. Like, there was literally no reason for this, and yet...

"Found on Facebook."

A woman posing next to a window. Her face looks different in the foreground than it does in the reflection.
reddit | DanteMarlvin

You know... if you're going to go through all the trouble to make your face look dramatically different from how it normally looks, you could at least put a little effort into fixing any reflections in the picture, too.

"Who needs ribs or organs, when you can have a waist the size of your head?"

A woman standing next to a trailer. Her waist is obviously edited to be impossibly small.
reddit | ImHereNowNotTomorrow

The fact that her arms are so normal really gives it away. Posting pictures like this is just so irresponsible because there are impressionable kids out there who think this is realistic.

"Nose, nostrils? Hardly know her."

An image of a woman whose nose is so smoothed out, it doesn't exist.
reddit | TCAN49

You know what's super normal? Having a nose. Like any nose, at all. Editing and smoothing yours so it basically doesn't exist is just... weird. Why would you even want a picture like that online?

"Curve in left arm, face tune."

A woman posing in a way that makes her waist look smaller. Editing has clearly been done to the photo.
reddit | Ttttrrrroooowwww

Not to state the obvious, but her hands are a good few shades lighter than the rest of her. Coupled with the plain uncanniness of the rest of the picture, it really makes you go "hmmm."

"Warp fails and gullible men galore..."

A woman posing in a theatre. Her proportions are edited to look greatly exaggerated.
reddit | Ok-Breakfast7186

Yeah, her arms just don't make any sense. In fact, very little about this picture makes sense to begin with. And yet there are people out there who seriously think this is what women should look like...

"Lookin' like a Barbie with drawn on eyes."

An image of a woman where the face loos drawn on rather than real.
reddit | imagine_im_a_chicken

There' no way those are her actual eyes. They look so flat and lifeless compared to the rest of the picture. It's like the person who edited this forgot that lighting exists.

"Here we go again..."

A woman standing next to a man on a porch overlooking the sea. The woman's face is heavily edited compared to the man's.
reddit | k4rst3n

A telltale sign to look out for when trying to guess if a picture is edited or not is other people. If one face looks ultra smooth and out of focus compared to another, it's probably edited to the moon.

"What's the point of photoshopping a Starbucks logo on your cup..?"

Two photos showing a woman standing with a coffee cup that has the Starbucks logo edited onto it.
reddit | joanoa

I guess this woman really wanted people to think she only buys drinks from Starbucks. Because getting a coffee from anywhere else is... bad I guess? It's amazing how some people think like that.

"Smooth like silk."

Three women standing together for a selfie. One woman's face is obviously edited, while the others are not.
reddit | DiegoWanderer

No one is going to buy that you look like that if you're just editing your own face and no one else's. If only we lived in a society where imperfections were embraced rather than something to be ashamed of...

"I like the polish color..."

A hand with burgundy nail polish. The skin of the hand is edited to look ultra smooth.
reddit | NopeifyVEVO

Yeah... no. Skin doesn't look like that, whether it's on your face, hands, feet, or anywhere else. We all have wrinkles, and pores, and dryness. Hair, even. Like, it's skin! It's supposed to look like, well, skin!

"The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, 1934."

A woman whose waist is photoshopped to look smaller. This also causes her arms to look warped.
reddit | ScaldingTea

The worst thing is that I'm sure the original picture looked just fine. But man, all that editing has her arms looking really, really weird. You can't even pretend like this is normal.

Posted versus tagged picture.

Two pictures of the same woman; one has an unnatural skin tone and is edited, the other is natural with minimal makeup.
reddit | user982802938922

It's amazing how people will go to such lengths to make themselves look as different as possible. Amazing, but a little sad. Like, it's pretty hard to believe those are two pictures of the same person.