20 People Who Got A Look At Something Rare And Took Pics For The Rest Of Us

Cracking an ostrich egg
reddit | HannoPicardVI

When you see a pic of something unusual, what can it do for you? Well, you might learn a lesson, or at least become more aware of something. Then again, it might do nothing more than elicit a contemplative, "Huh."

In any event, your life will be slightly richer for having viewed these pics, thanks to the folks who had the presence of mind to snap 'em in the first place.

"My fortune is interrupted by a second fortune."

Fortune cookie fortune interrupted by second fortune
reddit | polyhazard

It's kind of a relief when you realize that this is simply a glitch and not evidence that your brain is breaking. I can't make heads or tails of whatever this fortune is trying to say.

"This gas station in Detroit has various colas from around the world."

Gas station has colas from around the world
reddit | redyellowbluered

I think everyone can appreciate a good beverage selection, and this gas station has that and more. I wonder how this place got started on its road to becoming the region's number one cola destination.

"I left the key in the shed door during a very windy night and the keyring wore a circle into the wood."

Key in door etches a circular pattern on door
reddit | nodnodwinkwink

If you ever used a compass in grade school math class, you know how easy it is to make a perfect circle. Sometimes nature even does the work for you.

"There's a coyote outside of my friend's house."

Young coyote in a residential area
reddit | jols0543

I know you're not supposed to try to keep a coyote as a pet — they're wild animals, after all. Still, seeing the expression on this young coyote's face makes my heart melt.

"My banana has a bruise that looks like a musical note."

Banana bruise looks like musical note
reddit | epsilonik

There are two types of people in the world: those who won't eat a bruised banana, and those who don't care. I guess maybe there's a third category: people who notice if a banana bruise resembles something else.

"My apartment for the night in Porto, Portugal has a preserved 12th century wall and staircase encased in the bedroom."

13th century wall and staircase in a modern bedroom
reddit | Simando138

What do you do if you need to build something modern on top of a genuine historical relic? A solution like this is pretty good.

"This 7-11 has a street address of 711."

7-Eleven store with street address of 711
reddit | SplitEights

I just checked Google Maps for the street address of my local 7-Eleven. Turns out it's 72. It's a fine store and all, but I'd feel better about things if its street number was 711.

"The badges on my 22 year old truck are melting in the Texas sun."

Truck badge melted by heat
reddit | N0vemberJul1et

You'd think automotive manufacturers would figure out that they should make their vehicles melt-proof. I mean, if the badges can melt, what else might be on the verge?

"There is a squirrel with 3 different colors in their fur that I see in my backyard every day."

Squirrel with three different fur colors
reddit | Odeiminmukwa

This almost doesn't look like one cohesive squirrel at all. It looks more like a toddler tried to draw a squirrel, but kept switching the colors up.

"My right pinky finger has only one crease."

Pinky finger with only one crease
reddit | weepingbanana

This is downright fascinating. I'd be interested in seeing this pinky in action. Does it just bend in half like a thumb, or does it have the mobility of a typical finger?

"I found a piece of glass that says 'Shrek' buried in my yard today."

Shard of glass with Shrek logo
reddit | pale_and_hungry

Quick question: if you found this in your yard, with no explanation whatsoever, would you consider yourself to be blessed or cursed? I could go either way.

"There's an exposed coal seam in the cliff at my local beach."

Exposed coal seam at a beach
reddit | tim---mit

This is not just a cool geology lesson, but also genuinely surprising. I would have thought that all easily-accessible coal seams had been thoroughly mined decades ago.

"Golf ball size hail today."

Golf ball-sized hail
reddit | Sr71miller

If you're going to claim that golf ball-sized hail fell on your property, you'd better bring the receipts. I'd say that showing the actual hail next to an actual golf ball (and, uh, a banana) constitutes bringing those receipts.

"This extremely windswept tree I encountered during a hike."

Nearly horizontal windswept tree
reddit | bubblehenk

If trees were sentient, I'd like to know whether this tree lives a good life (look at that view!) or a tortured life (what should be horizontal is vertical). In any case, it could probably do with less wind.

"This crosswalk lights up when you cross to improve visibility for the drivers."

Light-up crosswalk at night
reddit | TheTrueRK

This is indeed a cool safety feature, but I'm more wowed by the cyberpunk aesthetic. Using this crosswalk would make you feel like you're living in the 31st century.

"My local library loans out cake pans."

Cake pans on loan at a library
reddit | KirkFerentzsPleats

Libraries never cease to amaze. They're a one-stop shop for movies, books, internet, and various other resources, and it's all free. Loaning out cake pans is just the next logical step when you think about it.

"I am currently working construction at a new Amazon fulfillment center (650,000 sq ft). This is the fourth of fifth floor. That is fog in the background."

Interior of a massive Amazon warehouse
reddit | 911shotJFK

I'm not saying that this is what out dystopian future looks like. I am saying that this pic, plus a few Amazon robots, is what our dystopian future looks like.

"The largest lobster claw I have ever seen for sale ($70.13 at Costco)."

Gigantic lobster claw on sale at Costco
reddit | kelsobjammin

I like to think that they weren't even going to package this up, then decided to throw caution to the wind in the hope that some random customer would want a claw the size of their head.

"My pizza looked just as good as the picture on the box."

Pizza compared to picture on the box
reddit | silvershay04

It's nice when the product resembles the idealized picture on the box. There's nothing more disappointing than getting a frozen pizza with, like, two slices of pepperoni on it.

"Frying an OSTRICH egg."

Cracking an ostrich egg
reddit | HannoPicardVI

I suppose that when it comes to a frying pan, an egg is an egg. I just wonder how long this one would take to fry, or if anyone has the courage to break the yolk.

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