20 Real-Life Romance Stories That Made Us Believe In Love Again

Ashley Hunte
Two hands coming together to make a heart in front of a setting sun.
Unsplash | Tyler Nix

Some say that, in the age of online dating and apps, romance is dead. But I'm here to tell you that's absolutely not true! Love is everywhere, if you know where to look.

Some took to Twitter to share their cutest love stories that sound like something straight out of a rom-com. And I, for one, am here for it.

A pinky swear is a powerful thing.

This doesn't sound real. But the fact that it is has singlehandedly restored all of my faith in humanity. Like, how cute is this? And the fact that their marriage has lasted is even better.

The college romance movie we never got to see.

Literally everything about this is so cute, my heart might just explode. I think the part about him singing the whole time is what made this story as amazing as it is.

Get you somebody who will pick bees out of your hair.

I mean, what are the odds? That the person you randomly meet in the Amazon for work ends up being the person you spend the rest of your life with, I mean.

Cute museum story! Cute museum story!

I think my favorite part about this insanely adorable story is the fact that security helped out. Like, it's just great that they didn't stand in the way of true love.

Sometimes, you just know when you've found the one.

I love stories when one person in the couple proposes in the same place where they had their first date. It's literally the most adorable thing in the world and I can't handle it.

A moment like this sticks with you for the rest of your life.

We love a gentleman, am I right? Because this was definitely the gentlemanly thing to do, and I have to say, it's kind of ideal.

Friends to loves is the best arc.

When you think about it, your true love is also going to be your best friend. So why not start as friends?

Though, I'd be pretty weirded out if my soulmate had the same birthday as me.

Sounds like a music video, to be honest.

Like, this is the third act of the video when the main character is down in the dumps, and then meets a man who's better than the one she'd just left. And they live happily ever after.

Using your dog as your wingman. Smart.

I love hearing about stories like this, where everything works out perfectly (well, except for the poor dog who got hurt, but probably ended up being fine). Like, everything about this is so cute!

It's the "not yet" for me.

This literally looks like dialog out of a romance movie. I can picture the exact kind of music that would be playing and everything. Ugh, stories like this just make you love love.

"With 'I will come back for you' written on the back."

Apparently, the fling didn't last too much longer. But the fact that it happened at all is just so cute. We all deserve moments like this in our lives.

Ah, the "best friend who has a crush on the main character" trope.

Sure, this is one of the most common tropes out there (even if it happened for real). But there's a reason why it's so popular: it's awesome!

I guess some people aren't meant to be (and others are).

I'm sure that girl didn't love the fact that she inadvertently set up a new friend with her ex, but I'm glad it worked out for them in any case.

Nothing about this feels like real life.

And that's probably what makes it so great. The fact that it all went down at a masquerade ball? Probably the most important story detail I've heard all day.

Sounds like a Netflix movie, actually.

Or, like, something out of a Wattpad novel. The rich kid. The lake house. The first kiss on the dock just after sunset. I feel like Netflix is about to pop up asking for the rights to this story.

Like Cinderella, but better.

Okay, if this list has taught me anything, it's that I need to start going to more masquerade balls. Apparently, that's where all the super cute romantic stuff goes down.

And they ended up finding each other! Amazing!

Get you somebody who will carry you when you're tired.

And of course, I mean literally carry you. Because, like, how cute is that?

And the fact that his carrying duty has transferred to the kids now. Truly iconic.

You know it's real when they stick by you through thick and thin.

She also wrote that they're still married, so I'd consider this a pretty happy ending. Like seriously, any person who's willing to do this for you is worth keeping around.

When it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

This is honestly the most romance fiction thing to happen ever. Having a crush on two people who end up actually being the same person? I'd read that book a million times.

Kids always know.

I'm not gonna lie, I teared up reading this one. Just a little bit. It's just so cute! And the fact that he actually ended up becoming her dad is just the icing on the cake for me.