20 Memes That '90s Kids Will Recognize Immediately

Ashley Hunte
A building that once used to be a Blockbuster.
reddit | chill2308

Ah, the '90s. There's really no way to accurately describe the decade to people who weren't around for it. What a weird, simpler, and super nostalgic time.

For us '90s kids out there, nothing can beat the memories we have from that decade. That's why these memes are all about the '90s, and really only things you'll get if you were there.

"A new guy where I work drives this."

A white pickup truck with the blue and purple jazz design on it.
reddit | poppahawk

There was a good period of time where this design was on everything. A movie theater carpet. The cups you use to rinse at the dentist office. Random waiting room paintings. Everything.

Do kids today even use batteries anymore?

A meme showing a battery in a person's hand.
reddit | pancakes_and_tacos

Okay, so maybe this one thing can stay in the '90s. I, for one, really like that pretty much everything is rechargeable these days. If only the cables lasted a little longer...

"Cleaning out my childhood home. Found this in the basement."

A copy of the Windows 95 video guide featuring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry.
reddit | Missouwa

There's nothing more '90s than a video where two of the stars of the TV megahit Friends teach you how to use Windows 95. YouTube video tutorials could never.

I think we've all lost our marbles at this point.

Four marbles, each with different coloured squiggles running through the middle of the otherwise clear spheres.
reddit | imdarkdante

I mean literally, of course (though probably figuratively, too). I don't know if marbles are a common toy anymore, but there was nothing quite like picking up a bag of these bad boys from the dollar store.

Rate my setup!

A white computer, monitor, and keyboard from the 90s.
reddit | sean1978

If your first computer didn't look like this, you're probably too young to relate to this list in the first place. I can practically hear the clicking and clacking from that keyboard.

I wonder if there are any floppy disks around...

"You run home from school. You sit down, twist and hear the click of these bad boys… what game are you about to start playing?"

Two old-fashioned white computer speakers.
reddit | _Mr_Cheeks

These guys were attached to every computer back in the day. Did they have the best sound? Probably not, but that doesn't even matter!

Somehow, this was just as entertaining as any cartoon.

A meme showing a computer screensaver as well as a kid staring intently.
reddit | Flawda-Man

Fun fact: the pipes one was actually my favorite screen saver as a kid. I could've seriously watched this thing go for hours, completely forgetting whatever game I was going to play.

"60% of the time it worked every time."

A "stay home from school sick" starter kit featuring Campbell's soup, VapoRub, Canada Dry ginger ale, saltines, and The Price is Right.
reddit | SnooPies7080

The plus side for this one is that I'm sure kids today still watch The Price is Right while eating soup with saltines, drinking ginger ale, and having too much VapoRub applied to them. Not the same without Bob Barker, though.

You always knew where to find the good stuff.

A dropdown menu on a Windows 98 home screen showing the navigation from programs to the preinstalled games.
reddit | daeron187

I feel like every kid tried (and failed) to play minesweeper way too many times. Though I will say, this is exactly what made me start playing solitaire from time to time.

I'm suddenly very, very tired.

A meme explaining that Stu and DeeDee Pickles from the Rugrats were 33 and 32 years old.
reddit | IrieSunshine

I mean, it makes perfect sense. But knowing that you're around the same age as the parents in a show you used to watch as a kid is pretty unsettling, to say the least.

Time stopped moving in 2010 and you can't convince me otherwise.

A meme showing how people still think that 30 years ago was the 70s and not the 90s.
reddit | TBHMC

I wasn't alive in the '70s, but even I feel like the decade wasn't that long ago. Even though it was... 50 years ago. Meaning, everyone born in the '90s is about to start turning 30...

Never forget...

A meme image showing a defunct Blockbuster with its original sign still up, but whited out.
reddit | chill2308

As I've talked about before, Blockbuster was a beloved chain in the '90s. Driving by a place where one used to be, where the sign is still up... it's pretty depressing. Even if streaming is a lot more convenient.

Okay but could you actually use one of these?

A meme image showing those multi-point pens and asking if people still use things like that now.
reddit | Papash

I don't know about you, but I had so many of these and straight up couldn't use them. There were too many tips in the way.

They were still kind of fun to collect, though.

Took a turn and they were gone forever.

A restaurant playplace with a caption that says you'd make friends in there and never see them again.
reddit | KazuChuu

It was all fun and games until someone got stuck in one of those tunnels and accidentally wet their pants. Then it was absolute chaos for you and the friend who was about to go home, never to be heard from again.

"I thought I was so cool. The only things I would get was. Lovey dovey pager codes from my ex."

A Motorola pager.
reddit | NoviceBuddism

As I get older, I'm more and more confused by the pager phase. It feels like a watered down cellphone. The funniest part is that cellphones did exist then, but no one was texting yet.

"Burger King Rugrats watches."

Plastic digital watches featuring different characters from the Rugrats cartoon.
reddit | MiniMarshmallowPuff

Why does it feel like going to Burger King is a distinctly '90s thing? Maybe because their toys were better than McDonald's back then, or maybe it's nothing but the nostalgia talking. Yet again.

"I can still taste these..."

Animal crackers in the shapes of different McDonald's mascot characters.
reddit | betawavebabe

The double nostalgia whammy right here. Animal crackers that were in the shapes of the old McDonald's mascots? Sign. Me. Up.

Honestly, I'm kind of craving animal crackers right about now...

As soon as you hit 25, it all goes downhill.

A meme about how you think you'll have your life together by 25, but you don't.
reddit | kindaweird0

Considering the fact that people in their mid twenties now were born in the '90s, this is as relatable as ever. I feel like a lot of that mid twenties feeling is the fact that the world is different now compared to a few decades ago.

Movies were always more fun to watch when they were rented.

A meme image showing a man and child in the kids movie section of a Blockbuster.
reddit | kindaweird0

Sure, theaters have popcorn. But Blockbuster had atmosphere. Going in there to pick up a movie to watch with your family, or a collection of TV show episodes to get caught up before the next season... that was the life.

"Can we all just agree that this is the *REAL* CD that everyone had in the 90’s?"

An AOL computer disc.
reddit | ItsPaulKerseysCar

I remember finding that CD time and time again and having no idea what it did. In fact, I still have no idea what it does. Fun.