20 People Who Learned Something Weird About Themselves

X-ray showing a tooth in person's chin
reddit | super9mega

Sometimes, an unexpected sight is so much more than just a mere unexpected sight. It might yield secrets about the larger world, or even make you look inwards and learn something about yourself. Things can get profound.

Will these pics change your life? Maybe, maybe not. But they probably changed someone's life, even just a little bit.

"A dude was walking his lizard in the subway."

Lizard being taken for a walk
reddit | CaptainSpankyMcGee

I've never really understood lizard people, but perhaps that's because I wasn't thinking outside the box. Taking a chonky lizard on a subway trip actually seems kind of appealing. Maybe I should reconsider.

"Had my parent’s furnace replaced over the summer and a saber (I think) was hiding underneath it."

Saber found under a furnace
reddit | TheGuyW2

You think you know your house and then bam, suddenly you've discovered an ancient sword that's been hiding underneath your furnace for years.

"The QR code on my sons Covid test looks like David Bowie."

QR code resembles David Bowie
reddit | OriginalStretch

It's really weird to see a QR code that resembles anything recognizable, because usually they only resemble, well, QR codes. Maybe it's a message from the Starman himself.

"My two very different thumbs."

Comparison showing person's different thumbs
reddit | farmerlife28

Technically, most of us have two different thumbs, but they're also kind of the same thumb, you know? They just look like mirrored versions of each other. This person has the most impressive thumb variety I've ever seen.

"This guy was born when I dropped a can of expanding foam from a ladder."

Spilled expanding foam looks like a little monster
reddit | DuskJupiter

Normally I'd be a little bit wary of any orange goblin born out of a can of expanding foam. But honestly, this guy looks pretty friendly.

"The way forgotten bottles exploded in my freezer."

Bottles in a freezer expanding out the neck
reddit | jerrycat88

If you're going to forget about bottles in the freezer, this is probably the optimal outcome. There's some spillage of course, but it's good to avoid broken glass if you can help it.

"If you microwave American cheese on a piece of parchment paper, it puffs up and turns crispy."

American cheese turned puffy and crispy in the oven
reddit | private_otter1192

You learn something new every day, and on this day, one Redditor learned what happens with American cheese in the microwave. Kind of intriguing, really.

"This warning sign in the restaurant mens room."

Sign warning about hot mirrors
reddit | derpface90

It's good of the restaurant to give people a heads-up so they don't burn themselves, but this brings up more questions than answers. What would make a mirror get so hot that it shouldn't be touched?

"I took a bite out of the tip of a Hershey's Kiss and the result looked like a skull."

Bite mark in a Hershey's Kiss looks like a skull
reddit | neonglowputty

This person is a psycho for two reasons: first off, their bite marks look like evil skulls. Secondly, they eat a Hershey's Kiss in more than one bite.

"Somebody took a stick with them on an airplane."

Large stick as checked baggage at an airport
reddit | Zipdox

A stick was checked as airline baggage, you say? I can only assume that a dog was flying on this plane. It is a pretty nice stick, all things considered.

"The tiniest window I've ever seen."

Tiny window, about 2 inches by 2 inches
reddit | Annonymous_Mario

I wonder if there's a world record for smallest window. Peepholes shouldn't count, but this tiny window definitely would. It's so small — like the size of four postage stamps — that you wonder what the point is.

"Someone sprayed this Crime Stoppers sign in my town."

"Don't snitch" spray-painted on a Crime Stoppers sign
reddit | Mr_St_Germi

Stopping crime is good. The bench definitely makes a strong point. But just to play devil's advocate, the graffiti would like you to consider the counterargument of not snitching. Truly a debate for the ages.

"I grew some neat sugar crystals at home."

Large sugar crystals
reddit | crystalchase21

How does one grow sugar crystals? I'm sure it's the kind of thing that's done in preschool science projects, but it still seems impossibly advanced to me. Those crystals look like straight-up diamonds.

"This bar that decorated its bar top with the confiscated fake IDs of college students."

Bar counter displaying confiscated fake IDs
reddit | beeedeee

This is interesting because it doesn't shame the people who were using those fake IDs, since those IDs never belonged to them to begin with. It actually shames the rightful owners of those IDs.

"My protein bar expired in medieval times."

Protein bar with a 1364 expiry date
reddit | SpasticGoldenToys

All things considered, that protein bar looks like it's in excellent shape for something that expired about 650 years ago. Maybe it's still good. The expiry date is merely a suggestion, after all.

"This arrow on my dog showing which way is up."

Arrow-shaped pattern in dog's coat
reddit | jaboc7

Is it lucky to have a dog with an arrow in its coat? I'm not sure, but I'd constantly be looking in the direction of the arrow, whether up, down, or sideways.

"I have staples older than you."

Box of staples manufactured in 1976
reddit | pondshrimp

In the old days, things were built to last. Then again, in the modern age, things are built with efficiency in mind. With these two dueling points in mind, I'm not sure if these staples are better or worse than modern staples.

My GF's first carrot harvest.

A tiny carrot
reddit | GetUpGetOutside

This pic shows, in one snap of the camera shutter, why so many of us have given up on vegetable gardening. It's so disheartening when the harvest you worked so hard on bears something like this.

"Me looking like 4 different people on 4 valid ID cards of mine."

Same person looking different on 4 pieces of ID
reddit | funnybalu1

This guy must either change his look up a lot, or he's gearing up to play four different characters in a movie, kind of like Mike Myers.

"There's a tooth in my chin."

X-ray showing a tooth in person's chin
reddit | super9mega

I saw this photo and instinctively felt around on my chin to see if I could detect any wayward teeth. I'm pretty sure I'm good, but will probably need an x-ray just to be sure.

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