20 Weird Surprises People Could Hardly Believe They Found

Michael Myers mask in a pond
reddit | cassandrahickman01

Have you ever encountered a rare or unusual find? Of course you have. We all have. But often, all we're able to take away from the experience is a memory.

If you think to snap a photo of your find, though, you'll be able to share the weirdness with the entire internet, just like the folks below did. And it's a good thing to get a pic, because otherwise, people might not believe what you found!

"Flower growing out of a brick wall I found."

Flower growing out of a brick wall
reddit | _neikou

Plants can be pretty resilient, finding ways to grow in unexpected places. Is there much future for these flowers in this wall? Perhaps not, but it's a fun sight while it lasts.

"Found this ridiculously huge remote at a garage sale (Roku remote for scale)."

Massive old-school remote control
reddit | aitrus1986

If you're old like me, you'll remember VCR remotes like this. They were incredibly, needlessly complicated. There were so many buttons you'd never use because you had no idea what they did.

"A guy at my college campus just laying in a dog cage."

Person hanging out in a dog cage
reddit | LawnChairs68

I don't want to be that guy who calls this out as weird, but then again, this is only happening because someone decided to be that guy who hangs out in a dog cage.

"First step of stairs is cut to allow doors to open."

Stairs cut unusually to allow door to open
reddit | anotherrustypic

We're not used to seeing steps that look like this, but it's actually a fairly elegant solution considering how those doors open. You'd just need to be careful coming downstairs.

"This ultra-violent warning label from the early '50s."

Warning label shows person's arm getting ripped off
reddit | glm73

This label is a tad dramatic. I doubt the spinning basket is guaranteed to rip your arm off like the label implies. Still, the graphic warning has probably been pretty effective.

"Saw a flower with a check pattern."

Flower with a checked pattern
reddit | Tiny_Parsley

It's pretty rare to see something in nature that looks like a pair of Vans, but here we are. On closer inspection, the checked pattern is kind of blobby, but from a distance it's pretty cool.

"My 1950s typewriter and my laser printer are almost exactly the same size and shape."

1950s printer is same size and shape as modern printer
reddit | Negative12DollarBill

It's interesting to see two pieces of tech, manufactured decades apart, using the same basic profile. The only difference is that the modern printer doesn't have a convenient carry handle.

"This dagger I found in an elevator pit."

Dagger found in an elevator pit
reddit | CoffeexCup

I'm sure elevator technicians find all sorts of weird stuff at the bottom of elevator shafts, but even this must be fairly rare. What's the story here? Should this technician be concerned?

"A few of my town's growing herd of white white-tail deer, which started from a single rarity fairly recently."

A small herd of white deer
reddit | ezmeray

Deer have a way of multiplying quickly if they've found a comfortable spot to live, and these rare white deer are clearly no exception.

"This moth have spots like skulls in its wings."

Pattern on moth wings looks like skulls
reddit | tgpmgs

Are these patterns just abstract randomness or are they actually supposed to look like skulls? Either way, I'm sure this variety of moth has been freaking people out for many generations.

"My toonie came apart."

Canadian two-dollar coin fallen apart
reddit | RXZVP

The Canadian two-dollar coin, the toonie, consists of a smaller coin embedded in a ring. Whatever they use to keep the metal attached clearly didn't work here. I wonder what the value of the separated coin might be.

"This Target labeled its candy section 'Packaged Sugar.'"

Candy section labeled 'Packaged Sugar'
reddit | Gipsy_danger_1995

This seems like kind of a passive-aggressive way to shame people for buying candy, but it isn't like the sign is wrong. It would also make me think twice before picking up that big bag of Skittles.

"Saw this weird cloud while running."

Bizarre cloud in the night sky
reddit | JVillan

Is this thing even a cloud at all? It looks almost like a puff of smoke from somewhere. It's either a case of someone blowing smoke rings, or perhaps a vampire de-materializing.

"My new shirt came with an optional pocket for me to sew on."

Shirt comes with extra pocket to sew on
reddit | tfrdghufvh

The idea of manufacturing a shirt and then leaving it up to the consumer whether they'd like a pocket or not is an intriguing one. For those who can't sew, though, it's a non-starter.

"Left my sunscreen outside for a few days and the product info on the back turned into alphabet soup."

Letters on bottle of sunscreen scrambled everywhere
reddit | PinkMilk_boi

This is such a fun real-life glitch. I guess the letters aren't attached to a larger label, which causes them to break free like this.

"My dog's shadow is 100% Scooby Doo."

Dog's shadow looks just like Scooby Doo
reddit | iMil

On one hand, it's cool to know that your dog's shadow looks just like Scooby-Doo. On the other hand, no dog owner wants all the stuff that would come with owning Scooby-Doo.

"A hummingbird made her nest on my patio. Her eggs hatched today on Mother's Day."

Recently hatched hummingbirds in a nest
reddit | Mjzak1977

We don't often get to see such an up-close view of baby birds. In fact, I think this is the first time I've ever seen a baby hummingbird.

"My grandma has a 1971 Computer space machine. Considered to be the first ever arcade cabinet."

Arcade cabinet from 1971
reddit | BlindAndYourDead

It's fascinating to see how things have evolved. Even though the video game tech in this cabinet is downright primitive, the overall design of the cabinet hasn't changed much.

"Michael Myers mask floating in the pond right behind our house."

Michael Myers mask in a pond
reddit | cassandrahickman01

On a nice, sunny day, this is just an unusual sight. On a dark, stormy night this would be just about the most terrifying thing you could see.

"Bird dropped an old pair of keys in my backyard."

Keys dropped by bird
reddit | Randomidiotdriver

It was nice of the bird to bequeath these keys to a new owner, but it's hard not to feel badly for Dan. No one will believe him when he tells them a bird stole his keys.

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