19 Times Pet Owners Got A Surprise From Their Groomers

Ashley Hunte
A dog with fur combed over one side of its face.
reddit | HopHeadRed34

Getting your dog groomed is a pretty normal experience, both for the pet, and the pet parent. But sometimes, your groomer might bite off a little more than they can chew, leaving your poor pet with a... questionable haircut.

I don't think any of these owners (or their poor pet!) were expecting the groomers to do any of these strange haircuts.

"I picked my dog up from the groomers and busted out laughing. The groomer apparently didn’t understand my request very well and gave him this monstrosity haircut."

A dog whose bottom half (legs and stomach) are completely shaven.
reddit | phoriaa

I guess "please shave my dog's belly" got lost in translation somewhere along the way.

Looking a little choppy there, buddy.

This looks like the kind of haircut you give yourself in the mirror at 3am out of desperation. Not that... not that I'd know anything about that...

Here's hoping it grows out nicely. And quickly.

"Just shaved my Newfoundland look at his new hair style what a dude."

A shaven dog with fur on the top of its head.
reddit | dannygally

I guess sometimes your dog's groomer is... you. In which case, good luck.

They really got this dog to look like the quiet dude who sat behind you in English class.

A transformation gone wrong.

The original post claims the groomers shaved this doggo down because of matting. But... why did they have to leave that puff of fur on the top? Poor guy looks so unbalanced with this new haircut.

"A lady posted this on a ‘DIY doodle grooming’ FB page and said they think they messed up and I cannot stop laughing."

A dog whose face has been shaved around the eyes only.
reddit | thegreatesk

This poor dog... this poor dog looks like a human in a dog costume. I feel bad for laughing.

"'Give my dog a slinky look.' 'I gotchu fam.'"

A small dog whose fur has been cut to look like a spiral.
reddit | mazu74

Funny enough, the dog doesn't even seem to mind that much. I guess it's going to be a real showstopper at the dog park, and not just because of that cute face!

They seem to be taking it better than this poor guy, though.

This poor fellow's face says it all. But hey, that's just what happens when a cat has too much matting and needs to get its fur shaved down.

This pup is about ready to cheer you on.

I don't know what's worse, the perfectly round tuft of fur on the poodle's head, or those pink pom-pom paws. I think I'm leaning more toward the pom-pom paws.

"Had to have the vet shave my cat to treat a skin issue, and he looked so fake no one believed these photos were real."

Several images of a cat with a shaved body and a fluffy face.
reddit | PyrateHooker

I'm gonna be real here: cats that have had their fur shaved will never not look hilarious.

"'I feel like my dog looks way too cute.' 'I got chu fam.'"

A before and after showing a dog with curly hair, and the same dog with a shaven body and face.
reddit | ItsDaJman

This poor dog. The face and everything.

Side note, but this really makes you think about how much of our perception of dog species is based on their fur patterns.

From teddy bear to... that.

I mean, it could've been a lot worse. And is it just me, or does the dog look sadder in the after picture? I can't blame the poor pup, though; that haircut is absolutely tragic.

"Y'all. This is my cousin's dog Henry, who was given a mohawk haircut from groomer. We have been laughing for 2 days."

A dog with a small tuft of fur on the top of his head.
reddit | Twisted_NaeNae

Poor Henry does not have the kind of fur for a Mohawk. But at least he's not letting it bring him down!

I take it scarves are out this season.

I just want to know why this poor dog's haircut was on the head and neck only. The groomers have this pooch looking like some kind of circus sideshow. And now, it isn't a trend that's going to catch on.

"My poor dog came back from the groomers looking like this."

A dog with a frizzy puff of fur on its head.
reddit | ChadAndBradsXbox

Why does this dog look like how I do when I blow dry my hair after a shower? That's some serious static and frizz, and something tells me a flat iron won't help.

One of these things is not like the other.

Poor dog has a single shaven leg. My guess is that the fur was taken down for shots or something. Still, it's gonna be an awkward few months until it grows back.

"I asked for the 'can I speak to your manager' haircut. I almost peed myself."

A dog with fur combed over one side of its face.
reddit | HopHeadRed34

I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting more "goth boyband from 2006" from this haircut. But I guess there was, like, a weird overlap between the two styles.

The new "Puss in Boots" movie looks a little weird.

I take it these cats weren't patient enough to let a groomer shave their legs — even though it means they have to walk around with literal boots for a few months.

I really wish I could tell you what's going on here.

A dog whose fur was shaved save for a strip of fur going from the head down to the tail.
reddit | SonaSierra19

I wish I could, but I cannot. Somebody shaved this poor dog, but decided to leave a single strip of fur for... reasons. Will we ever know the reasons? Nope.

"Gave him a shave."

A husky whose entire body was shaven down, save for the head.
reddit | lunarlilache

I thought that shaved cats were the funniest thing in the world. I stand corrected. It's shaved huskies.

Poor dog probably had a lot of matting to get to this point. Friendly reminder to run a brush through your pets when you can!