A man whose head looks unnaturally small. He is sitting next to a woman on an airplane.
reddit | tinysoapypp

Being on the internet is hard. A lot of us constantly feel like we need to show off the best, and oftentimes least realistic, side of our lives.

And that kind of mindset creeps into our appearances, too. It's how bafflingly fake Instagram pictures like the ones in this list exist. I guess we're trying to live up to expectations that don't exist?

"The weight of that trophy might make her spine snap."

A woman whose face is obscured and whose waist and chest are badly Photoshopped to look disproportionate. There is a trophy in her hands.
reddit | privatestudy

I wonder if people think they're pulling the wool over our eyes when they edit pictures like this. Because I can tell you, the average person isn't, like, that gullible.

"What was the reason..."

A woman in an elevator whose hips were photoshopped to look strange.
reddit | cho0olita

I wish I could tell people that it's okay to have small hips, and actually have them believe me. In fact, smaller hips would've been better than whoever did this extremely questionable photoshop job.

"Very realistic."

A woman posing at a golf course. Her waist and hips look unrealistically disproportionate.
reddit | Possible-Whole8046

I think what bothers me the most about these kinds of edits is that they're the exact thing that cause insecurities in so many young girls. If only we could just let our bodies be our bodies...

"Pretty sus if you ask me..."

A woman posing at a lake. Her legs look unnaturally long and skinny.
reddit | ramennoodles10123

I'm actually really confused right now. Did someone edit the legs to look longer, or is this just a really weird camera angle?

Either way, the view of the lake is the best part of the photo.

Hey, wait a minute...

A woman whose upper half looks thin, but whose lower half is noticeably larger. She is facing away from the camera while standing on a balcony.
reddit | princessfafa

One thing that really gives a heavily edited photo away is warping. Like, the rails on that fence look mighty warped and not at all natural. It really makes you wonder why anyone would go through all the trouble.

"They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. She blurred her unedited reflection."

A woman posing next to a mirror. The mirror image is blurred for some reason.
reddit | LeftusRightimus

I guess it was too hard to edit the face twice? My guess is the picture would've looked better if it wasn't edited in the first place.

"Why? Why did you do this?"

A man with his back turned. His bottom looks strangely angular.
reddit | DDValdezYay

As one Reddit commenter so eloquently put it, "those jeans are doing a marvelous job of holding in that fart..."

No but seriously, why do people feel the need to edit pictures of themselves so heavily?

"Found in the wild - When you forget to edit your husband."

A couple posing in an event space. The woman looks heavily edited, while the man looks normal.
reddit | drosekelley

This almost looks like a man posing with a CGI character. No offense to the woman but... I seriously don't think that much editing was all that necessary.

"Structural damage."

A screenshot from an Instagram Reel showing warping in a mirror behind a woman who's exercising in a gym.
reddit | hooligansabroad

I guess not even Reels are safe.

One thing that really bothers me about fitness influencers is that some of them promote activity to achieve body types that aren't actually possible. At least this one isn't that bad, though.

"Seen on my explore page. That sign though…"

A woman standing in a parking lot. Signs behind her are warped from bad photo editing.
reddit | samwritessometimes

Even if the signs behind her didn't give it away, this would be a really uncanny photo. It looks like her head might've been edited to look smaller too. I'm not sure how to feel about this...

"'Insane natural physique' from an Instagram workout page."

A screenshot from Instagram Explore showing a man with a slender frame and disproportionately large muscles.
reddit | brrrittnney

Insane natural physique, huh... I may not be an expert in human anatomy, but I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a 10-pack. Could be wrong, though.

Oh, who am I kidding. Photoshop.

"The caption said ‘Morninggggg’, so she basically woke up like this."

A woman whose face is both heavily made up and heavily edited.
reddit | Toolsdown56

I think it's perfectly fine to wake up, put on a whole face, and then take morning selfies. But, like, don't pretend that's how your face looks first thing after you wake up.

"People like this are part of why so many young teens have body image issues."

A woman posing in a bathroom. Her face is heavily made up and edited, and a warped tile behind her hips shows editing there too.
reddit | Aggravating-Basil-55

You wouldn't believe how many influencers edit their hips juuust a bit to give the illusion of an hourglass figure. All that does is create (you guessed it) unrealistic expectations.

"And I’m supposed to believe she’s real?"

A woman whose face seems edited to the point where it's uncanny.
reddit | shake_maru

I seriously hope this is just a filter. But honestly, I don't think filters like that should exist. All they do is make people hate their own faces and think they have to look cartoonish to be pretty.

"What... What is this ??"

The upper half of a man holding a phone. His arms and pecks look unnaturally large.
reddit | aphrodite_erotes

I can't tell if the angle is just off... or if somebody went to work in photoshop.

In fact, when this picture was posted to Reddit, nobody seemed to be sure what was going on.

"Someone went hard on the Facetune."

A man and woman posing outside. The woman's face is noticeably over edited compared to the man's.
reddit | hungryseabear

Stuff like this happens when women are left to feel like they aren't allowed to age. Like honestly, you shouldn't be afraid of the natural wrinkles, pores, dark spots, or any other "imperfections" your face might have.

Okay... there's no way this one can be real.

Two men standing in a bar. Their faces have been obviously replaced by edited photos.
reddit | overwhelemedmucho

If their goal was to maker a hilariously bad picture, then they really succeeded. Because, like, there's no way this was a serious attempt at editing a picture. No way.

"Is it just me or does his head look way too small?"

A man sitting with a woman on a plane. The man's head looks unnaturally small.
reddit | tinysoapypp

His head does, in fact, look a little too small. But this just makes no sense. Like, did he try to make himself look more muscular or something?

"Not even Judas was as treacherous as that mirror…."

A woman whose face is out of frame. Her body looks different in the foreground than it does in the mirror behind her, showing the editing that's been done.
reddit | Not_newbie_994

I guess the moral of the story is, if you're going to heavily edit yourself, make sure there are no mirrors in frame.

But honestly, she looks just fine in the mirror.

"What she posted vs what her gym posted."

Two versions of the same image of a woman posing against a backdrop with logos on it. One shows her being taller, more slender, and looking slightly younger than the other.
reddit | smegmaa

You'd be surprised at how many people got caught editing their photos because a copy of it (unedited) exists on a different page. Sucks that people feel the need to go to these lengths.