20 Mistakes People Aren't Going To Live Down Anytime Soon

Ashley Hunte
A container completely covered in burnt material.
reddit | Random_Comments27

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. Usually, they're pretty small and easy to brush off. Sometimes, they're a little bigger and hard to bounce back from.

But some are... well, kind of ridiculous. Like yeah, it sucks to be the people who made those kinds of mistakes (like the ones in this list), but at least we can count on them for entertainment.

"The photo speaks for itself, I think."

An acrostic poem for the word beach that goes as follows, "B scape E nyone A an Can Have."
reddit | Big_Map2140

Oh man. How could anyone mess up this badly? To be honest, though, the sign is so utterly stupid, that it's ironically amazing. I kind of want one to hang up at home...

"[06 Ford GT Heritage Edition] at my family’s shop."

A totaled car that's both blue and orange.
reddit | Sea-Investment-6915

Somebody out there made a very colorful, very expensive mistake. Hopefully they walked away from it just fine but... yeesh. I would absolutely not want to be the owner.

"Got a little more than I expected from the Home Depot."

A Home Depot scanning gun found among a b ag of purchased items.
reddit | LetsGoCubbies

Those guns are surprisingly easy to lose. But they also don't work unless they're within range, so there's no reason to keep one. Unless you're too embarrassed to bring it back...

"I just wanted to replace this light switch…"

A light switch that seems to be embedded in a wall.
reddit | PantslessCardigan

Yeah... mistakes were made. I think the worst part is the fact that the person who's gonna have to fix that is definitely not the person who did it in the first place.

"My mother reversed her car into the garage door."

A garage door with a large dent causing the bottom left corner to lift and curl.
reddit | zippazappazinga

Yep, another weird, expensive mistake. Hopefully the car looks better than the garage door does. And I guess OP's mom can't leave the garbage out there for the next little while.

"Accidentally rolled over it with my desk chair..."

A smashed tablet screen.
reddit | Rekka_Inferno

Oof, that doesn't look good at all. Hopefully the screen can be replaced without it being too much of a hassle.

I guess this is a good reminder to keep valuable things off the floor.

"Not hitching your boat properly."

A boat leaning against a slope as a white truck is parked at the top of the hill.
reddit | badco1313

Now that's one expensive wakeup call. But I guess it's better the hitch comes undone here than, say, in the middle of a freeway. Still, I can't imagine that boat got to walk away damage-free.

"Someone at work wrote the date on this month's resident engineer notebook like this and apologized (I wrote the response)."

A notebook that reads 5/2202, a typo for 2022. Underneath the number is the word sorry, followed by "you had one job."
reddit | towpa_saske

I almost feel bad for that person, since they're probably going to be teased about that for at least the next month.

"Today I learned that a coffee pot can explode."

A kitchen that's covered in coffee splatter, including the walls and ceiling.
reddit | BronxBelle

Mistakes were made, coffee was wasted, and now the walls in this kitchen look super old. Seriously, it reminds me of when I wanted to make pages look old for school projects and I used to dunk them in cold coffee.

Sometimes you try and it just doesn't work out.

An off centre Denny's sign on a building.
reddit | holdenoakem

I'd say the person/people who put that sign up must feel pretty foolish, but they probably don't care. At the very least, it won't even keep them up at night.

"Someone had a difficult choice and in the end he just said: "...we gonna do both!"

A door with both a handle and a push/pull bar.
reddit | JIFO_

Is this a mistake, or a careless oversight? Like, in any case, it's pretty dumb and kind of annoying to look at, so it probably doesn't matter.

"I feel like trying the new icy McSp burger today!"

Two panels for a McDonald's chicken sandwich ad that are placed the wrong way.
reddit | MazogaTheDork

Again, this is definitely a mistake, but I feel like the person who did it doesn't actually care that much. Guaranteed they weren't paid nearly enough to care in the first place.

"I accidentally took two different shoes to a restaurant."

Two feet standing on a KFC social distancing sticker, each wearing a black shoe that's different from the other.
reddit | unounocuenta

Worst case scenario, somebody notices and makes fun of you. Best case scenario, no one notices or care.

Alternatively, you could just pass it off as some kind of modern fashion trend.

"The rain drainage is directly over the exit so getting soaked is unavoidable."

A drain that's pouring water directly onto a walkway between two houses.
reddit | FatElk

Somebody did that. Like, somebody installed the gutters/drains like that. I bet the person who did this is feeling might foolish right about now.

"When you have to move and you decide that this would be a great idea to announce it."

Several pieces of paper taped to a wall telling people the business previously there has moved.
reddit | Pyrojr_

I'm gonna go ahead and say it. This whole display is just one huge mistake. I guess the person who made it at least gets points for trying?

"My already absent desire for hot dogs is worse now."

A hot dog bun with a poorly placed slice.
reddit | M00nshine4Free

I guess technically this is the fault of the factory machine that would've cut this bun. If we have to go and start shaming robots, we need to start with this one.

"I have no words."

Several empty microwave meal containers littered on a sidewalk.
reddit | Twig_Scampi

So much is going on here, and none of it is good. This just reeks of somebody's very questionable life choices, including the fact that all these containers are now piled up on a sidewalk.

"Co worker forgot to add water before microwaving instant noodles."

A container completely filled with charred contents.
reddit | Random_Comments27

I can practically smell this picture, and it's making me kind of upset. But at least I'm not actually there, dealing with that mess. It can't hurt me. It can't hurt me...

"My lovely wife bought a new screen and a cat door to go in it. Took a few hours and she was so so proud of herself."

A screen door with a cat/dog door in it, except it's oriented toward the top instead of the bottom of the doorway.
reddit | Jebedia80

So close, and yet so far. After a few more hours, it'll hopefully look normal.

"I guess the tide came in faster than they thought."

A large excavator machine stuck in high tide at a beach.
reddit | Ikafri

On the plus side, it doesn't look like anyone's stuck in those machines. But, uh, I don't envy whoever has to go and get the supervisor now.

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