20 People Who Only Got Disappointment For Their Birthday

Ashley Hunte
A person looking at a cake with candles that read "5 x 9 - 6" (39).
reddit | Kwantumflux

Since our birthdays only come once a year (and they signify that we've made it through another year of life!), we tend to want them to feel special. No bad vibes.

Well, it seems like these people got a lot less than they probably wanted for their birthdays. In fact, they're probably more disappointed in their special days than anything else.

"Baked cake for my work colleagues for my birthday and nobody took any."

A table filled with packages and fruits. In the middle is a lined tray with cut pieces of chocolate cake.
reddit | Marco3712

Man, this poor person went out of their way to try and celebrate their birthday at work, and no one took a piece of cake. How mean...

"My mom ordered a TV (delivered by FedEx) for me for my birthday, we just opened it up to turn it on and..."

A large television with multiple cracks all over the screen.
reddit | XyroGame

On the plus side, they can probably exchange it. Too bad it didn't show up in one piece, though.

"For my birthday, my oven coil decided to snap and start an electrical fire."

A broken coil in the bottom of an oven.
reddit | realRavenbell

Man, having a random electrical fire start on your birthday definitely isn't the way you want to celebrate. Especially if someone was planning on using that oven to make you a cake.

"Spent some serious effort making Guac and tacos for my mom's birthday. Things didn’t work out ."

A box with foil and food in it on the floor; a large heap of guac sits next to it.
reddit | KennyP0wersMullet

I think the worst thing is when you put so much effort into something and it just... falls on the floor. At least mom will probably appreciate the effort.

"First time ever making waffles for my husband’s birthday breakfast."

Undercooked waffle batter stuck to both sides of a waffle maker.
reddit | Lululabear

I always find the first waffle you make out of the batch is gonna be disappointing. Just scrape it off and try again (maybe with a little more oil).

"Got an iPad for my birthday yesterday. At least I can return it."

An iPad screen with a thin crack right down the middle.
reddit | thepowerbug

I'm not gonna lie, it took me a second to find the crack (it's in the middle). But yeah, at least it can be exchanged for a new one.

"Went to the store to pickup a candle for my daughter’s Birthday, guess how old she’s turning?"

Two rows of numbered birthday candles. Every number is present except 3.
reddit | wtfbananaboat

I was about to ask if there were a lot of babies born in 2019, but I'm betting these candles got snatched up by a bunch of 30-year-olds.

"My birthday cake was labeled 'double chocolate fudge.' Was super excited to eat it, only to find out that was a lie. I hate vanilla cake."

A cake with a large wedge sliced out of it. The inside of the cake is vanilla, while the icing is blue.
reddit | oreaux

Even if you love any kind of cake (like me), you'd be really disappointed. You're expecting one thing, only to get something completely different.

"No, it's not my home's birthday."

Two number foil balloons (25 possibly) stuck to a roof chimney.
reddit | jimmy_creates

It might not be this person's home's birthday, but it looks like it was somebody's at one point. I really hope they aren't missing those balloons for the party or anything...

"Someone must have dropped a full birthday cake in my apartment complex parking lot."

The outline of a cake made of icing on a parking lot.
reddit | rmbrcamplazlo

Dropping a birthday cake is actually one of my greatest fears. Best case scenario, you can scrape the part that touched the ground off. But who would want to eat it then?

"How my birthday card from my grandmother was delivered by USPS."

A ripped birthday card and envelop next to a USPS plastic bag that says "we care."
reddit | a_hot_pie

The way the USPS sticker says "we care" is probably the most ironic thing in this entire list. Also, why does it look like someone's dog got to the card?

"How the flowers we got for my sister for her birthday arrived."

A large clump of earth, roots, and fertilizer in a box.
reddit | Adfre12yu

On the plus side, this mass of dirt looks like it's ready to stick right into a garden.

For real, though, I'd be asking for my money back.

"I'm on lockdown due to COVID-19, this is how my 18th birthday party is looking."

Two legs sitting on a bed. A plate with a piece of cake balance on the legs.
reddit | ffSpartan

Raise your hands if you had to have a pandemic birthday during a stay-at-home order. Yeah, they definitely weren't that fun. But hey, at least this person got cake.

"I'm spending my birthday at a Montana airport after an unruly passenger caused my cross-country flight to make an emergency landing."

The view outside of an airplane showing several emergency vehicles.
reddit | bae_guevara_

Leave it to one unruly person to ruin it for everyone else. And of course, on someone's birthday.

"This was supposed to be my brother’s birthday present… thanks UPS."

A warped box with a picture of a drone on it.
reddit | yeetice

I swear, it's like delivery people don't care enough about other people's stuff to treat it with any, well, care. But at least it can be exchanged or returned.

"So a girl at a restaurant who took a group photo for my friends' birthday dinner managed to capture the very instant I noticed her hair catching on fire..."

A woman sitting at a restaurant table with a shocked expression on her face.
reddit | Savviie

According to OP, the birthday boy asked someone from the next table to take their picture and she said yes: "As she was leaning back her hair got caught in the candle on the table and I started to see smoke rising above her head. That's when the reaction occurred."


"My mom requested balloons on my grandma’s 80th birthday cake. We got these happy guys and a good laugh!"

Balloons made of icing on the side of a white birthday cake. They look more like sperm with faces on them.
reddit | theyseemescrolling99

What a hilarious oversight for an otherwise really cute birthday cake. At least everyone had a sense of humor about it.

"One day before my birthday I went to a skating place with a friend and a furry wearing a mask couldn’t see me and… happy birthday."

A hand with a black cast around it/the wrist area.
reddit | The-Epic-Cyan

There's... a lot to unpack with that story. But I almost feel like we shouldn't ask questions.

"Got my son a dinosaur balloon at the grocery store for his birthday. Here it is."

A dinosaur balloon floating far away over a parking lot full of cars.
reddit | MobileMiddle1824

No, that isn't a smudge on your screen. It's a balloon that floated very, very far away. Here's hoping the store had more dinosaur balloons.

"When you have candles, but not the 'right' ones for your wife's 39th birthday."

A person looking at a birthday cake with candles that read "5 x 9 - 6" to make 39. The minus symbol is a sideways 1.
reddit | Kwantumflux

It might take you a second, but they technically aren't wrong (that does, in fact, equal 39). At least you can give OP points for creativity.