20 People Who Had To Show Off Their Goofy Side

Ashley Hunte
An elderly woman in a red sweater holding hundreds of dollars in bills and winking.
reddit | ggbuttstead

Every now and then, it's nice to let loose and show off your goofy side. The world doesn't have to be all serious stuff all the time, after all.

The people in this list definitely know how to have fun. I think we could all learn a lesson or two about how not to be super serious every second of the day.

"Let's not do the latter."

A reusable diaper with washing instructions that include: "for worst results let several poops accumulate, bleach in boiling water with red and white dress shirts, blow dry on roof rack."
reddit | Rainbow62993

It's nice to know that the people who make reusable diapers have a sense of humor. I guess you kind of have to when you literally deal with other people's crap all day.

"Was shocked when a patient was complaining of neck pain. Then I remembered I had maintenance done on the machine."

An x-ray of a person's head/skull, with the outline of a wrench overlayed on the image.
reddit | Kat2mp

I really want to know what the patient's reaction was. Like, did they think they had a tiny wrench stuck in their face at first?

"My daughter when she said she wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween."

A child dressed up like the electrical transformers at the tops of powerline posts.
reddit | brandoj23

Something tells me she didn't want to be that kind of transformer for Halloween. It's still a really genius costume, though. Hilarious, but still genius.

Sounds like this prof might be at the end of their rope.

An email from a professor congratulating "David" for "beating the previous record for being late by 6 minutes. David was the previous record holder.
reddit | davidhalston

I honestly want to know how serious this professor is. Because the tinge of passive-aggression in there also feels a little jokey. I don't think I'd take the email that seriously if it was me.

"Humor too good for a bot."

A screenshot for an app review where the person jokes it's an ad streaming app with photo image editing in there once in a while, to which a bot replies, confused.
reddit | FundoNoTsumi

I have to admit, that's a petty amazing review. Legendary, even. Though, it could probably describe, like, half of all apps and websites everywhere.

Too bad that bot has no idea what's going on, though.

"I don’t know who she is but I like her already."

A pamphlet for produce consulting featuring the phrase, "I love produce... except kale. If you need help promoting anything other than kale, give me a call!"
reddit | CuddlesWithKitties

I really have to appreciate this woman's stance on kale. It's a strange, overrated green (spinach is way better), and it absolutely doesn't need to be promoted. Good on her!

Finally, a break in this crazy housing market!

A package featuring a tiny red house. The packaging says, "Own your own home. Make rending a thing of the past. Congrats on your new home!"
reddit | pairudox

This made me laugh and cry at the same time (it's tough out here). And, like, if you bought this, you could technically say that you own a home. Even if it's too small to actually live in.

"My daughter won our town's 'Name the Street Sweeper' contest."

A street sweeper with the words "Sweeping Beauty" printed along the front bumper.
reddit | LordRupertEverton84

I'm actually really glad that this person's daughter's submission was so popular. Because let's be real, Sweeping Beauty is probably the best name for a street sweeper like, ever.

"Billboard for a realtor here in Milwaukee."

A billboard for Jon Frost Realty that states, "Low mortgage rates are Temporary, Wu-Tang is forever."
reddit | DudeFoods

I mean, he kind of has a point. Wu-Tang is forever.

I think that this might be the best realtor advertising I've ever seen. I literally can't stop laughing at this billboard!

"I briefly wondered what are all these metal groups that I've never beard of."

The back of a person's shit, which reads, Metal Fest. Aluminum, Lithium, Mercury, Platinum," and other metals that are cut off by the chair the person is sitting in.
reddit | cassert24

I bet you this person turns a lot of heads with that shirt. It would be so much funnier if they actually listen to metal, too.

I mean, they asked politely.

A sign that warns that dogs aren't permitted on ball fields. Many words are blacked out, so the sign reads, "Dogs permitted on ball fields please dog."
reddit | zanedof

I love the way this sign goes from being a regular warning sign to being kind of desperate. Like, whoever blacked those words out really wants dogs on the ball fields. They said please and everything!

"Have no fear. The beard is here."

A person's yearbook quote where he wrote, "Have no fear the beard is here."
reddit | TackledMirror

Whenever I flip through my old yearbooks, the quotes that I spend the most time looking at are the ones that are not at all serious. When it comes to this one, the lack of punctuation is what makes it.

"In the port-o-potty at my job."

The inside of a portable toilet with an unauthorized dumping prohibited sign. Underneath the sign, it reads, "Of course we mean bottles, cans, garbage, your lunch, your ex, etc. What did you think??"
reddit | Unclestanky

I don't know what's funnier here, the fact that the sign exists to begin with, or the fact that they included "your ex" in the things you can't dump in there. Amazing.

Don't give the ants any ideas...

A sign asking people not to eat in the library: "The ants will get in and learn to read and get too smart and knowledge is power, but power corrupts so they'll turn evil and take over the world."
reddit | Born_Night_8797

The person who wrote this probably has a lot of time on their hands to think about what ants would do if they somehow learned to read and decided to take over the world.

"How I kept my dog from leaving through our broken fence."

A vacuum set at a gap in a wooden fence that's near a doghouse.
reddit | NormanRB

I think this is a pretty brilliant idea. After all, everyone knows dogs hate the vacuum, even if that thing isn't on. Who knows, this could actually work!

"Wanted a lap dance but got an oil change instead."

The sign for a mechanic that reads, "Girls Girls Girls.... Just Kidding, Oil Changes."
reddit | trenhardd

It doesn't look like this mechanic is offering any kind of show (unless you consider watching someone change the oil in your car a show). But at least they got to have a little fun with the signage.

"My kids came in and told me there was water coming from the laundry room. They said it looked like it started at the washer. I rushed in to find this."

A line of full water bottles leading from a laundry room to a hallway.
reddit | narcolepsyinc

I have to hand it to those kids, this is super clever.

"My mom hit it big at Mohegan Sun and was like WE GOIN TO GIT ICE CREAM !!!"

An elderly woman with a red sweater holding a stack of dollar bills.
reddit | ggbuttstead

I have to hand it to this woman. Not only did she strike it big, but she knows how to party afterwards!

"My friend made a résumé for her dog."

A resume page for a golden retriever named Stevie who has 3 years experience being a good girl.
reddit | tauruschurch

I have to say, Stevie seems like an incredibly talented, well-rounded, good girl. If I needed to hire a dog for whatever reason, I'd definitely keep her in mind!

"I made this painting called 'gurl with a purl earring.'"

A recreation of the painting Girl With the Pearl Earring, but the head is round and the face is tiny.
reddit | Murvyn

I mean, apart from the fact that this is probably one of the funniest paintings I've ever seen, it's also... really well made? Like, they actually painted that. So cool.