20 People Who Shouldn't Put Attention To Detail On Their Resume

Tic-tac-toe game featuring impossible situation
reddit | _Nikorasu

Look, we get it: you can't pay full attention to all of the things all of the time. Sometimes, attention to detail is bound to slip. It happens to us all from time to time.

That said, we can't just give up on doing a good job. You've got to put in a bit of effort, right? This list includes just a few of the reasons why.

"When it's close to the end of the shift."

Terribly laid bricks
reddit | VicTory171994

At the end of the shift, it's always tempting to just mail it in and get stuff done. Sometimes that's fine — but you need to do a reasonable facsimile of a good job, at least.

"We ordered a grill. Got 300 iPads."

Grill ordered, iPads delivered
reddit | usuzulose

This would be frustrating if you were planning a big cookout or whatever, but overall, this is a win. That many iPads would be worth way more than just one grill.

"Clock placed, boss."

Clock where most numbers are upside down
reddit | NarutoZubi

I thought this was just an example of upside-down letters. But the longer I look at it, the worse it gets. The person who laid this out had clearly never seen what the number 10 looks like.

"Meanwhile in Denmark."

Street light facing the wrong direction
reddit | DietyOfTheNorth

It seems like putting the streetlights on in the proper direction would be simple enough, right? Just look to the road and do your best to illuminate it. Unfortunately, though, they got it wrong with every single light.

"Apparently Russia starts with a V."

List of countries that start with V includes Russia
reddit | idontlikethemath69420

Look, I know that Russia is an international pariah at this point and sanctions are in place. Still, placing the country in this category seems like it's taking things a little too far.

"Boss, I did the math."

Nutrition facts where the numbers don't add up
reddit | living_on_the_coast

Listing net carbs, rather than carbs, feels a little dodgy to begin with. Then when you look at the actual nutrition facts, the math never added up in the first place. Carb counters will want to stay away.

"At Four Corners Monument coyotes are reptiles."

Sign warning of reptiles, including coyotes
reddit | Hackermuffin307

I appreciate a warning sign as much as the next guy, because I certainly don't want to be mauled by lizards and centipedes and coyotes. But if I'm being pedantic, not all of these things are reptiles.

"It’s my daughter’s birthday in the morning. Guess we’re singing 'Yadhtrib yppah to you!' (This isn’t a reflection it came out the pack like this)."

Happy birthday banner with letters reversed
reddit | AnOriginalId

You often hear that it's the thought that counts. I think that's the only sentiment that could save this trainwreck of a banner.

"Officer, I sincerely believed I was only doing 85."

Speedometer with increments that jump from 20 to 40
reddit | bobbagum

There's limited space on the dial, but it still seems pretty important to have a little more precision when you get into those faster speeds that might get you ticketed.

"This clock we bought that only has 8 hours."

Analog clock with only 8 hours
reddit | mattsakii

If you committed to this clock, you could make it work. Three full revolutions would equal one day. But honestly, it just seems easier to buy a clock that actually works normally.

"There are 2 start buttons."

Device with green start button and red start button
reddit | SmeggyBean13

Yes, there are two start buttons, but they're different colors. Is there a difference between red start and green start? I guess there's only one way to find out — and remember, there isn't an 'end' button.

"If only there was a letter in that word that resembled a football."

Sign reading 'Sport' where P is replaced with a soccer ball
reddit | iMaelstrom

Maybe they should have replaced the letter O with the ball, but then again, maybe they legitimately wanted to invite people in to watch SOORTs.

"The temperature dial on this air fryer."

Temperature dial with inconsistent increments
reddit | froststare

I've seen dials with inconsistent increments before, but I think this one takes the cake. I guess anything cooked with this nightmare is just going to come in at an approximate temperature.

"I don't know what to do."

Warning sign with unclear instructions
reddit | onthewalkupward

So you're supposed to avoid...something. Rocks, maybe? Then, you're supposed to, uh, tiptoe across pointy rocks while dodging alligators and sharks? This all seems like far more trouble and risk than it's worth.


Nonsensical math question
reddit | TwasAnChild

By this logic, Beethoven's 9th Symphony might never end if you just found enough people to play it. Maybe this is why pop songs with orchestral arrangements always seem to drag on far longer than necessary.

"My dad sent me this, flying to Saudi from Manchester."

Aircraft wing covered with repair tape
reddit | grunt786

This isn't the disaster it might seem to be, as this tape is frequently used for patch repairs on planes. Still, the sheer quantity of tape suggests that this wing is in very rough shape.

"Why LEGO? Why!?"

Confusing Lego instructions
reddit | xMoritzZ789x

I'm a big Lego fanboy, but I can't condone this. When you're laying out where to place a brick, you really need to be more specific than this. How can you even fit a three-stud piece across four studs?

"I had a small spasm reading this."

Sign with confusing layout
reddit | PsyvexOfficial

Graphic design is more accessible than it's ever been. That means that you could also lay out designs that look fine on the surface, but become more and more infuriating the longer you look at them.

"Found in Santa Barbaran mall."

Floor tiles that don't align
reddit | Zebigh

The world is full of floor tiles that don't align properly, and I for one am sick of it. I mean, I don't know what can be done about this scourge, but I'm still sick of it.

"These guys don’t know how to count apparently."

Tic-tac-toe game featuring impossible situation
reddit | _Nikorasu

Tic-tac-toe is either a simple two-player game that you can complete in a matter of seconds, or a confusing experience of randomly laying X's and O's across a grid that you don't understand.