20 Pics That Basically Let The Cat Out Of The Bag On Something Cool

Gas station with a garden on its roof
reddit | KSMO

Sometimes, a seemingly average scene will be hiding something cool in nearly plain sight. But you may need to see a different angle or perspective in order to fully appreciate what's on display. You never know what might be around the next corner!

Don't worry though, we'll make sure you get to see the cool detail in each one of these pics.

"Beer where the label matches the location."

Location matches beer label
reddit | ecksdee007

When you're enjoying a frosty glass of something directly in front of the inspiration for its label, it has to be a good sign. It might be the perfect time to buy a lottery ticket.

"This USB dead drop in a brick wall."

USB drive mounted in a brick wall
reddit | JimFancyPants

I'm sure there's a sign somewhere nearby stating what, exactly, this is for, but either way it's mysterious. I mean, this just isn't an architectural feature you see in much brickwork.

"Floor heating in my brother's house."

Under floor heating
reddit | nelsonboi8

I'd never contemplated what floor heating might actually look like before. Turns out there's some serious work that goes into the technology that keeps your feet toasty warm on the bathroom floor every morning.

"Jerry in the wall of a pet store."

Image of Jerry the mouse hidden in wall of pet store
reddit | TheOriginalFluff

Tom and Jerry might not have the same cultural cachet they once did, but even those who don't recognize this as Jerry will see that it's a mouse in a wall, which is on-brand for mice in general.

"A bird is raising its babies in a cigarette bucket at my workplace."

Bird nest inside an ashtray
reddit | velvence

There are nicer places to grow up than inside a literal ashtray, but these birds are somehow making a go of it. Hopefully the secondhand smoke isn't too bad.

"This store has a secret room behind one of the shelves."

Secret room hidden behind store shelves
reddit | Shasnas69

I'd like to know if this is an official part of the store or just a backroom. If it's part of the store, do the customers who discover it get a reward?

"This woman and her hawk are hired to walk around my local town 10 hours a day to scare away seagulls."

Hawk wrangler with hawk
reddit | BonesJackson

This pic makes me unreasonably annoyed that my high school guidance counsellor never once told me that this was a viable career path.

"Paper airplane instructions inside an envelope."

Paper airplane instructions inside an envelope
reddit | Reddit_banter

To make a proper paper airplane you really need a fresh sheet of printer paper, not an envelope. Still, I appreciate the fact that this envelope manufacturer wants to see its paper products fly.

"There’s this fully furnished bus stop just outside my town."

Fully furnished bus stop
reddit | ShilkaGamer

Bus stops around here are typically full of broken glass, weird smells, and even weirder people. I wouldn't mind it if they all felt like a country cottage like this one.

"At Tillamook Air Museum, home of the largest wooden hangar ever built, intended to house US Navy blimps, someone hung up a 192-foot high basketball hoop."

192-foot-high basketball net inside a massive hangar
reddit | 12edDawn

Yes, the super-high net is cool, but there's an important question to be answered: has anyone ever drained one of these shots?

"The way this seashell has wore down in the ocean."

Seashell worn down by ocean currents
reddit | biglanga

Ocean currents have the power to turn stones into dust, so it stands to reason that they can absolutely decimate more delicate things like seashells. Still cool to see, though.

"We found a newt."

Hand holding a newt
reddit | Staehr

Somehow, newts have never seemed interesting to me. I think I formed that opinion before realizing that some newts basically look like little dragons that can fit into the palm of your hand.

"Inside a Taylor GS Mini Guitar."

Photo taken inside a guitar
reddit | CharlesBrooks

Acoustic guitars tend to look pretty similar to one another, but on the inside, it's another story. This looks like the lobby of some kind of avant-garde hotel from the future.

"Old garden stone broke and revealed Mary and Jesus inside."

Broken garden stone reveals statues of Mary and Jesus inside
reddit | prospermommy

Sometimes, mass-produced stuff contains hidden mass-produced stuff on the inside. I don't know why this is. I guess you'd need to ask the foreman at the place that makes this stuff.

"This wheelchair ramp is made out of Legos."

Wheelchair ramp made out of Lego bricks
reddit | mumpf1997

This is maybe the coolest thing I've ever seen. We all know that Lego is durable and strong, so there can be no doubt that this wheelchair ramp actually functions as intended.

"This is an angle not often seen, the Pyramids are less than 10km from the closest city."

Great Pyramids of Giza with surrounding development
reddit | Yahya_sindhi1502

There's a romantic image of the Great Pyramids of Giza being located in a vast desert. They are located in a vast desert, but they have neighbors, too.

"Movers that have a heart."

Moving truck that also advertises marriage counseling
reddit | TheFakeMichael

I'm wondering if this is real or if it's a joke predicated along the lines of, "Moving is stressful, you might need a marriage counselor after." If it's a joke, I wonder if anyone's ever contacted them in earnest.

"These shoes found at a thrift store with controller shaped soles."

Shoes with remote control-shaped soles
reddit | NijiKoneko

I think this is just a random cheap pair of shoes, but with a tread design like this, they could be a sneakerhead's next big fashion statement.

"This gas station has a garden for a roof."

Gas station with a garden on its roof
reddit | KSMO

Roofs are just big, flat, empty spaces. More of them really ought to be occupied by gardens and other fun stuff. Just look at how cool it looks from above!

"American Froot Loops are different colours than Canadian Froot Loops."

Comparison pic showing different colors between American and Canadian Froot Loops
reddit | thewhiteponyproject

I'm torn here. On one hand, the colors on the left look more natural and wholesome, but on the other hand, I love eating brightly colored, highly processed junk food.

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