Two people sitting outdoors an laughing while holding mugs.
Unsplash | Bagas Muhammad

20 Tweets From People Competing For The Title Of "Dumbest Person In The World"

Every so often, you end up doing something kind of dumb that also just so happens to be kind of hilarious. So of course you're going to post it to social media.

After one person shared her hilarious fail of the day, a bunch of other people decided to share the dumb things they've done in the past, too. Almost like they were one-upping each other.

Problem solved!

Okay, not at all. This definitely feels like the kind of thing you'd end up doing first thing in the morning, though.

Of course, after seeing this tweet in particular, people started getting inspired to show off how dumb they can be, too.

Shopping is hard.

I'd be lying if I said I haven't done this before. Maybe not with a store, but definitely with a classroom. No shame in accidentally walking into one place, thinking you were somewhere completely different the whole time.

It unlocked something, I'm sure.

Well, you probably won't unlock your car door unless you're close enough to where you parked. And you definitely won't open the elevator. Though, I'm sure it would open up to the floor you're on eventually.

Don't do it... don't do it...

I laugh, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that I would do the exact same thing. And I wouldn't realize until that second right before the water touches the drain. That's just how it goes.

But what if the car hits a growth spurt?

I'm not gonna lie, I've worried about the height limit on bridges along the road. You just have to keep reminding yourself that those aren't meant for you, just the trucks of the world.

Look, you've probably done this.

It's one of those things you do completely absentmindedly. You go to stick something back in the cupboard, and you either realize right then and there that it was the milk, or you don't notice for a couple of hours.

Brb while I text my own number.

Ah, the classic. It's right up there with looking for your glasses when they're on your head, or looking for your car keys when they're in your hand. Never fails to disappoint.

Stop running into yourself!

I mean, at least it was good practice for whenever this person does have to do the bob and weave dance with an actual stranger. And hopefully no one else was in there to witness that.

Shed free... like, the other kind of shed.

No, a paint roller isn't going to be bad for your shed because it's shed free... But I guess you probably already know that. English is such a weird language sometimes.

In fact, you can have any number on a cake!

Though, I'm pretty sure they actually do sell candles for milestone years, like 10, 21, and 50. But every number between 0 and 9 is, like, there.

Nothing like a hot egg... wait.

I think the best course of action is to just put an egg on the counter, or heat it up with a warm water bath. Or just use it cold. Or maybe don't put eggs in your hair.

Speaking of eggs in the microwave...

Good rule of thumb: don't microwave eggs with the shells still intact. In fact, unless you're boiling an egg, there's no reason for the shell to be there at all.

Also, maybe don't use the microwave to boil eggs?

Books. They're like computers, but with more pages!

I think this is another one of those things we've all done at least once. I'm sure there are plenty of other downfalls to technology, but this is for sure one of them.

Wait! Don't keep scrolling!

The good thing about written media, whether it's on a screen or in a printed page, is that you can leave it at one spot and come back to it later. No pause button needed, believe me.

The bee's greatest obstacle: gates.

Because, you know, they can't fly around or over a gate.

Okay, but could you imagine if they actually didn't know how to get past a gate? That would be the dumbest yet funniest thing ever.

Making coffee is hard sometimes.

To be fair, people drink coffee to combat tiredness. But you can't actually "wake up" until after you've made it. Which means mistakes are bound to happen. And this mistake is probably really common.

An attempt to do... something... was made.

I guess on the plus side, this person probably stopped a lot of milk from getting down the drain. Which is bad for your pipes, by the way. No dairy down the drain!

Computer, where are my keys?

Yeah, there are some things a computer isn't going to help you with. Unless your keys have, like, an AirTag on them, and you're using a phone. But in most cases, no help at all.

Why, oh why, did the timer not work?

I have a timer just like that for the Christmas tree lights. It, uh, helps when you have the lights plugged into the timer. In fact, that's the only way it's gonna work.

C'mon, boy, sit! Rewind!

Ah, if only we could use the rewind button in life. Actually... if movies have taught me one thing, it's that this would be a tremendously horrible idea. Even if it means we might miss out on seeing dogs.