20 Heartwarming Moments When Teachers And Profs Really Came Through

Ashley Hunte
A kid raising his hand in a classroom full of other kids and a teacher.
Unsplash | National Cancer Institute

A good teacher can make all the difference. Whether you're a kid going through grade school, or an adult pursuing higher education, the quality of your teacher will seriously impact how much you learn.

And it isn't just a matter of how good they are at their job, either! The amazing teachers and profs in this list show that kindness and consideration helps every student succeed.

An impromptu haircare lesson.

It's always so important for kids to hear nice things from adults. Not just their parents, but their teachers, too. And this teacher really went above and beyond to help his student feel more confident with his own hair. So awesome!

How to keep your students from being stressed out:

I feel like this would just make students laugh more than anything. Which is probably a good thing when you're waiting for marks from a prof. Though, it won't change your reaction if you ended up doing badly.

"Professor wont let fire alarm stop students from learning, proceeds to teach using storage container."

A man writing on the side of a storage container as people sit next to it, writing in notebooks.
reddit | MLBClubbie

I'm sure the students didn't love the fact that their break was interrupted by more learning, but this is probably for the best. Plus, having a lesson outdoors is always way more fun — not to mention that this is also a lesson in adaptation and perseverance.

The best profs are the ones who go out of their way to help you.

When you think about it, a professor's entire job is to make sure students learn. Sometimes, this is what it takes. Only the real ones do this!

Teachers work in mysterious ways.

One thing I learned as an adult with teacher friends is that, they pay attention to who likes whom, and the people who work well together. I'm not at all surprised by this teacher's seating arrangement.

"'Free math classes.' This math professor helps random people who want to learn maths for free."

A man sitting next to a boy on a bench, writing in a book as the boy watches. A sign next to them reads, "free math classes," in Spanish.
reddit | PostalAzul

You can find lessons in the most unexpected places. Usually that's a bit more metaphorical, but in this case, that kid literally found a math lesson in an unexpected place!

A teacher who just wants to make sure you're okay.

An email sent by a college professor making sure a student is okay, after seeing her drinking a beer at an 8am class.
reddit | thejoyofdesign

Alcohol dependency is no joke, and while it's perfectly fine to day drink every now and then, seeing someone drink a beer at 8am is always gonna raise some eyebrows. I think this prof did the right thing.

Secret acts of kindness.

This is a really cool idea because it teaches kids how to be considerate toward others. And let's be honest, this is something that a lot of kids in the world need to learn, like, desperately.

Notes are just as important as childcare!

I love the fact that the prof took care of the baby so the student could take notes. Like, that's a real pro move right there. And the baby looks pretty content too!

Encouraging words always stick with kids.

You have to know you're doing something right if a kid talks about all the nice things you say to them when they go home. Those words will probably stick with that kid for a long time.

"We are in lockdown in Australia. My daughter got some mail from her teacher."

A graphic done in a Dr Seuss style poem about Zoom classes.
reddit | impicklericks

This is honestly so cute. Those early days in the pandemic were scary, but I'm sure teachers like this really helped a lot of kids out there.

"Last minute before they close the doors to graduation. The young brother comes walking towards me in a panic. He’s like, Mr. John they won’t let me graduate because I don’t have the proper shoes for the dress code."

A man standing next to a graduate. The graduate is wearing dress shoes while the man is in his socks.
Facebook | John Butler

Now that's a teacher who's with his students until the very end. Literally!

Where there's a hill, there's a way.

I bet those students had a lot of fun when they saw that video. Like, only teachers who will do literally anything to get a student to learn would do something like this.

"Finally after two decades, the cross-stitch of the Periodic Table is complete."

A man holding up a large embroidered blanket covered with the entire periodic table of elements.
Facebook | Martin Sellner

This retired teacher hand stitched every single part of this periodic table blanket. This is probably, like, the most accurate representation of what life long learning means.

"My very considerate professor allowing me to bring my cat to class."

A student asking for permission to bring her cat to class while her home is fumigated, and a professor responding yes.
reddit | Bethmphetamines

I swear, any teacher who says no to a random request like this must be heartless. I'm happy to see that some profs out there will bend the rules for students every once in a while.

"A film class at UCLA was analyzing the movie ‘Get Out’ and the professor surprised students with a special guest."

Jordan Peele standing at the front of a classroom/lecture hall.
reddit | gangbangkang

Yeah, enough said. This professor is a superstar. Maybe not as big of a star as Jordan Peele, though.

"I came out to my very religious family a few years back and haven’t been allowed home since. I just got this from one of my professors and had to share it with you guys. I’m 100% going!"

A professor extending an invite to a student to attend their New Years party.
reddit | snooppii

A good professor won't let any student spend the holidays alone if they can help it.

An unexpected houseguest.

Well, I guess this teacher is more of a porch guest. But this is still pretty awesome. It just goes to show that some teachers wouldn't let lockdown stop them from making sure their kids learned.

You never know what a student could be dealing with...

It's good that this teacher learned this so early on in her career. You literally never know what could be happening in a student's life, so showing them compassion every day is kind of a must for teachers.

"An email from my computer science teacher, who I’m not even taking a class with this semester."

A message from a teacher, inviting a student to spend lunch in his class while they observe Ramadan.
reddit | spoopy_gay

Little things like this can really go a long way for a student. Like, this is honestly such a thoughtful gesture.