20 Things That Turned Out Much More Stupidly Than Planned

Ashley Hunte
An interlocking path where the bricks wee installed haphazardly and crookedly.
reddit | VicTory171994

There's nothing more rewarding than a job well done, whatever that may entail. When it comes to a job badly done, however, the reward is probably just not having to deal with it anymore.

The strangely designed and installed things in this list show that some people's jobs didn't quite go according to plan. And yes, they look pretty stupid, but I somehow doubt whoever did any of these cares, like at all.

A clock for when you're in the Southern Hemisphere.

A clock consisting of a hand mechanism on a wall, surrounded by numbers placed around it. Most of the numbers are upside down.
reddit | NarutoZubi

Or at least, this feels like how people think anyone south of the equator see things. But really, it just makes for a pretty dumb clock that's also kind of hard to read.

"This ~ 960 $ bag which looks like there's mold on it."

A tan purse with a speckled grey design on it that looks like spots of dirt.
reddit | --floridaman-

My first thought was that this purse was covered in flies. Then I thought dirt. Then, mold. Then I finally realized that it was designed to look that way because... fashion?

On the up and up.

Two elevator call buttons that show up arrows, rather than one having a down arrow.
reddit | Open-Frosting3519

This screams of someone installing the down button the wrong way and then saying, "that's not my problem anymore," and just leaving it. I mean, at least most people would probably know it's supposed to be a down button?

"Animal Planet: Well, close enough!"

A package for an Animal Planet toy tarantula that actually contains a toy roach.
reddit | NickLovesHedgehogs

Sure, tarantulas and cockroaches may be different shapes, sizes, and have different numbers of legs, but they're both things you absolutely don't want to find in your house. So I guess they're still sort of similar.

"The railings on this staircase."

A staircase with three sets of railings along one side; one of them cuts through the stairs.
reddit | marg_armenta

It honestly seems like it was more work to install the stairs through the railing, than it would've been to just remove or move that railing in the first place. But some people just like to complicate things, I guess.

"We ordered a grill. Got 300 iPads."

A pallet covered in stacks of boxes. One box on the top is open, showing that they contain boxes of iPads.
reddit | usuzulose

A grill and hundreds of iPads are... two very different things. This has got to be the retail screw up of the century. Though, it doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world.

"'So, all you need to do is hang these posters in the right order.'"

A billboard poster for a retail store placed in out of order panels on a series of construction scaffoldings along a building in a city.
reddit | arthurdiel96

I couldn't tell you what happened here. All I know is that after this poster was put up so badly, a crew of construction workers went home and didn't lose any sleep that night.

Do you want to start, or do you want to start?

A microwave panel where there are two start buttons rather than a stop button.
reddit | SmeggyBean13

Sometimes it feels like these aren't accidents. It's almost like someone out there wants to confuse us on purpose. The only thing that could make this worse is if the green start was stop, and the red start was start.

"Saw this at Walmart today."

A side cap at a grocery store aisle that shows Honey Maid and Nilla cookies on a poster that was installed upside down.
reddit | MeIsNotUnderstand

Somewhere out there, a Walmart employee put this thing together, realized they did it wrong, and then said, "I don't get paid enough to care," and went on about their day. A hero walks among us.

Um... no thanks.

A red, translucent sandal with a palm tree sticker on the toe area.  Another sticker on the shoe reads, "smell me."
reddit | Agent_Whale_Fin

See, now this is just plain stupid. I want to believe that someone took that sticker from something else and just stuck it on this shoe. But I also would totally believe that someone out there was trying to sell scented footwear.

"Who tf puts the power switch behind the blades?"

The on/off switch for a fan, hidden behind the blades.
reddit | 0neLetterShor

So basically, you can turn that fan on, but you can never turn it off again. Unless you unplug it or take the batteries out or whatever. Because that makes sense.

"'Which style of window would you like and where?' 'All of them… Everywhere!'"

A house with different sized and shaped windows along each part of the exterior walls.
reddit | PeloKing

This is pretty dumb... but, like, in a way that's also kind of fun. This house looks more like a weird museum than a house. And I wouldn't live there, but I can appreciate it.

"Threend annual..."

A poster for a yard sale that reads "3nd" rather than "3rd."
reddit | Drawn4U

I'm kind of confused here. Is it supposed to be the 2nd annual event, or the 3rd? Either way, the person who went out of their way to make this poster might want to start using spellcheck.

Special delivery!

A large, flat package with one of its corners jammed into a small mailbox at an apartment mailbox unit.
reddit | OddBird_S

Oh, don't worry. I'm sure that the package isn't fragile or anything. Or else, the delivery people would've taken more care delivering it, right? Right?

Oh, who am I kidding. They straight up didn't care and it shows.

"Meanwhile in Denmark..."

A series of streetlights installed along a road; each one is facing away from the actual road.
reddit | DietyOfTheNorth

I feel like those lights aren't going to do as good of a job as they would've if they were facing the road. But I also feel like it's too late to do anything about it now.

Rich people technology problems:

If I had 3 million dollars, I wouldn't be spending it on a jet that could get crashed into by some random Tesla. But I guess that's what makes me different from whoever made this thing.

"Messed up, had to improvise."

A toilet seat cover that's open; a chunk is cut out of one side to access the button to flush the toilet.
reddit | TheVileOne69

I appreciate the bit of creative problem solving here, even though I'm pretty sure it would've been easier to just remove the seat cover altogether. Which probably wouldn't be the best thing either.

Wow, this might be a no-win situation.

"You can't open the windows in the flat I rented."

A kitchen sink in front of a window. The faucet is directly in front of the window, making it impossible to open it.
reddit | CMoiClem

I guess installing sinks in front of windows is tricky. You'd think someone would've caught this before they went and finished installing the faucet, but I guess some people don't pay attention to what they're doing.

"Why'd they cut my burrito like that?"

A burrito cut diagonally, set on top of a Subway wrapper on a coffee table.
reddit | amc-eagle

See, I would've just assumed it was a Subway wrap like any other. But since OP mentioned it's specifically a burrito, this just seems... really wrong. For a number of reasons.

"When it's close to the end of the shift:"

An interlocking path where the bricks are installed crookedly and haphazardly.
reddit | VicTory171994

I want to believe that those loose bricks are just there until the workers can get to it on their next working day. But I honestly don't know what to believe anymore...