20 Pics That Made Us Go 'Hey, What's That Doing There??'

Billiard ball hidden inside bocce ball
reddit | TheRealPinballWizard

We'd like to show you what happens when worlds collide.

...sorry, that sounds dramatic. Nothing here is earth-shattering, but all of it shows examples of stuff showing up where you might not expect it to. Some of it's intended, most of it isn't, but in all cases, it's certainly a sight to see.

"The store in my new town has a specific aisle where you can meet up with your spouse if you get separated."

'Lost spouse' heading on grocery store aisle
reddit | TheBeesElbow-IM

We've seen stores put up jokey 'lost husband areas' before, but I think this was done entirely in earnest. Honestly, it's a pretty good idea.

"Hole in the wall of the shower to throw away empty shampoo bottles. Seen in the washhouse of a campsite."

Hole in shower stall for throwing out empty bottles
reddit | G_Kstdtm

I'm instinctively fearful anytime I see a mysterious hole in a bathroom wall, but apparently this one is just here to make things more convenient.

"The interesting woodwork revealed during the re-roofing of our 84 yr old house."

Old house with unusual woodwork
reddit | kingvortigern

Most of us have boring shingles, or perhaps slightly less boring metal roofs. This place, though, has a roof that looks like it came from a Viking longship.

"The vacation house we rented has a toaster built into the wall."

Slide-out toaster built into a wall
reddit | lil_caprese

Is this over-engineered? Possibly. After all, toasters work just fine when you plunk them on a counter. Still, I love how this is a thing that exists.

"This pattern inside my watermelon."

Watermelon with a strange pattern inside
reddit | t0ffee-c0ffee

I'm guessing there's some sort of mutation at play, something weird that only afflicts watermelon patterns. In any event, this melon looks ripe and juicy, even with its bizarre pattern.

"This cat sitting above its portrait."

Cat sitting above its own portrait
reddit | matmoe1

I wonder if this cat is even aware that someone loves it enough to immortalize it with some street art. Probably not, honestly. People worship cats and cats never seem to take notice.

"This house has a roof under the roof in the attic."

House with old roof under new roof
reddit | maxwithrobothair

When it's time for a new roof, what do you do? Of course, you could rip out the old one and put a new one in, but if you're really thinking outside the box, you could do this.

"I got a cardboard bread tag instead of a plastic one."

Cardboard bread tag
reddit | colin_powers

We're all trying to reduce plastic waste in any way we can, which is a tall order because everything in the world is made of plastic. This small change is good to see.

"Came upon a stained glass window hanging in a forest in Belgium."

Stained glass window hanging in a forest
reddit | ResonancePhotographr

This is hauntingly beautiful, but I wouldn't want to stick around for long. Something about this scene is spooky and weird. It looks like the opening scene of a horror movie.

"The scratched paint on our bathroom wall looks like a face with a big pointy nose."

Scratched-off paint looks like face with pointy nose
reddit | TheKatkaRapu

Maybe this is simply chipped paint, or maybe the people in this house unknowingly share their space with an oddly-proportioned hobgoblin.

"My local gym gave the handicap drawing a noticeable bicep."

Handicap parking icon has a bicep
reddit | Davicitorra

You don't want to modify pictograms too much or else they won't be immediately identifiable, but a small change like this is fine. After all, it's a gym.

"I was in a motorcycle accident and my gear did such a good job that my only skin injury was a knee armor imprint."

Imprint of healing armor on knee
reddit | zogmuffin

This pic proves that the futuristic patterns on protective equipment aren't just there for show. They're there to imprint themselves on your skin.

"The person who lived in my apartment before me planted pineapples."

Pineapples growing in an apartment garden
reddit | Early_Gold_9715

I live in the hinterland, so I can't even imagine walking outside my place and seeing pineapples growing in the ground. Even if I could, they'd quickly get eaten by raccoons.

"This butcher has a vending machine for after hours."

Meat vending machine
reddit | AusJonny

I'd never thought of meat as being something you could buy from a vending machine, but it actually makes perfect sense. Everything here is packaged and I'm assuming the machine itself is refrigerated.

"This burn on my finger doesn’t get dirty."

Burn on finger repels dirt
reddit | Philly_cheapskate

This could be a lifehack for constantly having clean hands. The only thing you need to do to get there is experience a series of painful burns on your hands.

"Found a toilet full of vegetables at Pearson International Airport."

Toilet full of vegetables
reddit | Halukinate

I like to think that this is an example of someone who knows the basics of making soup, but just stumbled a bit in their execution.

"A tree stump built into a staircase."

Tree stump built into a staircase
reddit | Diggingpack8580

Removing tree stumps is hard work, so sometimes the path of least resistance entails just leaving the stump in place. It might look awkward at times, but that's the cost of convenience.

"This Canada 1oz silver coin has Bigfoot on it."

Canadian coin with Bigfoot on it
reddit | karmanopoly

Why did they put Bigfoot there? The design looks just fine with the maple leaf, and Bigfoot is just kind of slapped on as a distraction. Is Bigfoot Canada's national ape or something?

"Someone brought their cow to see the Easter bunny."

Cow visiting an Easter bunny
reddit | Jawshewah

I'm not too sure this cow got anything out of its special visit to the Easter bunny, but it's still nice to see. This cow is clearly loved just as much as the cat in the last picture.

"There was a billiard ball inside of my bocce ball."

Billiard ball hidden inside bocce ball
reddit | TheRealPinballWizard

I wonder if this person would find a golf ball or something if they cracked open the billiard ball. It makes me wonder, ahem, what balls we could find inside other balls.

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