20 Satisfying Pics That Are Super Soothing To Get Lost In

Ashley Hunte
A closeup of an open jar of coconut oil, showing a honeycomb pattern on the surface.
reddit | sprgsmnt

I think satisfying pics have got to be one of the most underrated photography genres out there. There's nothing better than getting yourself lost in the relaxation that comes with one of them.

And, as you'll see in this list, they come in so many different ways! A clean pool, an interesting pattern, something that's just really smooth. It's all awesome.

"This surprisingly pleasant Amazon delivery photo of my front door."

A front porch with large trees on either side and lanterns on the steps. Several boxes are stacked on the welcome mat in front of a blue door.
reddit | OmicXel

I bet the Amazon delivery driver could moonlight as a photographer. Like, this is such a pleasing pic to look at. It's almost making me feel bad about the state of my front porch...

"This house matches the cars, or vice-versa."

A house that's been painted blue and green. Inside the open garage, a blue car and a green car are parked.
reddit | WavyDaze

Sure, houses that are painted loud colors like this tend to be tacky. But there's something really pleasing about the way the cars match the house's exterior. In a way, it's actually kind of pretty.

"Philippine 1000 peso bank note is badass lookin."

A PHP 1000 peso bill atop a wooden surface.
reddit | Empty_Ad4768

You know what? It does look pretty badass. And also just pretty. I think because it looks pretty newly minted, and new bills from pretty much every country look super nice.

"Opened a pack of Fruit Gummies and only got the good ones."

A hand holding the contents of a Welch's fruit snack pack, all of which are red.
reddit | almightycurator

This is definitely a lot better than a pack full of the flavor you don't like. Though for me, if this was all purple, I'd be in heaven.

"My little sister makes paper cranes and made this really tiny paper crane. I hung the normal sized one up and put my small one on the wing!"

Two paper cranes - one regular size and one smaller than a standard safety pin - hanging from a ceiling.
reddit | DylanNotDillan

I have to say, these are pretty impressive. Especially the little tiny one!

"Cappuccino Foam Force Field."

A still shot of a spoon that's in the process of slowly descending into the foam on the top of a cappuccino cup.
reddit | cl0wnery

This is satisfying in a way that's really hard to explain. But I'm sure you know what I mean.

In any case, I literally can't stop staring at this pic! It's kind of a shame OP probably already drank it all...

"Gave the hedges a little haircut."

A before and after showing unruly shrubs in front of a house that have since been cleanly cut.
reddit | rpgmgta

Nothing like a satisfying before and after to get you in the mood for some spring cleaning. I suddenly have the urge to dump everything in a pile in my room and organize it intricately.

"The way I wrote standard: it's the standard of satisfaction."

The word "standard" written in even cursive among other writing in blue and red pen.
reddit | Infamous-Ad-2921

Writing in cursive can be tricky to begin with, let alone writing neatly. This is honestly kind of beautiful. I could cry (but don't worry, I won't cry).

"I saw a rainbow from above the clouds today, and it has a face in the middle."

The view from outside of an airplane, showing a rainbow in the top of a group of clouds.
reddit | shutupbrendan

I sort of see the face, but to be honest I'm kind of distracted by the rainbow itself. Like, seeing one from the top of clouds? That sounds awesome.

"I left some salt water in a dish for a week, and some nice crystals formed inside it."

A square dish filled with smaller square crystals.
reddit | crystalchase21

I'm not going to pretend to understand the science behind this, but I kind of don't have to. Big salt crystals are cool, and that's all I need to know.

"Perfectly separated layers of this candy bar."

Two layers of a wafer candy bar that show indents in the white chocolate that match the wafer.
reddit | CultureVulture629

I mean, if you're going to split the layers of a candy bar, you might as well do it super neatly. Why? No real reason. But let's be honest: it looks pretty cool.

"The stacking of these ice cream cones."

Several different kinds of packaged ice cream cones neatly stacked and arranged by brand.
reddit | ZappBrannigansLaw

Oh man, now that's super satisfying. The only bad thing about arrangements like this is knowing that someone's gonna come by and ruin the whole thing by taking one. Or two. Or ten.

"This tree has half white and half pink flowers."

A tree in front of a white building. The flowers on the tree are white on the top and bottom, and pink in the middle.
reddit | Stdanc

I think this is satisfying to look at because it's just so pleasing. And, like, it's a bunch of blossoms on a tree, so it kind of makes sense.

"Close-up shots make the White Cliffs of Dover look like an alien landscape."

Black rocks embedded in white sand.
reddit | RamsesThePigeon

Okay, now this is insanely cool! And it's actually super satisfying, too. Though, I probably wouldn't want to try walking around here. Even if it is cool and otherworldly.

"This blossom on my camellia bush."

A symmetrical, pink camellia on a branch.
reddit | ac0380

I just love looking at flowers. They're either all weird and deformed, which is cool, or they're neat and symmetrical, which is also cool. You literally can't lose when looking at a pretty flower!

"The way the tape lines up on these boxes."

Two stacks of three boxes, each of which have tape on the ends that match up with the ones above/below them, making cross shapes.
reddit | CharmedL1fe

Sometimes, it's the little things that get you through the day. Like the tape on these boxes, which are surprisingly uniform. I bet they went through a box assembly factory or something.

"A melted pen."

A pen that's curved along the middle, rather than being straight.
reddit | Laurence_Cartier

Even though this is super weird, it's also really satisfying. I guess because it such a smooth, perfect-looking curve. Even though this was definitely not supposed to happen, it kind of makes me wish all pens were curved (even if that would be a horrible idea).

"One hour of pool treatment and cleaning."

Two images showing the process of a backyard pool going from murky and full of algae, to clear and clean.
reddit | the-realTfiz

Whether you clean your car, trim your hedges, or get all the algae out of your pool, a before and after is always gonna feel really satisfying. Even for the people who didn't do all that!

"These patterns appeared on top of a coconut oil jar."

An open mason jar full of coconut oil. The surface is solidified and shows a honeycomb-like pattern.
reddit | sprgsmnt

Oh man, now that's super cool! Coconut oil is kind of a mystery to me; it seems to meld and solidify at random. But if my jar made this kind of design, I'd probably never use it again (unless it melted).

"An iridescent cloud I saw a while back."

A rainbow that appears between two layers of clouds in the sky.
reddit | fluffyuglycookie

See, there are so many ways rainbows can look cool. Classic rainbows, of course. And rainbows you see while in an airplane (on top of the clouds!).

And then there's something like this, which looks like it's straight out of another world. So amazing!

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