20 Pics Where The Backstory Paid Dividends

Ashley Hunte
A large GPS tracker resting on a person's lap.
reddit | delslow419

Some pictures just beg for a backstory. Even a sentence or two is enough to help make sense of what we're looking at, or to give a picture so much more meaning.

Thankfully, when it comes to these pictures, the backstory was definitely included. For better or for worse, we have the full story for all of these pics (or, at least most of the story).

"Backstage at the Nederlander theater and my apartment building have the same stair railings. Both built in NYC in the 1920s."

Two nearly identical staircase posts in two different spaces.
reddit | Rattashootie

I'm willing to bet those buildings were both designed by the same architect, all those years ago. So cool!

"My first commission is now multi award winning. At 40 years old I’ve found my calling in life."

A man standing in front of a large page full of different photographs.
reddit | Darthmather

It's so funny how people think their lives are over if they don't figure out their calling by age 25. Let this guy's awesome news show you that there's no such thing as "too late" when it comes to finding your dream job.

"Can't get into work this morning cause the closer didn't realize they took home the core to the door lock."

On the left: an image of a lock missing its core. On the right: a picture of a hand holding a key with a lock core on it.
reddit | redcobra762

This is one of those things that happen so rarely, you don't even think about it.

If you can't get into work, does that mean you get the day off?

"An internet stranger sent me household goods and snacks after I mentioned I’ve been struggling to afford anything beyond basic groceries."

Several bottles of detergent and cleaners, paper towels and toilet paper rolls, and Goldfish crackers, all arranged in a group.
reddit | ag9910

It's funny how a picture of such average things can represent so much kindness. What the rest of us take for granted can mean the world for someone else.

"Went back home after a horrible day just to find that my dinner was full of mold..."

A package of food that's torn open at the top. Inside, the food is covered in mold.
reddit | Hank_Chinaski7

Nothing like finding the food you'd been looking forward to eating, all covered in mold. On the plus side, it's an excuse to get takeout.

"I’ve had this guy for 18 months and this is the first time he’s fallen asleep next to me."

A dog asleep on a bed next to a person.
reddit | ChunkyDay

Adopting a dog is rewarding in itself, but not as much as when the dog finally decides to adopt you back!

"Parents went away on vacation and I’ve been going to their home periodically to check on everything and clean here and there. Just noticed this pot of rice sitting out for the last 2-3 weeks."

A pot full of molded-over food.
reddit | Burger_slayer

Oh no... That's not good.

"Date night for Dad 88, Mom 86. Still have that spark. Still having fun."

A man in a motor scooter with a woman standing on the back of it and laughing.
reddit | Advioden

Seeing people who've fallen in love and stayed in love for years just gives you hope. Like, maybe the world isn't as horrible as it seems.

"Sick of crazy rent in the city, just bought my first home after 10yrs of saving."

The exterior of a large, cottage-like house.
reddit | gapmunky

With the housing market going completely insane in a lot of places, this really seems like a far-off dream. But congrats to anyone who can call themselves a homeowner like this person!

"The door to [my two brothers' and my] childhood bedroom. Our parents have kept it like this."

A bedroom door covered head to toe in various stickers.
reddit | The_SoggyBiscuit

I have to say, I'm pretty jealous of people whose parents still live in their childhood homes. They get to have memories like this.

"Happy tears as I was reunited with my childhood toy 18 years after I lost it in a hurricane."

A person smiling and crying while holding onto a duck plush.
reddit | sarahlwhiteman

There's nothing nicer than a happy reunion years in the making. Yes, even if that reunion is between someone and their stuffed toy.

"Finally accomplished my dream of physically holding a book that I wrote!"

A person standing and smiling while holding a book titled Epsilon.
reddit | tdog970

It's not every day that you get to hold onto a physical book with your name on it. In fact, it's usually the culmination of years of hard work (and, like, the tiniest bit of luck).

"On the flight to Fairbanks, AK last night, the pilot gave us an impromptu tour of Denali's peak."

An airplane wing next to large, snow-covered mountaintops.
reddit | katmai_novarupta

Don't you just love it when you're flying in an airplane and the pilot decides to show you something really cool?

"Came home and apparently birds decided to fight (themselves?) to the death on my new truck's mirrors."

A truck side mirror covered in scratches and dust.
reddit | brian_kking

This feels like a weirdly specific place for a bird to be... Like it was seeking out some bird to fight, and ended up finding itself or something.

"That time my neighbors tried to murder my family with a decorative plate of Christmas cookies."

The bottom of a white plate that reads, "Not for food use Article may poison food For decorative purposes only."
reddit | RainbowSherbertS***

I'm, like, 99% sure those neighbors didn't know that they'd put the cookies on a decorative plate. But it also begs the question: what's the point of a plate you can't put food on?

"Tried to put a backpack on, the watch strap broke and now a loving gift from my parents is broken."

The face of a digital watch that's had its screen cracked and broken.
reddit | AFeckinPot

Smartwatch screens are a lot like smartphone screens: too easy to break. Hopefully this one can be fixed, and could probably benefit from a screen protector in the future.

"View from the café I was in almost looks like a picture hanging on the wall."

A large window overlooking a beach, almost resembling a picture.
reddit | Meznay

Apparently, this picture was taken in the Channel Islands, which honestly just makes me want to pack up my stuff and go on a vacation.

"Found this on the underside of a woman’s car today… needless to say she’s a little freaked out. Rechargeable with 4g SIM card in it."

A rectangular GPS tracker box resting on a person's lap.
reddit | delslow419

Who would've thought that such a small box could be cause for so much panic. Sadly, this is the kind of stuff women have to be afraid of on a daily basis.

"I woke at 2am to photograph 5 planets perfectly aligned above the Sydney Opera House."

The Sydney Opera House at night. Above it and among the stars are 4 brighter bodies, which happen to be planets.
reddit | BlakPhoenix

According to OP, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Venus, and Mars are all in this picture (even though I can only find 4 of them). Definitely worth getting up for!

"My cousin was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. Given one year to live. He went clam digging."

A man walking through a highly reflective, wet area that shows the clouds as they are in the sky.
reddit | Rush58

I guess when you're faced with your own mortality, there's only so much you can do. But that doesn't mean you have to do nothing!