20 People Who Got Played Like A Fiddle

Ashley Hunte
Three mozzarella sticks on a piece of lettuce with marinara sauce.
reddit | Lonely_Is_The_Night

When something seems a little too good to be true, it usually is. When something seems pretty normal, it can still disappoint you. And I honestly think that might be worse.

These people definitely got played. It's amazing how disappointed you can be, even if your expectations weren't really that high to begin with. But I guess that's just a part of life.

"Failed my Uber inspection because the Jiffy Lube mechanic can't draw circles..."

A large circle around the word "pass," that also crosses the word "fail." Instructions on the sheet indicate that markings on the word "fail" will cause an automatic fail.
reddit | tandemtactics

Yeah, I don't even have words for how annoying that must be. You go in, expect to pass inspection, and end up failing because of someone else's error. Rough.

"These weights in the gym. Those 10 grams make all the difference."

To 5 pound weight plates. Based on conversion, one ended up being 2.25 kg, while the other is 2.26 kg.
reddit | WellThat5ucks

I'm not sure if that makes a difference in the grand scheme of things, but it's still pretty aggravating. And, like, kind of really specific at that.

"This is why I have trust issues."

Two measuring tapes where the 1 inch point starts at a different spot, making the measurements off from one another.
reddit | Tachlush

Apparently, measurements are hard. I can't get over the fact that any given measuring tape could be wrong, and we may never know until it's too late.

Man, now I'm starting to have trust issues.

"When you buy jeans online at Kohls!"

An invoice showing a purchase for jeans, next to a pair of jeans with a security tag on it.
reddit | unbridled_chaos418

On the plus side, you can just go into any store and ask them to remove the tag for you. But that really sucks because it kind of defeats the purpose of shopping online.

"It’s not even just the presentation. The tiny bowl isn’t even half full. I feel so ripped off."

A box for microwave chili mac, showing an appetizing dish. Next to it sits the bowl from inside the box, which is much less appetizing and smaller than the picture.
reddit | csaliture

I figured out a long time ago that the picture on the box almost always looks better than the actual product. It's still disappointing every time, though.

"My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined…"

A pizza where half the slices are turned over, and mushrooms and garlic litter the box instead of the slices.
reddit | Salami__Tsunami

The worst part is definitely the fact that this looks like it would've been a really good pizza. I guess some of us aren't meant to have nice things (or whole pizza).

Looks like the legends are true.

A person pulling an incredibly long receipt out of a CVS self checkout kiosk.
reddit | Capable-Mastodon8577

I've never been to CVS, so I've never experienced this firsthand. But imagine going to a store for one or two items, only to be stopped at the checkout because it takes the receipt 100 years to stop printing.

"Moroccan cookies."

Two hands holding small, plain cookies next to a package for chocolate chip cookies.
reddit | cactusfelis

I absolutely hate it when a pack of cookies looks really good, but then the real stuff is sad and plain-looking like these ones. Just let us have delicious chocolate chips on our store-bought cookies! Please!

"The one lone baby corn in the entire bag of veggies… just broccoli, carrots and 5 pods of peas."

A bag of stir-fry veggie mix next to a pan that has the veggies in it. Mostly broccoli, with a few peppers and carrots, and a single piece of baby corn.
reddit | NyxxStorm

This sucks solely because baby corn is one of the best things out there. It's almost like, what was the point of buying this specific veggie mix?

"Regular and Large Dippin' Dots are Basically the Same Size, Despite What the Picture Would Lead You to Believe."

A graphic explaining how the "regular" and "large" containers for Dippin' Dots are actually the same volume.
reddit | Najtvu

Honestly, I believe it. Am I disappointed? Yes, absolutely. But am I surprised? Not at all, sadly. I wouldn't put it past any company to try and trick people with sizes like this.

"Thank you, Little Caesars."

A pizza inside a box. Its slices are uneven.
reddit | fluffypigeonn

I'm guessing whoever cut this pizza is either brand new, was in a hurry, or simply didn't care about doing their job well. In any case, it sucks to be the person on the receiving end.

"My fruit crème has no fruit, or crème."

A Peak Freans cookie without the fruit inside.
reddit | NSAagentwatchingyou

When the crème and the fruit are in there, those cookies are soooo good. Too bad this one's missing literally all the important parts. Talk about a serious letdown.

"My sister's bday was around a month ago. This was the first year I couldn't see her on her bday because I moved to another country."

The back of a birthday card, which has a large tear in the middle.
reddit | Bjork-BjorkII

"I sent her a bday card but she never got it. Today I found out why; it was in my mailbox with a 'return to sender' sticker and the card itself was cut into."


"This looks like a severed tongue."

A Reese's Pink Heart candy wrapper next to the actual candy, which looks more like a tongue than a pink heart.
reddit | MaggieBurgio

Reese's first mistake was using that shade of pink. They should've gone for something darker. That way it would've at least not looked like a tongue. But I guess sometimes you live and you learn.

"Ordered 'New' headphones for curbside pickup from BestBuy. They bring these out in a bag and stick them in my backseat so I wouldn't see the box."

A banged-up box for a headset that's sitting on a desk.
reddit | OkieAndBrokie

The fact that they stuck it in the car without OP being able to see it is pretty shady, to be honest.

"Moved into the place I just bought, and open the medicine cabinet to see this..."

An open medicine cabinet with no shelves.
reddit | AristonD

Did... did the last owners take the shelves or something? What happened here?

I wonder if the last people just never used that thing. Maybe they didn't even know it could open.

"This can of Arizona iced tea costs more than 99 cents."

A can of Arizona iced tea that's riced at $2.
reddit | Cyboogi3

I feel like it's been a long time since I've seen a can of Arizona that was actually for sale for 99 cents. Even though the price is still on the can...

"The amount of jelly in my donut."

A donut with a very small amount of jelly in the middle.
reddit | louiseville_slugger

When you get a jelly donut, you kind of expect there to be jelly in there. And I mean, there's still jelly in this one. But it's very clearly not enough, and it's kind of bugging me.

"Picture shows 8 mozzarella sticks, I received 3. It cost $12."

Three mozzarella sticks on a plate with a piece of lettuce and a container of marinara sauce.
reddit | Lonely_Is_The_Night

So, instead of paying $1.5 per mozzarella stick, OP ended up paying $4 per mozzarella stick. That's basically robbery. Like, they better be the best mozzarella sticks in the world.

"I ordered a waterproof phone pouch, seller stapled on it directly."

A waterproof bag for a smartphone. Two staple holes are visible close to the bottom.
reddit | ReligiousPornstar

That definitely wasn't smart on the seller's part. The worst part is that it's probably going to be way more effort than it's worth the get a refund or replacement.

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