20 Times People's Behavior Left Us Baffled

Ashley Hunte
A foot poking out from the bottom of a public transit seat.
reddit | _scenario_7

I swear, other people are so confusing. Obviously no one's a mind reader, but there are some people who seem so baffling, you couldn't even begin to guess what's going on in their heads.

Like these people, who seem to have zero awareness whatsoever. It's like they don't even know that they're annoying others... or that anyone else is even around.

"If you deliberately take multiple seat covers then you can remember to throw them out. No one wants to touch tissue that's touched your naked butt..."

A public toilet with multiple sheets of paper covering the seat.
reddit | Amarain14

Yeah, that's pretty gross. It also kind of defeats the purpose of having seat covers in the first place.

With the state some public bathrooms are left in, you have to wonder how clean some people keep their homes.

"It doesn't look that close in the picture but I'm a big guy so there was no way I was getting in...had to crawl across from the passenger side."

Two cars parked next to each other. One is parked so close to the line that it impacts the ability to get into the next one.
reddit | MinYongsoo

I don't think it would actually matter how big or small you are, no one can get the driver's seat door open with that other car so close...

"There’s a dirty monster leaving footprints on my wall and they won’t confess!"

A dark imprint of the top half of a foot on a wall.
reddit | Eggsnbacon1068

I really hope OP has kids, and there isn't some random dude breaking into their house and leaving dirty footprints on the wall or something. Still, why?

"Instead of opening his mail, my partner accumulates it in the key tray by the front door."

A wooden tray full of unopened letters.
reddit | look_harder_

I get that no one actually wants to open mail if it's just bills and stuff, but you should probably still open your mail. You never know what could be an important letter.

"How this dude parked."

A red truck that's parked badly in a parking lot; it sticks out of the end rather than being pulled into the spot more.
reddit | Wasting-my_time

Another bad parking job. I swear, there need to be specialty spots just for pickup trucks, because apparently every person who owns one just forgot how to park in a spot properly. Or, they just don't care.

"My roommate told a half truth and posted on here about the one time I didn't do dishes, out of protest cause he wasn't cleaning up at all so I had too."

An incredibly dirty kitchen and living room, where there's mess on every surface and the floor.
reddit | Which-Brilliant7968

I honestly don't understand how anyone can live like this. It's like a hoarder's house in the making. OP should run and never look back.

"The company that delivered our driveway rocks showed up early when we weren’t home, destroyed the sidewalk, & left it for us to find."

A driveway with a sidewalk that's completely cracked and destroyed.
reddit | cleverfeather1992

This looks like the job of someone who was in too much of a hurry to get to the next delivery to actually care about doing a good job. I'd definitely be calling to complain.

"Some idiots thought it was funny to throw eggs on my car."

The front of a red car. Remnants of a broken egg sit on the windshield and front hood.
reddit | alpatlevrai

I learned recently that egging a car can actually damage the paint. So whoever did this could've caused damage that would've been expensive to repair. What a weasel.

"Not convenient at all."

A notice for an elevator that reads, "To use the disabled lift, please come upstairs to the buffet & notify a member of the staff so that we can turn the power on. Thank you."
reddit | DonGuillotine

In other words, if you're disabled and need the elevator, you can't actually use it. This is so absurd that it almost feels like a joke. Like, no one on staff thought this one through?

"How my family decided they wanted to eat a cake."

A chocolate cake that's been almost entirely eaten. A rough corner is all that remains.
reddit | dat0neb0i

This almost looks like a crime scene. That poor, poor cake got torn apart by people who clearly don't know how to cut one. When you think about it, it's pretty sad.

"Some random people came, cut a ton off of our tree, and left basically half the tree just laying in our yard."

Several tree branches below a tree along a yard's fence.
reddit | I_am_a_Victor_simp

Judging by the comments, it looks like the power company did it to keep the branches from touching the lines. But, like, they still could've cleaned up after themselves.

"Found a good deal on a rototiller this afternoon, someone bought it out from under me and immediately relisted it for 5 times the price."

A used rototiller listed for $500.
reddit | Mikebyrneyadigg

This seems like such a random, petty thing to do. But I guess some people will do anything to make a little cash.

"The person who lives above me likes to smoke, and then dump the buds out his window."

A patch of grass that's covered in hundreds of used cigarettes.
reddit | GhostHashtag

I can't imagine why anyone would think something like this is okay. If you're going to smoke, the very least you can do is clean up after yourself.

"Sister invited me out for coffee to catch up then does this... I’ve tried engaging in convo."

A person reading a book with their phone on a stand in front of them, all at a café table.
reddit | mikeyymikey

Ah yes, because there's no better way to catch up with your sibling than by inviting them out, and then completely ignoring them while you read.

"My roommate styles and cuts his hair most days and never cleans up the sink after he’s done."

A sink bowl that's covered in hair.
reddit | Superb-Pangolin-6860

That's just nasty. I can't believe people live like this. With other people. It's like they never learned how to clean up after themselves.

"My wife just throws her kitchen scraps in the sink instead of the trashcan because 'the disposal can handle it.' The sink disposal is not a trashcan, right??"

A sink basin. The drain is covered in large amounts of food waste.
reddit | kirby5801

You know, even though trash disposals exist, putting this amount of food in there is still bad for the pipes. Like, really bad.

"A client wanted me to add a link to an article she just read to their website. She sent this photo as reference."

An image of a newspaper showing a story about an Alzheimer's drug. A foot is visible beside the paper.
reddit | whosthedoginthisscen

I have a lot of questions, but I feel like none of them will be answered. So instead, I'm just going to sit here, utterly baffled.

"This douche on my flight..."

A bare foot sticking out from the bottom of a public transit seat.
reddit | _scenario_7

I can't believe there are people out there who would take their shoes of on a plane, let alone people who would stick their bare feet underneath someone else's seat. Like, what kind of person does that?

"My girlfriend will cut off the stuffed crust and leave the rest for someone else."

Four slices of pizza where the crust has been cut off.
reddit | 7DWest

Okay, I have to be real here. I can't be mad at the girlfriend in this case. The crust is the best part, and no one can convince me otherwise.

"Guests at my Airbnb destroyed the rug."

A rug where a clean cut has been taken out of one of the corners.
reddit | Substantial_Tap_2493

I honestly can't think of a good reason as to why anyone would do that. Then again, maybe this is one of those cases where it's better if we just never know...

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