Pentagram visible on wood floor
reddit | AdamPowers22

20 Times People Were Basically Invited Into A Horror Film

Real life can get to feel pretty mundane and boring most of the time — and then something horrifying happens to shake up the monotony.

Of course, we never want said horrors to happen to us, which is why it's better to live vicariously through these people who caught their horror movie moments on camera.

"Found this in my girlfriend's loft. She only moved in 3 months ago and says she has never been up there. Guess what my name is..."

'Nick' and pentagram scrawled on attic wall
reddit | n515o

This is just a coincidence, right? Just an example of kids being kids and carving creepy pentagrams and oddly specific names into walls? I'm going with that.

"Whatever this advertisement is meant to be."

Creepy Shrek-looking character on bubble tea ad
reddit | Maddybear167

I think this bubble tea place vaguely understands that Shrek has an established place in pop culture and wanted to monetize on this without paying any licensing fees. The results, however, probably don't sell much boba.

"Chicago Metra UP-N track carries 34,000 passengers on 70 trains across this bridge each weekday."

Bridge support rusted completely through
reddit | Artane_33

Steel is an incredibly strong material. Its Achilles' heel, of course, is that it rusts. This rusted-through bridge support is legitimately terrifying. Maybe an engineer could give this some attention?

"The Black Crack, a 65-foot-deep fissure along a trail in Canyonlands National Park in Utah."

The Black Crack, a 65-foot-deep fissure along a trail in Canyonlands National Park in Utah.
reddit | Boojibs

Sometimes you see a natural feature that's so deep and so terrifying that you just know there'd be no hope of rescue if you ever fell in.

"What is going on here?!"

Very bizarre Ronald McDonald statue
reddit | RecycledDonuts

Ronald McDonald is a clown who never stops grinning. That's creepy enough on its own without turning him into whatever this thing is. All I know is that a side of fries isn't going to help anything here.

"SpaceX has robot dogs patrolling their rocket factory now."

Robot security dog on patrol
reddit | EricFromOuterSpace

Seeing these robo-dogs in action has a weird uncanny valley effect. Hopefully they're just there to monitor and not, y'know, maul people. And I hope nobody has to find out the hard way.

"Mosquito flies in front of the lens."

Mosquito flying in front of camera lens looks gigantic
reddit | ThePhantom1994

This person either set out to take the worst photo ever or the best horror photo ever. In either case, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and probably unlocked a new nightmare for a lot of people.

"I'll take the pure speculation meat please."

Chinese food menu includes 'pure speculation meat'
reddit | Takemeto-yourmother

I love reading through the headings on a detailed menu like this. Obviously, a lot of the ingredients are pure speculation meat, but you don't usually see the menu state it so bluntly.

"Found this in the basement of my new home."

A ball and chain
reddit | franco-noce

We talk about stuff like mortgage payments being a veritable ball and chain, but it isn't often that we discover a literal ball and chain in our own basement.

"This abandoned hospital had a visitor last night."

Abandoned hospital with one window lit up
reddit | killHACKS

This photo doesn't look like anything much until you notice the lone light in the window. Then your imagination starts to take over. Guess it's actually not completely abandoned.

"This is a jack-o-lantern with mold growing from the inside."

Jack o' lantern with mold growing through holes
reddit | B-L-O-C-K-S

This is just the unsettling Halloween décor I need in order to convince trick-or-treaters to just leave my house alone on October 31st. The smell alone off this thing ought to do it, really.

"One of the last known pictures taken by the hikers of the Dyatlov Pass incident (1959)."

Black and white photo of mysterious human entity
reddit | Multiversee

If you know anything about what happened at Dyatlov Pass, you already know why seeing this vaguely human (Bigfoot?) figure just before things went down is so terrifying.

"1400s Mummified crocodile hanging from the ceiling of a church, Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine delle Grazie, Mantua, Italy."

Centuries-old mummified crocodile hanging from church ceiling
reddit | Hattarottattaan3

It's kind of cool to see a crocodile who lived hundreds of years ago in the flesh. On the other hand, it's kind of gross. Does croc's dead skin flake down from the ceiling?

"Found this in my apartment while living in Japan. They are FAST!"

Massive centipede on a wall
reddit | Saucy_Lemur

Seeing a half-inch-long centipede is enough to make me want to move to a new home, so I can't even imagine what it's like to have this critter scuttling around your apartment.

"My neighbour who never left his house or threw out his trash recently passed. This is how he lived."

Home of a hoarder
reddit | ConvictedFeeder

Some of us have trouble throwing stuff out, and some are legit hoarders. There's a significant difference, as you can see here.

"A webcam appeared in the bottom of my computer screen after it blue screened."

Mysterious webcam appearing on Windows blue screen of death
reddit | LittleDuffy

After you've used Windows products for a few decades, you might think you've seen it all. As it turns out, maybe someone else has been seeing you.

"The toilets at my work."

Creepy workplace toilet
reddit | Crackracket

The game designers who worked on The Last of Us worked very hard on the game's post-apocalyptic aesthetic. All they really needed to do, though, was do some location scouting in this workplace washroom.

"Someone shot my car on the highway."

Bullet hole in the back of a car
reddit | rationaljackass

It's hard to know whether having a bullet hit your car is extremely lucky — because you were unhurt — or extremely unlucky. I think we're all much happier to just not be shot at on the highway.

"An old film roll I found in the woods."

Old reel of film
reddit | SirTrypsalot

This might be a roll of blank film or a copy of an old movie. Then again, it might be the portal to a horrifying new dimension. Hard to tell, really, but I do know that plenty of horror films start with a found recordings.

"Pulled up the carpets in newly purchased house to find this."

Pentagram visible on wood floor
reddit | AdamPowers22

When they tell you to pull up the carpet and use the beautiful hardwood underneath, this isn't usually what they're talking about.