Letters and/or symbols created with string along a chain link fence.
reddit | EagleKammback

20 People Who Created Things We Never Would Have Thought To Do

People out there are really creative. Like, some people are making unique things that the rest of us would probably never think about in a million years.

Do they always work out? No. Are they always the safest thing in the world? Probably not. But, like the pictures in this list, they'll still get points for creativity, if nothing else.

"Tesla charger in Cardrona New Zealand, made to match the 150 year old hotel/pub."

A Tesla charging station built into a worn post.
reddit | ElectricYFronts

Just because the future is here, doesn't mean we have to make everything look all shiny and metal. I guess whoever put that charging station there wanted to keep the charm.

"Birthday cake designed to replicate Amazon Package."

A cake inside a box. The cake closely resembles an unopened Amazon package.
reddit | jackm4448

Yeah, that's actually super impressive. I legit thought it was an actual Amazon package at first, but it's definitely one you wouldn't want to just throw in the back of a truck.

"Hanging Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of a Christmas tree."

Christmas ornaments hanging from a ceiling at different heights, allowing them to resemble a tree without the tree itself.
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

A nice Christmas tree (real or fake) can be pretty pricy. You know what isn't pricy? Ornaments and string. I bet this creative solution costs way less than a tree (even if it's more time consuming to put up).

"Stormtrooper Samurai."

A person dressed in a samurai outfit that's black and white. The mask resembles that of a Stormtrooper.
reddit | Severe-Draw-5979

I love when people take costumes (like a Stormtrooper one) and make them even cooler by interpreting them in different ways. It's always so amazing seeing what people come up with when it comes to creating costumes or outfits.

"Now it works as a pizza oven."

A panini press with its lid suspended by a spatula that's resting between it an a pitcher.
reddit | drpepperserverdude

That's... really creative. Strangely creative. It'd definitely work way better than a microwave (when it comes to heating pizza). And probably faster than a whole oven. And it's mostly not that dangerous, either.

"KitchenAid Cooktop Camp stove. Modified walker for stand."

A cooktop attached to two walkers and a propane tank.
reddit | Senor_Spamdump

I feel like this could be a really fun thing to bring with you while camping. Maybe not so much in your own house, where you probably already have a stove.

"Room entrance inspired by Narnia."

A wardrobe against a wall. A second picture shows it open, acting as an actual door out of the room.
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

I've always wanted a secret bookcase door in my house, but this would be a close second! Of course, it probably looks way less cool from the other side, but I still appreciate the level of creativity here.

"My parents' house, honestly disappointed I didn't think of this sooner."

A wall calendar open to April and suspended by a pants hanger on a hook.
reddit | OceanMan20

This is... so smart? Definitely way better than hanging up a hook, and then awkwardly trying to get the calendar holes through the hook. So much better.

"I've been dying to share this one. Built this rocking tractor for my nephew's first birthday. Made from reclaimed oak and stained to match a tractor in my family's collection."

A rocking chair that's been built to resemble a Ford brand tractor, complete with a steering wheel.
reddit | squirrely_dan1988

Okay, not only is that totally awesome, but it also feels like the kind of thing you could keep in your family for generations!

"Does it hurt more, or less when it connects with your shin?"

A person riding on a scooter made out of a tree branch.
reddit | soiwassayin

As someone who used to roll around on a scooter every day for entire summers, I want to say these would hurt your shins way less than metal. Just trust me on that.

"This shelf is designed to look like it is phasing into a wall."

A shelf where each piece is a bit shorter and thinner than the last, making the whole unit look like it's phasing into the wall.
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

This is definitely meant more for fashion than storage, which is perfectly fine! I mean, just look at this cool shelf. I'd definitely want one in my house.

"Drive-through speaker broke so they taped a baby monitor to it."

A baby monitor strapped to the speaker at a drive thru.
reddit | whymustinotforget

Yeah, that'll probably work surprisingly well in a pinch. My only question is, did someone happen to have a baby monitor on hand, or did they go out and buy one on their break?

"I couldn't open the bottle, but I had a knife nearby."

A bottle of oil with slits in the top of the cap.
reddit | Jezzibell

This is definitely a very creative solution to a very specific problem. Some of those lids get stuck and are basically impossible to get off, so I don't blame OP in the slightest.

"Homemade playable Game Boy."

A Gameboy device showing a Pokemon game. The Gameboy outer casing is made out of Lego blocks.
reddit | billo_the_geek

This is so well done, you'd almost think Nintendo and Lego collaborated to make it! Too bad all I can think about is old Nintendo handhelds made with Lego, and how it's not a real thing.

"Babybel wax art."

Several dinosaur figurines made out of Babybel wax.
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

The most creative thing I've ever seen someone make out of Babybel wax was a ball that got stuck on the ceiling in my classroom in grade school. This is definitely a lot cooler, though.

"BroomRake™️ cleans my yard and my driveway."

A broom with a rake head on the other side of the handle.
reddit | DoctorGoforth

You might laugh at this now, but just wait. I can imagine that this thing will be in hardware stores all over in a few years. Then who will be laughing?

"Graffiti done with string on a chain link fence in Las Vegas."

A chain link fence with symbols or letters created on it using string.
reddit | EagleKammback

I think the coolest part about this is the fact that it's temporary. Decide you don't like your graffiti anymore? Just take it off and do something else!

"I just spent 2 days blacksmithing a metal corset for my Sansa Stark Cosplay from Game of Thrones!"

A woman standing in a mirror, wearing metal armour over a sweater.
reddit | River_Song

And people really try to make you think that cosplay isn't art. Usually, people make armor out of foam or cardboard, which makes this even more awesome!

"Long Exposure shot I took rock climbing with LEDs."

A large rock with swirls of LED lights along one strip at the front.
reddit | shatteredankle

I swear, people come up with the most amazing ideas for pictures! I bet it took a long time to both shoot and compile everything for this pic, but it was totally worth it.

"I grew citric acid crystals with a rainbow cake coloring kit. It's... something."

Large, multicolored crystals in a person's hands.
reddit | NagyBig

That just looks like candy. Something tells me it isn't going to taste quite like it looks, though. I should probably stop thinking about it as food...