20 Pics That Put Things Into An Eye-Opening Perspective

Human hand compared with wolf paw print
reddit | popebologna

There's nothing like a different perspective on things. It's the kind of thing that catches the eye and engages the brain. Sometimes, it might even change your life.

No life-changing promises here, but we can promise you that you'll find these unique perspectives at least a little bit interesting, if not entirely fascinating. Different views can be a really good thing!

"Found a corner piano at the piano store today."

A piano folded at a right angle
reddit | StayClassyRed

This has to be a novelty item, right? I appreciate a space-saving design as much as the next guy, but just look at those keys in the corner. This thing would be unplayable. But what a feat if you could play it.

"My dorm room has the names of prior residents from over a century ago."

Plaque outside dorm room showing names of former tenants
reddit | Raise_Master

When you live in an old place, you already feel like you're sharing the space with the ghosts of everyone who ever lived there. Thanks to these plaques, those ghosts now have names.

"Went for dinner last night and our food was delivered by cable car."

Restaurant that delivers food via miniature cable car
reddit | leyland_gaunt

Everyone loves traveling via cable car, so I can imagine that getting dinner delivered via cable car is the next best thing. The greatest thing here? No awkward small-talk with the server.

"I'd never seen this angle of the Sydney Opera House and it looked different to me."

Unique angle of the Sydney Opera House
reddit | OutdoorSandwich

I'd also never seen this angle of the Sydney Opera House. It shows that it's, y'know, an actual opera house with doors and infrastructure, not just a series of shapes on the harbor skyline.

"A flying giant squirrel from India (Petaurista philippensis) caught in the act on a sunny day."

A flying squirrel viewed from underneath
reddit | PatatasFrittas

All credit goes to the photographer here because this is an absolutely stunning shot. You can really see how thin the 'wing' flaps are.

"I grew citric acid crystals with a rainbow cake coloring kit. It's... something."

Citric acid crystals with food coloring
reddit | NagyBig

I've always viewed citric acid as an ingredient in candy, not as an actual thing that could be grown in crystal form. Well, here it is.

"I never imagined the interior of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile to be so cool."

Interior of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile
reddit | xilanthro

Don't ask me why a hot dog brand needs an iconic hot dog-shaped vehicle. Just be thankful that something as weird and unique as the Weinermobile still exists.

"Hole in concrete looks like a frog."

Frog-shaped hole in concrete
reddit | NuderXshun

This hole looks so much like a frog, in fact, that I'm not totally convinced it isn't the impression of an unfortunate frog who fell into wet concrete. Here's hoping some footprints of it hopping away were smoothed over.

"Elephant seal."

Person standing next to an elephant seal
reddit | rockystl

I guess they don't call something an elephant-whatever without it being big, but this pic really drives home how massive these beasts truly are. Good thing this one seems to be pretty chill, because I wouldn't want to be near one if it's feeling ornery.

"A Viking village in Iceland."

Viking village in Iceland
reddit | Eli_Mayonnaise

It's wild to think that the Vikings were sailing the ocean blue centuries before Columbus, but by the time of the Age of Exploration, they'd pretty well stopped exploring.

"My mother-in-law plays a lot of Yahtzee. Bottom row are her favorite dice."

New dice compared with old, worn dice
reddit | zeeow

At a certain point, you have to retire these dice, even if they are favorites. They're so weathered that I'm not sure they'd roll fairly anymore.

"A greenhouse with my infrared camera."

Cactus in a greenhouse viewed through an infrared camera
reddit | Mat0fr

When you think about it, an infrared camera is all you need to transform an arid desert landscape into a lush, alien planet. And, ironically, it makes everything in the greenhouse anything but green.

"A foggy night."

Parking lot on a foggy night
reddit | teemusphoto

It's nights like these that you curse yourself for parking so far away. Fog just has a way of making everything seem super spooky and even farther away than it really is.

"Tesla charger in Cardrona, New Zealand, made to match the 150 year old hotel/pub."

Faux-vintage Tesla car charger
reddit | ElectricYFronts

There must be a certain subset of hipsters who love the retro aesthetic and also drive electric vehicles. I believe this is the ultimate charging station for that demographic.

"Our local Toys ‘R’ Us became a gun store but kept the designs."

Former Toys 'R' Us converted into a gun store
reddit | AgentOfEarth616

Seeing the rainbow border around the doors sends a bolt of happy nostalgia through my brain. Seeing yet another former Toys 'R' Us reminds me that the '80s and '90s will never return.

"Discovered that my tooth implant doesn’t glow like the rest of my teeth under black light. Regular photo for comparison."

Tooth implant doesn't glow under black light like other teeth
reddit | LeoPopanapolis

It's a good thing we don't spend much of our time under black lights, because the effect here is jarring indeed.

"A fallen redwood and me."

Man standing in front of fallen redwood tree
reddit | 9zep_peppers

There are really only so many ways to demonstrate how big a redwood is: stand next to one, hug one, drive a car through one or stand next to a fallen one. In any event, they're big.

"Peru's Nazca Lines but at ground level."

Peru's Nazca Lines viewed from ground level
reddit | John-Piece

The Nazca Lines are a jaw-dropping, almost supernatural view when viewed from above, but at ground level you'd barely know they were there. It's really amazing that they have lasted for so long, when you see them like this.

"This is Plymouth Rock."

Plymouth Rock
reddit | catbehindbars

Plymouth Rock has been disappointing schoolchildren on class trips for hundreds of years. I mean, look at it. It's a rock. Sure, you'd put your back out trying to move it from your garden, but it's still just a rock.

"Fresh wolf print I came across while lost in Denali, Alaska."

Human hand compared with wolf paw print
reddit | popebologna

If I was lost in Denali, Alaska and saw a paw print as big as my hand, I'd probably enter full-blown panic mode. This photographer is a cooler customer, though, so they stopped to take a pic.

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