An average sized person wearing an 8XL work shirt.
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20 People Who Are Going To Need All Of Their Patience Today

Every single person in the world has a level of patience. Some people's patience can last for a long time, while others won't get very far before they explode on a poor Starbucks barista.

Here's hoping the people in this list have been blessed with the patience gene, because they're going to need it. Of all the rotten luck...

"My husband pulled his car over to pick this up from the ground."

A fake $100 bill that says it's for motion picture use.
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Don't you just love finding random money on the ground? It's even better if it happens to be real money you can spend, and not fake movie money. Sigh...

They'll always find you. Always.

A bag of plastic Easter eggs. A hand has one opened, as well as a piece of paper that reads, "we've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty."
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I don't know who needs to have more patience, the people who reach out to you about your car's extended warranty, or the rest of us. Yeah, it might be a tough call, here.

"Tod, explain yourself!!!"

A road sign about a person asking Tod where the gravel they paid for 2 years ago is.
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I don't know how to tell this person, but it seems like Tod is a scammer. He isn't going to make right on the gravel agreement. Either keep waiting, or move on, I guess.

"Just spent the last 3 hours cooking for family coming over...then they brought their own takeaway to eat."

Two pots full of sauce on a stove.
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Don't you just love it when you invite family over, and they assume you aren't cooking? Or maybe they don't like your cooking. Either way, that's pretty rude.

"My car exploded on my way to work."

Two cars dosed in water after being charred by fire.
reddit | Imrealcheese

On the plus side, OP didn't get hurt. But the worst part is, they replied to comments saying that their work wanted pictures to make sure they weren't lying. Like... seriously?

It's not like anyone was planning on using those or anything.

Several large tiles that have fallen out of the back of a truck, onto a street.
reddit | DUMBOyBK

This is actually pretty upsetting to look at. I'd be surprised if any of those tiles didn't have at least a little damage on them, which makes them pretty much useless.

"6 hours long full flight... and your seat TV screen is the only one not working!!"

The back of an airplane seat, showing the Direct TV logo on the screen.
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On the plus side, books exist. Too bad OP probably didn't think to bring any extra entertainment with them on the flight. I mean, it's not like you'd know beforehand that your screen isn't going to work.

"When you hide the chocolate bunnies on top of a cabinet, but forget the radiator heats up that corner of the room at night:"

Two chocolate bunnies that have been melted beyond recognition.
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Yeah, that definitely sucks. On the plus side, the chocolate itself is probably more important than the shape, so you could probably just freeze it.

"Booted up my old Xbox to play some Sonic 06, then this happened..."

An XBox 360 with the infamous red ring of death.
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Oh man, that's so unfortunate. Not only can OP not play one of the greatest games of all time, but they can't play any game on that system ever again.

"It's 9:37 pm and I'm stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper and everyone downstairs is asleep... even the bidet wont work because the pump is turned off."

A toilet paper roll holder with an empty roll.
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I guess OP is in for a really long night. Or they could just yell until someone wakes up.

"Just opened a brand new toothpaste and the seam wasn’t sealed."

A toothpaste tube with a rip in the side, allowing the contents to spill out.
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I think the only move here is to find a container to stick all that toothpaste in. Or just throw it out and buy a new one, but that would be such a waste.

"Spent two days building this shed, last night the wind destroyed it."

A metal shed in a yard that's collapsed.
reddit | Jive_turkeeze

I guess OP is going to have to spend another two days (or more!) rebuilding that shed. It might even be so damaged that they have to buy new materials...

"Casually sitting at my desk when it exploded, breaking my brand new $300 monitor."

An office/gaming desk where the glass top has broken.
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I always wanted a desk like this, but maybe I'll pass on the glass tops. I can't even imagine what cleaning all that up is going to be like.

"Went to show my bunny the forest. Sounded better in my head."

On the left: a pet bunny sitting outdoors. On the right: a white dish full of dozens of ticks.
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I think a good rule of thumb is that, if you're going to bring a pet outdoors, make sure you have some kind of tick medication (is there even tick medication for rabbits?).

"My parking lot post snow storm."

A parking lot filled with snow banks that are taller than the vehicles parked in it.
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Just when we thought spring was here for good, winter went and said, "you can't get rid of me that easily!" At the peak of tire swap season and everything.

"This just proves that CrossFit is toxic."

A pillow commemorating a relationship that says "it all began at Cross Fit." The pillow is sitting among boxes and trash in an outdoor dumpster.
reddit | MikeThrowAway47

I'm not saying that CrossFit is toxic, but the pillow does seem to be saying this CrossFit relationship didn't end well. I guess some things were meant to come to an end.

"The six pack I just bought. Opened the hatch to unload and…"

Several broken beer bottles on the side of a road.
reddit | PullUpYourS0cks

From the looks of it, every single bottle from the six pack is now on the ground. I guess OP's gonna have to shamefully walk back in the store and get a new one.

Don't worry, it'll rain eventually.

I mean, I guess it looks like it's raining a little? Maybe not enough for this kid, though.

Ah, the joys of being a parent. Makes you want to have a million, doesn't it?

"Ordered eight extra large shirts; received eight 8XL shirts."

An average sized person drowning in an 8XL work shirt.
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If anyone there has good enough sewing skills and a lot of patience, they could size down those shirts. And probably make new ones with all the extra fabric.

"Dangers of Social Media Addiction."

A car that's turned on its side. A person is squatting in the front seat, texting.
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Sure, your car's on its side, but that just means you have something to tweet, or to post to Reddit. Doesn't seem like this dude's in a hurry to get out of there, either.