A fake USD $100 bill. A stamp in the corner reads, "for motion picture use only."
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20 Things That Are Maybe Too Accurate

Running into something that's "technically" the truth always means getting a little more (or maybe even less) than you bargained for. It's like wading through a sea of dad jokes or something.

So yes, while the things in this list are technically accurate, you might still find yourself groaning in annoyance. Basically, it'll be like you've entered some kind of dad joke lightning round.

This aged well aged well...

A Tweet that reads, "this aged well," accompanied by an image of a field with an old stone well in the middle.
reddit | vaantrash

You could say... this aged well. Well, what about this aged well? It aged well! Which is, well, all well and good.

I will now do my best to never say the word "well" again.

"This man’s speaking fax."

A text exchange where one person says "what's procrastinating," and another replies with, "I'll tell you later."
reddit | MDLP6299

What's the best way to teach someone about procrastination? I'd say by showing them how it's done. And this group message exchange couldn't be more accurate, which is honestly both super annoying and kind of impressive.

Also available on Android.

Elon Musk posting to Twitter about his offer to buy the site, accompanied by a reply that reads, "Why buy Twitter it's free on the App Store?"
reddit | EvK_27

I don't get why Elon Musk would want to buy Twitter. He already uses it for free (and has a pretty big following, too). Though, I guess using it and having ownership over the whole company are kind of different (actually, hugely different).

"You can always tap it if you want too."

A tap (the tool). Text below it reads, "tap on the screen."
reddit | Redditisapuppet

If you're reading this, you're most definitely using a screen. Which means... tap on the screen is taking on a whole new meaning. One that's technically right, I guess...

"It is Domino’s pizza."

A frozen pizza covered with domino pieces.
reddit | coolguy64p

Technically, it's dominoes pizza, but yeah. Definitely not going to be nearly as good as the real deal, but it'll still probably be decent. Once it's cooked, that is. And after you pick off all the dominoes.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up...

A wall monitor with a blue screen and text that reads, "The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more."
reddit | JaniPratt

Great, now I'm sad. But when you think about it, what do you get when you work hard and finish a job/assignment/project? More work, usually. It's painful how accurate this quote is.

"I got the Chicken burger with cheese and bacon, boss."

A chicken burger and fries on one plate, and bacon and cheese on a second, smaller plate.
reddit | Weary_Beginning_8284

I bet you anything the kitchen staff thought they were real funny for this. Technically, this person got their burger with bacon and cheese, there's just a little bit of assembly that's required now.

"Drive-through speaker broke so they taped a baby monitor to it."

A drive thru window where a baby monitor is taped over the speaker. Confusingly, there's a paw hanging onto the open car window through which the picture was taken.
reddit | whymustinotforget

I'm going to ignore the confusing paw in the picture and choose to focus on the fact that baby monitors are just... speakers. Like, obviously they are, but you never really think about it.

Pretty solid plan, tbh.

A clear sign on a wall that reads "evacuation plan." The only other thing on the sign is a Post-it that reads, "run."
reddit | lifeordeathsworld

I mean, I guess this technically isn't the most accurate plan, since it's probably bad to panic and run during an emergency. But let's face it, a lot of people are probably going to run if they think they have to, so... yeah.

Go to the pizza place and do the thing.

A restaurant with a sign that reads, "today's special: order any 2 pizzas and pay for them both."
reddit | steve_walson

Yeah, that's typically what happens when you buy two things. You pay for them both. Though, I guess this would be more of a daily not-so-special than an actual special.

"I am interested in rock-paper-scissors again."

An image of a large tree growing in between a split in a giant rock with a meme caption that reads, "This is how paper beats rock."
reddit | ImaginaryAnywhere686

I mean, technically, paper comes from trees, and technically trees are surprisingly formidable in nature. So I guess this is strangely accurate. Emphasis on the strange, of course, because this is downright odd.

Is this when I'm supposed to ask where the Any Key is?

A hand holding a card in front of a piano. The card reads, "this piano has been tuned. Press any key to continue."
reddit | FreakShowCU

Yes, that's how you use a piano. You need to press at least one key, and then you're in business. Unless your business is tuning pianos, I guess.

The detergent bottles have faced a different direction.

Tide detergent bottles that have been turned on a shelf. A sign in the middle of them reads, "My. My. How the Tides have turned."
reddit | Daldrich214

That's... a thing people say, alright. That's also a pun, that's for sure. I honestly don't know what else can be said, other than that I'm both shaking and nodding my head.

The absolute top states in the States.

If you think about north as up and south as down, then yeah. Those are the top 13 states to live in (not including Alaska). Maybe not the best, maybe not the worst, but definitely the top.

We've been copy/pasting for centuries at this point.

Do you think the first person to invent written language saw other people follow suit and go, "hey you're copying me!"? Or maybe they were just happy to be part of the conversation.

Absolutely sickening!

A Tweet wherein a person says "this made me throw up." The accompanying picture is of a dart board on a ceiling.
reddit | nextalpha

Look. This is a great pun and all, but I'd be really scared of darts falling on me if I actually tried to throw them while the board is on the ceiling. Still, I appreciate the effort (even if it's just a picture someone flipped).

"My store-bought ‘blueberry muffin’ has exactly one blueberry in it."

A muffin that's been cut in half height wise. A single blueberry is visible in the centre.
reddit | not-katarina-rostova

Technically, that's still a blueberry muffin. Even if the muffin only has a single blueberry.

Honestly, the muffin part is better than the blueberry part, so this isn't a huge loss.

That's right, just reel them in.

A roadside sign that reads, "all cars under $4000, except for the ones that are more."
reddit | Memesallthewayboii

So basically, the cars at this lot are either under $4000, or they cost more than $4000. Their sign may not be the most straightforward, but it also technically doesn't tell any lies.

"My husband pulled his car over to pick this up from the ground."

A USD $100 bill that clearly state's it's for motion picture use, and not real money.
reddit | meowmixalots

I mean, it's still a hundred bucks. It's just not a hundred bucks that you can legally use. In other words, it's actually worthless! How cool!

"He's got the spirit at least."

A sign that reads, "Stop here on red signal." A car has crashed into the pole the sign is attached to.
reddit | FractalImagination

Technically, this person did stop there. Maybe on a red signal, maybe not.

I'm not actually sure if this is technically accurate, or just plain irony. I guess it could be a bit of both, though.