20 Cool Ideas That Might Make Life A Little Bit Better

Ashley Hunte
A mural on the wall of a building that also acts as a sundial.
reddit | Warjilla

Obviously, ideas can be good for a lot of reasons. But I think the best ones are the kind that make life easier. Even by just a bit.

When it comes to these ideas, they kind of do just that. I'm sure they'll be really useful for all sorts of people, even if they aren't useful in every single situation.

"Garage door on the corner of the building."

A garage with a door in the corner rather than the middle.
reddit | gangreen424

I mean, not only does this look really cool but I feel like it would make good use of limited space. And I mean, it's a corner garage door. What's not to love?

"My local liquor store has a tub of super cold water that chills bottles of wine in less than 10 minutes."

A large tub filled with ice water and holding various rubber ducks on the edge.
reddit | YouAreAnnoyingAF

Now this is handy when you need to bring something to a pool party that's about to start. Or if you just want to take a cold drink home.

"This staircase has the first step after and the last step before each landing painted red."

Grey stairs in a stairwell. The first and next-to-last step on each flight is red, rather than grey.
reddit | DemiDinosaur

See, that's actually really clever. Sometimes it's kind of hard to tell which step is the last step when you're going down stairs. I bet this has saved a lot of people from tripping.

"Optimal pizza placement for small ovens."

Two frozen pizzas that have been cut in half and arranged around a square baking sheet.
reddit | friphazeph

See, my tiny brain would just think to bake each pizza one at a time, which would take twice the time. But this has them both cooking at the same time. Genius!

"The pot at my rental house has built in measurements."

A pot on a stove. The inside of the pot shows measurements in both cups and quarts.
reddit | Enos316

I don't understand why all pots can't come with handy measurements like this. It would honestly save so much time. And a lot of guesswork, too, that's for sure.

"Fitted sheet has tags to help you orient it correctly on the mattress."

A tag on a fitted sheet that reads, "top or bottom."
reddit | Miss_Dallow_Away

The other day I was changing my sheets and I thought, "if only there was an easy way to tell which side of the fitted sheet goes where." Apparently, there is, if you have the right sheets.

"If you are ever staying at a hotel and need a chip clip."

A chip bag that's held closed by the tabs on a clothes hanger.
reddit | broncophil

Yep, that definitely works in a pinch. And since no one actually thinks to bring chip clips with them, this is definitely an idea to hold on to.

"I wanted natural light in a basement that has no windows."

A finished basement living room. Two windows sit on one wall, but they're actually made out of LEDs behind glass panels.
reddit | ZZbrew

"Paid $10 for two old windows. Painted them, frosted the glass, installed them into my wall with 12” LED flat panel lights behind them. Now it’s always 2pm at the basement bar."

Wait, that's so cool!

"This business card."

A business cared made out of an email address that's also a website, Twitter handle, and a person's name.
reddit | Scared_Ass

Talk about a great way to save on ink! I think this kind of straightforward self-advertising would also just be really helpful in getting people to remember who you are. So yeah, it's pretty clever if you ask me.

"Bar by me has frosty channel to keep drinks cold."

The side of a bar counter that has a strip filled with frost.
reddit | Equivalent-Bid-4921

Now that's smart! Nobody likes warm beer (or warm cold drinks in general), so this would keep drinks from warming up. Also, it just looks really cool. So that's a bonus.

"Carlsberg beers glued together with environmentally friendly glue to reduce waste."

A hand holding a 6 pack of Carslburg beer that's held together with glue, rather than plastic rings.
reddit | Away_Acanthisitta_97

Wait, that's actually so cool! I bet it would be easier to break them apart than it would be if there were plastic rings. Plus, no plastic pollution!

"Never leave your lunch/dinner at work again!'

A set of car keys inside of a fridge that's full of different bags and containers.
reddit | fields344

Solid idea to remember to bring your food with you, though it'd probably be better for when you're going to work, not when you're going home. Because let's face it, a coworker probably stole your lunch.

"Cheap local airline here in Australia has USB ports and phone/tablet holders in every seat back."

A phone resting sideways on a tray on the back of a plane seat.
reddit | sadpartypodcast

Some flights might not come with in-flight entertainment, but that doesn't mean you can't entertain yourself. This seat actually lets you charge while you watch on your own device, which is neat!

"The inside of my kids’ toothpaste box is a coloring page."

An outline of a unicorn printed on the inside of a box that's been unfolded.
reddit | filmhamster

Okay, that's actually really cool! What do we always need? Toothpaste (yes, even kids). So, like, there's no reason not to put coloring pages on the inside of a toothpaste box.

"Holes used by manufacturers to tether different sized measuring cups together offer a convenient way to secure them in your dishwasher."

A measuring cup with a hole in the handle. The hole is hooked through one of the pegs in a dishwasher top rack.
reddit | coolpaul00

I can't believe that, after years of dealing with measuring cups flipping and getting full of dishwasher water, I never thought of this.

"Cardboard rings for this 6 pack instead of the plastic ones."

A 6 pack of beer that's held together with cardboard rings, rather than plastic.
reddit | thehow2dad

This is just as cool as the 6 pack that came stuck together with glue. Like, how has no one thought of totally awesome things like this sooner!?

"This cupcake pan/carrier we bought has a built in seat belt clip."

A cupcake container that's fastened into a car seat with the seatbelt going through a loop on the top of the container.
reddit | Derekg15

You know what I hate? When cupcakes get all squished or ruined inside of a container. But this kind of container... is genius. I bet they've saved hundreds of cupcakes at this point.

"Sun clock in Valencia, Spain."

A building with a mural on it that doubles as a functional sundial.
reddit | Warjilla

Okay, I'm actually kind of in love with this. It might not be as handy as a watch (or your phone), but it's still a really clever way to decorate a building, which I can't help but appreciate.

"Microwave came with optional braille cover."

A cover plate for a microwave that has braille over the different setting buttons.
reddit | -TUX-

That's so awesome! I always wonder why we don't see braille that often, especially since it helps a lot of people out. I think this is a sign that we need to add braille to even more things.

"I got a cardboard bread tag instead of a plastic one."

A recyclable cardboard bread tag.
reddit | colin_powers

I've seen these around before. This is actually pretty smart, since small pieces of plastic like bread clips can be pretty bad for the environment. Plus, it's not like they'd make bread bags worse or anything.