20 Weird Sights That Really Should Have A Good Story Behind Them

Ashley Hunte
A melted port-o-potty in a row of port-o-potties.
reddit | Wahhfff

There are honestly a lot of really weird things in the world. Like... a shocking amount of weird things, I'd say. Things that should have explanations, and yet don't.

I honestly wish I could tell you what's going on in the pictures in this list. But let's face it, that bit of mystery is also part of the fun.

"The dental office I'm temping at still uses old school paper files. haven't seen that in 10 years."

A large closet full of shelves that contain various files.
reddit | daredelvis421

That's... a lot of files. You'd think that in the year 2022, you wouldn't see something like this again. But I guess putting all those files into a computer program means time and money.

"The amount of caterpillars on my tire."

At last a dozen caterpillars on a car tire.
reddit | fauxofkaos

See, I couldn't tell you why there are so many caterpillars on that tire. I also couldn't tell you how to get them off. Like, without squishing them all underneath the tire.

"Came upon a stained glass window hanging in a forest in Belgium."

A forested area. Among a few trees rests a whole stained glass window.
reddit | ResonancePhotographr

This seems like such a random, vaguely creepy thing to find in the woods. Obviously it's a very pretty window. But I can't help but think it might be part of some cult thing.

"I took a picture of my gerbil and a rainbow formed in his cage making him multicoloured."

A gerbil inside of an open cage next to a strawberry. Light shining from out of frame makes the gerbil appear multicoloured.
reddit | meadilicious

Pretty, weird, and cool, all in one adorably tiny package. I'm sure the gerbil cares more about the strawberry than the lighting, though.

"Took a pic of a rabbit mid zoom. Ever seen a rabbit hop so fast they turn into a giant mouse?"

An out of focus image of a rabbit running through a garden.
reddit | Crazy_raptor

I mean, I've always known that rabbits are part of the rodent family. But it kind of didn't dawn on me until right now. Look at that big rat go!

"Fish TP distributor."

A toilet paper roll holder that's decorated with a fish sculpture.
reddit | Xander395

Imagine seeing that gaping maw every time you sit on the toilet. For most of us, it's definitely a head scratcher. But I also know for a fact there are people out there who would actually like to own this.

"This is how my cat sleeps."

A cat sleeping on a couch, with its face completely buried into the cushion.
reddit | CamelopardalisRex

I always wondered how cats could sleep like this and, like, breathe and stuff. Maybe they actually don't need oxygen. Maybe cats are actually creatures from another world who don't follow our earthly physics laws.

"Someone left some pants in the bathroom."

A pair of dark blue pants resting on top of the toilet paper holder in a public bathroom stall.
reddit | woodcirca87

Best case scenario, somebody got changed for a job/interview/date/anything else, and left their pants in the stall by accident. Worst case... well, I think a good rule of thumb is to not touch those things.

"Got a weird reverse-icicle on an ice cube, inside my frost free freezer."

An ice cube tray where one cube has a stalagmite of ice sticking out of it.
reddit | nerdsutra

I was going to say that the ice cube is weird, but I think the freezer itself is weirder. Like, no frost at all? Not even a little?

"This mug I found at an antique shop."

A mug that's in the shape of an old woman's head.
reddit | JesseLynx

I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed the scuffs in the shelf and thought they were blood at first. It's making it really tough to trust that old lady mug.

"Property I help maintain has a desk in a common area bathroom…?"

A spacious 2-piece bathroom with a desk and chair in it.
reddit | Firelink1290

At first, I thought it might be a vanity for people to apply makeup or something. But that honestly doesn't make sense. Nothing makes sense, in fact.

"Found this 5£ (about 7 dollars) 'walking stick' at an antique store."

Shelves in an antique store filled with various items. A stick next to the shelves is priced for 5 pound sterling.
reddit | Ferkkobun

It's... just a stick. A really old stick, probably, but still something you could easily find in any park or forest.

At least they aren't trying to charge hundreds of dollars for it or anything.

"T-Rex Easter Bunny Hood Decal."

A car that's completely bedazzled, complete with a T-rex hood ornament that's dressed like an Easter bunny.
reddit | Svrdhd

Somehow, the T-rex ornament isn't the weirdest part about this picture. Like, someone took the time out of their life to make the strangest car I've ever seen (which is actually saying something).

"Tissue Box."

A tissue box made to look like a gorilla face, with the tissues coming out of the nose.
reddit | yousifucv

I guess it's... fitting? Because you use tissues to clean your nose, and the gorilla's nose is... you know what? I think I'm done trying to make sense of this tissue box, because that seems like a fool's errand.

"'I'll take the pure speculation meat please.'"

A Chinese food restaurant menu with poorly translate menu items, including "Pure speculation meat," "the fish mother," and "pure belly clearance."
reddit | Takemeto-yourmother

Honestly, this menu is as confusing as it is hilarious. It looks like Google Translate went really, really wrong.

I can't decide which is my favorite between "pure belly clearance," and "the fish mother."

"My Dentist's Hygiene room."

A dentist cleaning room filled with taxidermized turkeys and a beaver.
reddit | Wizard0fWoz

The fact that there are a good half-dozen stuffed turkeys (and not the food kind) in there is bad enough. But what's with the single beaver on the shelf there? How is that the weirdest part of this picture?

The forbidden mayo room.

I can't get over the fact that this store closed down just to become a mayo storage place. Where did it all come from? Where's it going? Why is it in there in the first place?

"I found a melted outhouse."

A row of Port-o-Potties. One of them has completely melted down.
reddit | Wahhfff

I wish I had an explanation for why just one of those many outhouses melted, but I don't. Other than maybe some kids decided to light one on fire as a prank or something.

"These failed mashed potatoes turned a true hockey puck."

A completely solid, black disk of burnt food.
reddit | Trolodrol

You have to be really bad at cooking to make mashed potatoes look like a hockey puck. So bad, in fact, that you might actually be a genius. Just not the culinary kind.

"Whatever the hell this advertisement is meant to be."

An indescribably weird mascot at a Cha Time.
reddit | Maddybear167

This feels like something straight out of a nightmare. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be seeing this thing in my own nightmares tonight, so that's just great.

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