20 People Who Must Feel Singled Out By Life

Ashley Hunte
A tree branch that's been lodged through a car windshield.
reddit | NicholasStevenPhoto

Life truly isn't fair. Of course, sometimes you feel like you have it worse than others, but I think it's safe to say we've all had our share of misfortunes.

The pics in this list show people who've been dealt some pretty crappy hands. On the plus side, this hopefully means they're just about due for some good luck.

"When a tire shop over torques your wheel studs and you lose a wheel on the freeway at 70mph."

A car that's completely missing its front tire on the driver's side.
reddit | Phlip037

I'm not gonna lie, I have no idea what that means. But it doesn't look fun, or safe. Hopefully no one got hurt.

"Girlfriend told me the hot water isn’t working so I went to the basement to investigate."

A completely flooded room that has various containers and tools strewn about.
reddit | LargeThighMeat

If there's one thing you never want to see in your basement, it's flood water (and pests, I guess). Just looking at this pic is stressing me out.

"I was so tired last night."

A charging plug that's wedged in between two cover plates for separate outlets.
reddit | AdorimeJacklove

I can safely say that this will happen to most of us at least once. Whether you completely miss the outlet, or you forgot to plug the cable into it, you're bound to wake up to a dead phone someday.

"As you can see, I'm having a *wonderful* day."

A hand holding onto a broken house key. The other part of it is stuck in a lock that's visible from behind the hand.
reddit | zebrasanddogs

I guess this is why locksmiths are still a thing. Like, it's pretty hard to get that broken key bit out yourself. Not impossible, but definitely not worth the effort.

"I feel like I made a mistake when I said, 'I’m not worried about a few dents as long as the hail doesn’t bust out my windshield.'"

Several cracks and holes in a car windshield.
reddit | squall862

I guess that's why they say, "be careful what you wish for." Stupid hail.

"Mom spilled water on my art while watering her plants. I stayed up all night working on this."

A partially penned pencil drawing of a witch girl and a rabbit. A drop of water has smudged the pen ink across the page.
reddit | Mighty_Meatball

The worst part about this is that the picture was actually really nice. And I'm sure OP's mom didn't mean to mess it up.

"Went to eat my Uber eats delivery from DQ in Bellingham, Washington and there’s a bite out of it…"

A fast food burger with a single bite taken out of it.
reddit | whatsqwerty

I think this is one of the rare cases when demanding to talk to a manager is actually warranted, because that's just nasty.

"I squeezed the tomato puree so hard it exploded out the other end."

Tomato paste that has splattered all over the side of a fridge and a kitchen wall/ceiling.
reddit | BeeElEm

Things like this really suck because not only do you have a huge mess to clean up, but you've also wasted so much tomato paste! Sure, that stuff isn't expensive, but it's still a hassle to go and get more.

"I was wondering what that smell was..."

The bottom of a pan. A price tag is stuck to the surface, burnt from use.
reddit | Yoromeoo

To be honest, that's a pretty terrible place to stick a barcode sticker. Though, if it were me, I'd be washing that pan after buying it, which is also a good way to check for random stickers on the bottom.

"Today while renovating, we found out, my partners, antique, family heirloom mirror. The one that's been on the wall for 20 years, is just plastic and made in Hong Kong."

The back of a mirror that, despite being made of plastic, is fashioned to look fancy and expensive.
reddit | mantelleeeee

Don't you just hate it when the priceless heirloom in your family home turns out to be nothing but a plastic knockoff?

"Guess this really takes the cake."

A circular sheet of cake resting on a wire rack, with a hole in the middle. The rest of the cake is still stuck to the bottom of the pan.
reddit | onehappyisland17

I'd say that this is why you grease the bottom, but that cake pan actually looks greased. I guess the cake decided it didn't want to be cooperative that day, which really and truly sucks.

"Well this thing decided to be in my bed at 2 in the morning..."

A wasp resting inside of a plastic CD containter.
reddit | The_Great_Rush_

I've found a spider in my bed before (and it was the worst day in my life), but I think it's safe to say that this is much worse. Where did it even come from?

"My car just broke down for the 3rd time this month…"

The dashboard of a car that shows it's in park, along with the hazard lights on.
reddit | ral365

If only we could live perfect lives with cars that never break down. Unfortunately, that can never be the case. Cars are a lot like people. Sometimes they just don't want to do anything.

"Walked 10 minutes under the beautiful California sun to my favorite boba place, just to find out that they are out of boba."

A label on a cup that reads "brown sugar milk tea w. Boba. No boba."
reddit | Legal_Interaction498

The tapioca is the best part of boba (bubble tea). It would've been nice for them to say they were out beforehand.

"Got home to find my coffee maker was still on."

The bottom of a coffee maker that has burnt coffee stuck to it.
reddit | LastNativeNH

Freshly-brewed coffee is probably one of the best smells in the world. Burnt coffee? Not so much. I don't know what'd be worse, the smell, or the amount of effort it'll take to clean the pot.

"Chipmunk has been stealing my dog's food and storing it in my car."

Dog kibble that's been stored under a car hood.
reddit | Bodigglerz

That's a double whammy right there. Stolen dog food, and a car that won't work because it's full of stolen dog food. The universe must've been in a real bad mood.

"Glad I didn’t decide to sit in my car this morning and defrost it."

The inside of a car's front seats. A tree branch has lodged itself into the windshield, causing glass to fall all over the seats.
reddit | NicholasStevenPhoto

Yeah, OP is pretty lucky that they weren't inside the car when it happened. But they're still pretty unlucky, since it happened in the first place.

"This happened in less than 24 hrs. No trees or power lines around, just why?"

The passenger side door of a black car that's covered in mass amounts of bird poop.
reddit | altus167

For whatever reason, a bunch of birds (or maybe one or two absurdly huge birds with a grudge) decided to use this car as a toilet. I can't tell if it's extremely good luck, or just plain bad luck.

"Swallowed by the gates of hell."

A car that's partially sunken in a flooded street.
reddit | QuteFx

Wow, new fear unlocked. Now we have to be worried about random holes in the street opening up and swallowing our cars? Maybe it's a sign we should stay home and not leave our houses.

"The same day I get the move in date for my condo that's been delayed 4 years, a pipe burst and flooded for 3 days. Now it's delayed INDEFINITELY."

Mass amounts of water/ice pouring from balconies in a building.
reddit | infiltrator_seven

I don't even know what to say to this. The building must be cursed or something.

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