20 Incidents To Shake A Fist At

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
An Amazon box that just fits in the mailbox.
reddit | SalemWitchWhoTrialed

Sometimes, we encounter a situation that's simply too annoying, and we're just so tired, we can't even muster up the energy to be properly mad about it. All we can do is raise our fists and shake them in a general gesture of anger against the world, promising to one day enact our revenge.

This list is full of those moments, ones that'd leave us tapping into our inner old-man-yells-at-cloud energies and raise our fists to the sky for a shaking.

"I've had these for 2 years. I just realized they're both '1 cup'. How many recipes have I done wrong?"

Two measuring cups that both say 1 cup but they're different sizes.
reddit | Flamingo_Just

In the cups' defense, you've been using them for two years and didn't notice your recipes being off at all, so either you've been really lucky or it doesn't matter much at all! Proof that 'baking' and 'cooking' are junk sciences!

"Tired of your pizza slices being too small? Well, Domino's has just the solution! Introducing Mono-slice!"

A whole pizza with no slices.
reddit | More-Guess-1630

This is the next step in commercial pizza innovation right here. It allows total slice customization freedom for the customer, putting them in control of their pizza destiny.

Time after time.

Someone holding a wire that's been chewed through.
reddit | Galaxyartcat

"My mom's asshole of a cat chewed through my headphones for school. [Bought] a new pair and she chewed through those within a day. Mom is probably gonna blame it on me but I'm pissed."

Is she going to think you chewed through them yourself or what? Also, what is this cat's beef with you?

"The carpet tiles in my apartment's gym should form a pattern, but instead they're just placed randomly."

A tiled floor that's supposed to have a pattern, but is just scattered randomly.
reddit | tofu-cutie

In a way it almost, almost looks deliberate, like it's supposed to be some sort of abstract pattern, but you can still barely tell that they're meant to connect somehow and it ruins the entire illusion.

"Apparently people find my Dr Pepper Decor infuriating."

Someone's living room just filled with Dr. Pepper cans.
reddit | DeviantDahlia

Yeah. Straight up, yeah, I do. Your cats seem to also. One's looking at you trying to express how ridiculous they think it is, the other is glaring at that center stack with such disdain. If you won't listen to your peers, listen to your cats.

"This restaurant’s hours of operation."

An hours sigh that says the place is open from 7:58 to 17:02.
reddit | seanbnyc

I would love to sit down with the manager who decided this and pick their brain apart a little bit. Are they trying to be unique? Do they just think it's funny? Is there a secret, tactical reason that these hours work best that only they know of, some ancient business knowledge?

"I collect carts at Walmart. Please stop being lazy and return your cart to where it belongs."

A collection of abandoned Walmart carts.
reddit | onnect-Salamander88

People have expressed that watching what someone does with their shopping cart is a good indication of their character. It doesn't affect them in any way whether they leave it or put it back, but it does affect at least one person, the one who collects them. Will they go out of their way to make that person's job easier? Or choose to be lazy and make it harder?

"[People] who use the cul-de-sac as their driveway instead of their actual driveway…"

Three cars not parked in the driveway, but perpendicularly in the street.
reddit | loneewolffbluee

Wait, is this a real phenomenon? Why? Your driveway is literally right there and you're blocking the road now. Do some people really not want to drive the extra 10 feet forward or is there something else to it?

"I pay $410/month HOA and my grass looks like this."

A messy, unkempt lawn.
reddit | timmyboi

Today is the day I learned that HOAs aren't always just annoying governing bodies that stop your house from looking cool, sometimes they actually take care of things for you. Well, not in this person's case, but sometimes!

"My favorite kitchen knife decided it was done crushing garlic."

A broken knife next to chopped garlic and green onions.
reddit | RoRoRoYourGoat

I mean, chopping garlic is annoying, if I had a way to snap in half so I wouldn't have to do it again, I would. That would be painful though, which is something this knife didn't have to worry about when it jumped ship.

Punishing payment.

Rips in a leather carseat.
reddit | Alterra

"Had to pick up my [brothers] from school because my parents couldn't make it and they obliterated my leather seats. My parents are refusing to do anything about it."

Hold this grudge deep in your heart until your brothers grow older and get cars of their own. Ask for a ride one day, feigning pride. Do unto them what they did unto you.

"This ad for [a] waffle maker that appeared on my Instagram feed. Where did the bunny mold come from?"

An add for a waffle maker that makes a rabbit print, despite the waffle maker not having a rabbit print.
reddit | Lifetimemovieclips

The bunny came from the pure magic of Easter, obviously. Believe hard enough, and that waffle press can make anything appear, which is why at Christmas we have present-shaped waffles.

"[Took] me 10 minutes to get the box out of that mailbox."

An Amazon box that just fits in the mailbox.
reddit | SalemWitchWhoTrialed

Sometimes people get too caught up in their own satisfying moments that they forget that someone else is going to have to deal with it later. I bet that delivery person was proud of this fit, forgetting the package would need to be removed.

"Cat knocked over the laundry soap."

A washing machine that's covered in spilled detergent.
reddit | boneitispatient

Did you cat full-force bodyslam into the side of it? Bottles of detergent like that are super heavy, and cats don't have that kind of strength, I don't think. Mine sure doesn't. Should she be hitting the gym more?

"I ordered few small things from Target, 2 are here, 3 more to go!"

Two water flavoring bottles in two separate boxes.
reddit | chifalya

Target really is about providing first-class, comfortable experiences, full of peak comfort and privacy so all your worries can melt away. Oh, not for customers, for their products! Look at how lush those plastic bubbles are!

"This sign at the RV park I’m staying at... sheesh."

A sign that says tenants and visitors with tattoos, body art, or piercings are not allowed.
reddit | AccomplishedLight730

Jeez, this feels a little extreme. As someone with a piercing smack-dab in the middle of my face, what am I meant to do? Wear a paper bag over my head at all times? The easier answer would be not to go, but now I want to out of spite.

"Chipmunk has been stealing my dog's food and storing it in my car."

A car part full of stashed dog food.
reddit | Bodigglerz

Sorry for your car and your dog, but this is one impressive haul on the chipmunk's part! He was going to feast like a king when the time came, but alas, his stash was discovered and ejected from his most brilliant hiding spot.

"How my husband wrote the date that he opened this orange juice."

An orange juice bottle with the word "today" written on it.
reddit | Sleepless_in_MA

I hope that tomorrow, he'll wipe this off and write "yesterday"? Not that it's a good system, but it perpetually saying 'today' is going to lead to some health issues later when someone takes a swig of expired orange juice.

"[Trying] to park in Los Angeles."

A single post with three different complicated parking restriction signs on it.
reddit | bukowski_knew

I wouldn't even try to read this unless I was that desperate. Too many rules, I'm being set up to fail, and I'm not keen on returning to my car to see a ticket, or worse, a boot.

"Only those who walk their dogs will understand."

Someone walking a dog who's wrapped itself around a tree with its leash.
reddit | WH0SEMANS

And only dogs will know the level of blissful ignorance featured in this moment.

I'm not blaming them, they don't get the concept of tangled, but come on, anything to stop it from happening 50 times a walk!