20 People Who Should Probably Pay Attention To The Red Flags In Their Relationships

Ashley Hunte
A pizza that's partially folded, with bite marks in the middle.
reddit | alarik98

Relationships have their ups and downs. The great parts are always, well, great! But the not-so-great parts might end up leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

When it comes to these people's relationships, I'm half tempted to tell them to run. Their partners seem to have some very... questionable tastes and habits, let's put it that way.

"The way my GF left this avocado."

An avocado in which part of the skin has been cut away, exposing the pit and mushed-up insides.
reddit | thirsty_beaver

This is... kind of terrifying. Like, how do you just leave a whole avocado looking like that? I almost feel like this could be grounds for divorce. Almost, but not quite. Maybe bring it to a divorce court judge's attention at least.

"The amount of 'not empty yet' bottles of soap my gf has in the shower."

Several bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel that all have a small amount of content left in the bottom.
reddit | Savedaniel6

Look, I'm all for using every last bit of conditioner or shower gel. But you should probably use it before you open a new bottle. Or else you just end up with clutter that annoys your partner.

"How my BF hung the clock.'

A clock that hangs slightly over the edge of a wall/bulkhead.
reddit | Imcovidlength

I'm sure for some people, that inch or two of overhang wouldn't be a concern at all. But for others (like me), this would just bug you all day. How can anyone hang a clock so... wrong?

"My fiancé refuses to finish a bottle of Coke before opening another."

Four different Coca Cola bottles of various size and liquid levels.
reddit | mthom234

This seems like such a colossal waste of Coke. Like, at least if you leave shower gel for a few weeks, it's gonna be fine. But Coke? Those opened bottles are probably already flat.

"My bf carried the cupcakes sideways in the bag…"

A plastic container filled with cupcakes that have been moved around, causing their icing to smudge on the plastic.
reddit | Whisperberry

Any person who doesn't treat a container full of cupcakes (or any dessert item, for that matter) with the utmost care and respect, is probably evil. Like, at least a little evil.

"Spouse likes to live dangerously."

A dryer lint trap that's covered in different layers of lint, caused by no one cleaning it.
reddit | steadvii

See, most of the things in this list are annoying, but ultimately harmless. This, on the other hand, is actually dangerous. Don't use a dryer if you aren't going to clean out the lint screen after every load.

"My partner has a perfectly cromulent method for opening crisps."

A bag of chips that has a tear along one side, going from the top of the bag to the bottom.
reddit | Whoatemydelitray

Oh yeah, cromulent indeed. If cromulent actually means terrible (it doesn't). You can't even close the bag like that. All the chips are going to go stale, and maybe attract some bugs.

"My gf eats the rough edges in the popcorn then puts it back in the bowl, covered in spit."

A white bowl full of partially chewed popcorn kernels.
reddit | GustavoDutraC

Yeah, that's just plain gross. This is one person you can never share popcorn with, unless you like eating someone's leftovers.

"Went to the bathroom. Came back to find that my GF had taken a bite out of my burrito."

A restaurant table with a burrito on it. The burrito has a single bite out of the side.
reddit | AGreenProducer

As someone who gets possessive over food, I feel this to my core. Can't even leave your burrito alone for a second.

"Spouse opens all food items this way."

A tub of some kind of powdered cheese that still has the film on the top, only it's ripped open on one side.
reddit | Howarufus

I swear, some people really just want to watch the world burn. There's no reason not to just pull the full film off, unless you're some kind of supervillain. I'd be careful about this one.

"Please tell the court why you murdered your spouse..."

A large carton containing 18 eggs. Some of the eggs (in random spots) are already cracked and used.
reddit | tomnevermind

People who just stick their used eggshells back in the carton may be my least favorite people in the world. It's not like it takes that much time to stick 'em in the garbage or compost!

"I made brownies. My fiancé wanted to irritate me."

A pan of brownies. The leftmost edge has been cut away, as has an indent in the middle of the remaining sheet.
reddit | KelseyMew173

For whatever reason, people who cut directly into the middle of a cake, brownies, pizza, or any other food that you have to slice, kind of scare me. Like, what secrets are they hiding?

"My bf borrowed a 'pair' of my ear plugs."

A container filled with pairs of ear plugs in different colours. One orange and one blue earplug have been removed, away from their corresponding matches.
reddit | crocomelon

I mean, if somebody borrowed earplugs from me, I probably wouldn't be asking for them back. Even if they totally ruined the color coordination that the set had going for it.

"I bought a spoon with a built in rest that keeps the end up because my bf always makes a mess with them. This is how he's left it."

A kitchen stovetop. Along the side of the stovetop rests a spoon, which is facing upside down, showing the tab it's supposed to be resting on.
reddit | flanface87

I guess he just can't be in the kitchen without making a mess. Sigh...

"How my partner uses toothpaste…"

A tube of toothpaste with the cap opened. The end of the tube is completely messed up with toothpaste.
reddit | BenWallace04

If you're going to be sharing toothpaste, the very least you could do is make sure it's at least a little clean. No one likes opening the tube to find someone else's crusty toothpaste mess.

"How my spouse and my MIL 'open' the bag of cereal."

A person holding up a bag from a cereal box. The bag is ripped along the top of the side, rather than opened properly.
reddit | ThreeEyes200

I can already see it. All the cereal that's pooled along the bottom of the box because of the way the bag was opened. It's probably all gross and stale, too.

"The way my spouse replaces the toilet paper roll."

A toilet paper roll holder. It's holding an empty roll, while a full roll of toilet paper rests on top of that empty roll.
reddit | LifeOfTired

I'm realizing that most of this list is just normal things people are too lazy to do. Like, how hard is it to take the old roll out and put the new one in? Not hard, actually.

"The way that my GF eats a pizza..."

A pizza that's partially folded. Along the fold, bite marks are visible.
reddit | alarik98

Okay, I get it. Some people don't like pizza crust (which is just bonkers, because that's the best part!). But there's a better way to eat around the crust than... whatever monstrous method this is.

"After 10 years of asking my wife politely to not wash my good chef knives in the dishwasher."

A knife stuck along the side of the top rack of a full dishwasher.
reddit | space_beatle

That's... so sad. You'd think after the first few years, that it'd stick. But I guess some people truly don't care that chef's knives should be washed by hand.

"How my husband wrote the date that he opened this orange juice."

A bottle of orange juice. Along the side, the word "today" is written in marker.
reddit | Sleepless_in_MA

Good logic, except for one thing. It's literally always today. There's know way to know which today is the today that the juice was opened. Hopefully he'll drink it quick enough that it won't matter.