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20 Funny Tweets That Are Just Straight-Up Telling The Truth

Twitter is an absolute comedy goldmine. Every single day, you'll see new tweets that are going viral, just because of how funny they happen to be.

But these hilarious tweets always have a bit of truth to them. Maybe that's what makes them so funny, the fact that we can relate to them and all. And of course, the ones in this list are no different.

You honestly never know...

I like to think that we've all met (or been in the same room as) Tony Hawk at least once in our lives, even if we didn't know it. You honestly never know when that man's gonna pop up.

It's really the only answer.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can pay your bills and get you into a nice, warm house, maybe even a taco or two. So, like, good enough.

No one person is more confident than a dog.

The funniest thing about this is that it's not only true, but dogs will absolutely think this way and try to trick you into letting them back outside. They try their best.

It's like they all disappeared at once.

2021 definitely feels like a year marked by the NFT obsession. 2022... not so much. At least not so far. It's been literal months since the last time I saw a celebrity boast about their new NFT venture.

If you know, you know.

I may or may not still have my pink Nintendo DS. I may or may not be staring at it right this minute.

Whether yours was pink or not, I guarantee it has a broken set of hinges.

Thanks for the reminder.

I find it so funny that no one has a coffee machine that heats the coffee up enough. The amount of times I've left a mug full of coffee in the microwave is... more than one, let's just say that.

The beginning of the end...

I may not be a parent, but even I know that once a kid learns to ask "why," it's all downhill. You can no longer simply exist, everything is going to be "why" this and "why" that.

Old man yells at cloud, except the old man is everyone online.

Yeah, that about sums up what it's like to be on Twitter. People have opinions and hate fun. But it's the sacrifice we must make to see all the funny stuff.

It goes a bit like ???

"???" may not be a thing you can actually say, but it's definitely a thing you can feel. And let's be honest, we all feel pretty ??? at least a few times during the day.

Me trying to avoid my problems:

I feel like this cat is all of us trying to get out of doing something we don't want to do at work. Hiding, but not doing a very good job of it.

Go big (dog) or go home.

Honestly? Same. I can't think of a better way to go than being jumped on by a dog. Because at least the last thing you ever see is the excited face of a dog who's happy to see you.

If you know, you really know.

If there's one constant thing in this world, it's Shen Yun ads. Those things are literally everywhere. I feel like it needs to be the new thing we use to gauge realism in movies.

Look, I just want cat pics.

My favorite Twitter posts are the ones where someone says "send me a pic of your cat," and then people send pics of their cats in the replies. Sometimes there are dogs in there, too. It's pure heaven.

Don't worry, it'll blow over.

The problem with being dramatic is that you're going to realize after a few minutes/hours/days that you were definitely being a little over the top. It's a vicious cycle, and one that's way too relatable.

"It's amazing, and it also gets stuck in your head."

I don't think I've ever seen an album review that didn't go along those lines. Even if the album got a 7/10 or something. I guess that's just how music journalism goes.

Pets always know what to bring you.

I mean, your cat bringing you a sponge for no reason is way better than your cat deciding that a grocery bag is something he wants to play with. And by play, I mean destroy all over the carpet.

If you've ever been around your grandma, you get it.

I think grandparents in general just like to spoil their grandkids. They're really always giving you money but acting like it's some big secret you can never tell your parents.

I mean, he isn't even made out of iron.

We could be asking why Iron Man is called Iron Man all day, and never get to a real answer. Still, this pun is probably the best one I've seen all day.

It really do be like that sometimes.

Working in retail (or at a grocery store) is bound to destroy your soul a little. So yeah, that's a totally normal response for anyone who gets asked a question while on the floor.

I, too, want that life.

I'm not going to name any names, because I'm sure you can pick a few actors and fill in the blanks. But man, I almost wish I had their lives. You never even hear about them in the news or anything!