20 Neighbors Who Might As Well Have Declared War

Ashley Hunte
A drywall board floating in an algae-filled pond.
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You can't be friends with all of your neighbors, but for the most part, you can expect to get along with them. Unless they're anything like these people here, who seem to be pretty insufferable.

This kind of action almost warrants retaliation. I'm not saying these people need to start a war with their neighbors, but it probably wouldn't hurt.

"So my neighbors plowed through my apartment wall this evening."

A car that's driven through a post and into an exterior brick wall at night.
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It looks like the neighbor (and OP) ended up being okay at least. But still, this is a pretty big screw-up. Some people could benefit from being more careful behind the wheel.

"Didn't get to sleep until late. Neighbors decided 7:45AM was the perfect time to have roof work done. Guess I'm going to work on three and a half hours."

Partial view from a window showing people on the roof of the next house over.
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I hate the fact that people, like... wake up... and do things before 9am. There should be laws that prevent people from making a lot of noise this early.

"My neighbor won't clean up after his dog and lets him [expletive] all over our backyard even though we repeatedly asked them to stop."

A snowy lawn filled with paw prints and dozens of piles of dog poop.
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See, one or two piles of dog poop is bad. This is just horrendous.

Unsurprisingly, the comment section under this post suggested throwing the poop on the neighbor's roof as revenge.

"Came home after 13+ hours of work to see my... neighbor park like this in the last 2 remaining spots."

A car parked in two spots in a parking lot.
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I bet this neighbor got out and looked at how they were parked, shrugged, and then went home to relax. The nerve. The audacity.

"My neighbor hates his driveway and instead parks in front of our yard."

A picture that shows an SUV parked in front of a yard, versus the driveway that belongs to that driver.
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I'm not against people parking on the street in front of my house, but if a neighbor constantly did this when they had so much unused space in their driveway, I'd probably go crazy.

"My neighbor has been giving me repeated note to cut down my trees, these are my trees…"

A letter showing that people signed a petition for their neighbor to get rid of the poplar trees on their property.
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Wow, them's fighting words. You can hate the trees on your neighbor's lawn all you want, but you literally can't force them to cut them down (you can suggest it if the tree is at risk of falling, though).

"My neighbour's son was hiding from them so he could sneak a smoke, he put his bud out on a paper bark tree and set the tree and my back yard on fire."

Two images of a backyard that show scorch marks all over the ground.
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You'd think this was some careless teen who did this, but according to OP, their neighbor's son is at least 40. Let that sink in.

"Upstairs neighbour had plumbing issues which cause my sink to be full of black water so called maintenance guy to help."

Black sewage sludge sprayed all over the walls and counters in an apartment kitchen.
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"Came out of my bedroom to find the neighbour's poop soup blasted on the wall."

Sure, this isn't actually the neighbor's fault. But I'd never be able to look at them the same way again.

"One of my neighbors peeled the sticker off of my car."

Residue from a sticker that was once on the back of a car.
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Okay, but why? What was the point of doing this, other than to annoy your neighbor? This is a level of petty only really mean people stoop to.

"The new neighbors just cut down 5 beautiful oak trees that used to give us to much shade. The new view kinda sucks…"

A backyard. Other houses are visible over the fence line.
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The problem with neighbors is that they get rid of the trees you want them to keep, and keep the ones you want them to get rid of. That's always how it works.

"Neighbours poisoned my vine and planted a new, invasive one. It has destroyed the back of my house."

A backyard fence and basketball net that are covered in vines.
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Yeah... stuff like this really makes me think about moving out to the middle of nowhere and starting a life as a hermit. Anything to get away from bad neighbors.

"Neighbours decided my front yard was a good place for their snow."

A pile of snow at the edge of a front lawn.
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The fact that the snow pile isn't on the side of the lawn, but right in the middle, is really bothering me right now. I bet the neighbor didn't even bother to offer shoveling OP's driveway for them.

"Parking neighbour doesn’t pull into his spot all the way, making it difficult to back out (I’m the black Mazda)."

An SUV that's parked slightly too far back in a garage parking spot, making it impossible for the adjacent car to back out.
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See, I'm half tempted to say just pull out anyway and don't care about scratching the car. But insurance would probably have a very different take on the matter.

"Neighbor's kid decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look 'cute.'

Scratches on the side of a car, made by a rock or other sharp object.
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And you just know the kid's parents aren't going to offer to cover the costs of repairs because their kid "didn't know better." Even though the parents definitely do know better.

"A-Hole neighbors don’t close trash chute outside my door."

A door to an apartment trash chute that's open, directly next to a unit door.
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Living by your apartment's trash chute is cool because you don't have to travel that far to throw your garbage out. It's bad because a lot of your neighbors suck and do stuff like this.

Or, they're doing stuff like this.

A pile of garbage and recycling bags directly in front of a trash chute.
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Like, how hard can it be to open the chute and stick your trash in? Why ruin it for everyone else on your floor?

I'm slowly losing my faith in humanity right now.

"My neighbours had a party last night. That’s my trampoline."

A trampoline stuck in a large tree.
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Don't you just love it when your neighbors throw a rager and decide to chuck your trampoline in a tree? Can't say it's ever happened to me, but I'd definitely be plotting my revenge if it did.

"Yesterday our neighbor's 80' locust tree gave us some live edge sky lights, a great view of the stars, and that Rainforest Café atmosphere that our living room had just always been missing."

The ceiling in a house. A tree has fallen through, creating a large hole in the roof.
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"No injuries, dogs pissed the bed, life goes on..."

Well, at least they had a sense of humor about it. Still, I'd be pretty angry at my neighbors (even if this isn't directly their fault).

"My neighbors keep dumping all their construction trash in the creek between our yards, which is home to a bunch of wildlife."

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According to the comment section, this is something OP could call the police about. It's not on OP's property, and if it isn't the neighbors', it's considered illegal dumping. The more you know.

"My neighbor has indeed a bright light."

A building with a bright light pointing toward the window through with the picture was taken. A caption on the picture explains that this is on every night and they don't have blinds.
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I'd say that it's time to get some blinds (which it probably is), but that might not even solve the problem. Unless you can find some pretty good blackout curtains (which are expensive), then you're going to get light shining in. Which just sucks.