20 Problems That Will Need More Than Duct Tape To Solve

Car carrier on fire
reddit | OKDanemama

Lots of stuff can be fixed with simple equipment and some YouTube research. Usually it's a matter of breaking out your WD-40, duct tape, or maybe a screwdriver or a hammer. Other things, though, are more complicated.

Everything here can be fixed. Everything here can be redone. It just isn't going to be easy.

"These are stairs…"

Seemingly flat floor hiding stairs
reddit | A-weema-weh

I've been looking at this photo for awhile and still can't find the stairs. Best practice advice is probably to stay out of this room altogether, unless you have some pretty super insurance coverage, or iron-clad ankles.

"When life gives you lemons, you make lemon bars and then drop them on the kitchen floor."

Lemon bars dropped on floor
reddit | Homesicktexan21

At some point in everyone's life, they'll drop a delicious dish they've worked hard on. It's never salvageable, either.

"This porch board my mom got for the front door."

Welcome sign, with 'O' replaced by Florida silhouette
reddit | RatMan05

I get that this sign wants to convey state pride, but there's nothing that looks less like the letter O than an outline of Florida.

"Found out I’m allergic to old spice."

Red, inflamed armpit, allergic to deodorant
reddit | Mr_Lunt_

That's a no-doubter, for sure. And the fun thing here is that this person might just be allergic to all deodorants, which would be an awkward situation indeed.

"Apologies for the blurry photo as it was through my car windshield but my apartment burned down tonight."

A burning apartment building
reddit | grabdatgram

If you live in an apartment building just consider the fact that there are dozens or hundreds of people sharing the same space who might just burn the building down.

"My boating course final exam's question."

Boating test with confusing N/S/E/W directions
reddit | A_LEiKer_of_mudkipz

This seems almost like it's a psychological test more than a boating test. Is any answer actually right? Or am I just not cut out for the nautical life?

"Local artist posted this and quickly realized his mistake."

Tattoo with typo
reddit | BeardedBrutus

I love tattoo typos. It's not like they aren't fixable, it's just that they're extremely difficult, painful and expensive to fix. Maybe no one will notice, not even the childern.

"If you think you're having a bad day, spare a thought for this poor old driver in Shoreditch."

Car crashed into storefront
reddit | alibanana

I always wonder how collisions like this happen, since it isn't like the car is parallel to the street it came from or anything.

"They took 'open space' a little too far on this one."

Open concept living space has washroom with no walls or door
reddit | souumamerda

If you lived alone and never had visitors, this might not be too bad. For the rest of us, it's an example of awful design. Even a room divider could only do so much here.

"A Ferrari that just ran 2miles out of showroom. Proof that money can't buy talent!"

Ferrari that crashed immediately after leaving showroom
reddit | Dr_haribaskar

I'm a pretty capable driver, but I'm convinced that this would happen if I ever got behind the wheel of something with more pep than my trusty Honda Civic.

"This annoys me every time I come here. What is it even supposed to say?"

Restaurant with nonsensical words on wall
reddit | summai807

I like how this sign starts off nonsensically, then gets worse, then kind of disappears behind the cabinet. It's like it's rambling and just started trailing off.

"It pays to take notice of traffic signs."

Jet damaged by road sign
reddit | rclonecopymove

Hot tip: if you ever find yourself piloting a jet, try not to hit anything on the runway. The repair bills for those things must come with a terrifying number of zeroes.

"This chess set with nondescript pieces all in the same color."

Chess set where both sides and all pieces are the same
reddit | bunnyherders

I get that some chess sets are meant to be decorative more than functional, but this doesn't look good as a decoration or as an actual game.

"Delivery robot tries to walk across undried cement."

Delivery robot stuck in wet cement
reddit | Jasaj4

Maybe this robot's next firmware update will teach it to recognize the perils of wet cement. It's that or outfit it with some wet cement-proof wheels, whatever those would be.

"The elevator arrows at my uni point in the same direction."

Both elevator arrows point up
reddit | phousey_lovva29

This is great if you're going up. If you're going down? Well, you're probably going up, regardless of your wishes.

"Person ran a red light and hit a SWAT vehicle towing a helicopter."

Collision between car and SWAT vehicle towing a helicopter
reddit | drbizcuits

It's one thing to T-bone a random vehicle, it's quite another to T-bone a SWAT vehicle and a helicopter.

"Power button and a power off button. Red one turns it on, but won't turn it off, need to press the power off button. Samsung TV."

TV remote with both a power button and a power off button
reddit | hanutanhatt

TV remotes should be able to control our whole homes, and yet they're confusing and messy, full of buttons, even though we only use four of them. And it's not like this is new technology!

"My wife said she had something crazy to show me after we ate lunch."

Laundry machine with a smashed up window
reddit | bigandy1105

It's always fun when your appliances spontaneously self-destruct even though you did nothing to deserve their wrath. Guess they'll be using the laundromat for a while!

"This boat hit something."

Heavily damaged boat propellor
reddit | CorbenM

And not something small, either. Something large and hard. The bad news is that the propeller is badly damaged. The good news is that the boat didn't sink. So they have that going for them, which is nice.

"Today on I-40 in Oklahoma."

Car carrier on fire
reddit | OKDanemama

If you do some back-of-the-envelope math on how many cars are on this trailer, you can see that this is a more expensive fire than most.