20 Pics That Have A Story To Share

Knives damaged after cutting bananas
reddit | suchcows

A picture might convey a thousand words, but sometimes it needs a few words of context in order to properly appreciate it, just because there's something going on behind the scenes that really informs everything.

The pics here run the gamut from ordinary to profound, but one thing they all have in common is that each one has a back story.

"Security camera inside the car wash is equipped with a squeegee wiper."

Security camera inside carwash has squeegee wiper
reddit | BayYawnSay

This makes perfect sense, of course, but I just can't get over how adorable that little squeegee is. It doesn't have to be big to do the job for that little window though.

"I can finally stand with no hands."

Man standing up from his wheelchair
reddit | micraclman31

If he looks triumphant, that's because he has every right to. It's impossible for most of us to imagine achieving something like this.

"My wife receiving an anonymous donor's bone marrow that can potentially save her life."

Woman preparing for bone marrow transplant
reddit | never-sleeps

Medical science hasn't gotten to the point of giving us bionic limbs, but it is capable of some pretty impressive stuff. Just consider how complex it is to take bone marrow from one person and put it in another person.

"My 14-year-old son who is embarrassed by absolutely everything I do loves to take our cat out for walks in his little cat bag. He got tall and cool and popular but he still takes his little bud out in a cat purse."

Teenager taking cat for a walk
reddit | Shangelatheblessed

When I was 14, I was too concerned with looking cool in the eyes of people I didn't need to care so much about. I wish I'd had this kid's vibes.

"We just delivered $9,000 in children's food in Ukraine."

Van full of food to be delivered to Ukraine
reddit | Feylin

Looks like there are some other baby products in there as well. So, sure, you've felt satisfied before, but have you ever felt just-delivered-$9,000-of-food-to-Ukrainians satisfied? Because that has to be one fantastic feeling.

"I hastily chose the wrong bottle of the fridge and just covered my smoked salmon with caramel instead of dill dressing...."

Smoked salmon covered with caramel
reddit | Abty

This is either a mishap or an opportunity. Personally, I'd be willing to try the caramel salmon.

"Sofa made it from California to London, only to get stuck in the entryway."

Sofa stuck in an entryway
reddit | mistapapageorgio

Most pieces of furniture can only dream of going on an epic transatlantic journey, but in the end this couch wound up like so many other couches. Have to assume they've tried pivoting all they can, too.

"After 16 years of bullying and harassment, I got my GED, and I am getting a job."

Woman holding her GED
reddit | _forget

When you leave high school with unfinished business, it's tough to gather the motivation to get your GED. Props to this poster for what she's done.

"I don't have anyone to celebrate with but I lost 50+lbs in the last year!"

Before and after photos showing weight loss
reddit | thwackity

Seeing these before-and-after pics of a weight loss journey are a powerful reminder that better health is possible.

"Airbag randomly deployed two minutes after I'd parked my car."

Deployed car airbag
reddit | Jizzason

I always thought of airbags as things that would save me in an emergency, not ticking time bombs that could just deploy at any old time.

"I sold my oil painting yesterday and I’m just over the moon! I’m going to miss her, but so happy she found a home!"

Woman holding her oil painting
reddit | tinytinatuna2

First off, that's an incredible painting. It looks like it should be hanging in a gallery. Second, it's hard to imagine how good it must feel to create something so beautiful and then profit off of it.

"Someone left their bike under the wrong tree."

Bike covered with bird poop
reddit | Nordic_Plant_Lover

When you park your bike, you don't know whether the nearby trees are full of pooping birds or not. I guess this bike owner found out eventually.

"I made an alphabet by carefully eating parts of pretzels."

Full alphabet made of pretzels
reddit | ziggyziggystardust

If you're wondering why someone would be bored enough to do this, just think of how bored you were the last time your internet went out.

"Bill Nye taught my Astronomy lecture yesterday!"

Bill Nye teaching an astronomy class
reddit | Cthulu_Noodles

Those students were probably so pumped up that it was tough to just sit down and listen to the Science Guy's wisdom.

"Dropped my ravioli taking it out the microwave at work."

Ravioli spilled all over break room
reddit | vachon11

It isn't as bad as dropping a giant container of chili, but it's still pretty bad. People are going to wonder what happened to that toilet.

"President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited wounded Ukrainian soldiers at a hospital and gave them medals for their courage in the fight against Russia."

Ukrainian president Zelenskyy visiting wounded soldiers
Ukrainian Presidential Office | Ukrainian Presidential Office

Volodymyr Zelenskyy was not internationally known before Russia invaded Ukraine, but he's turned into everybody's favorite world leader in past weeks. Pics like this are part of the reason why.

"We already washed these new jeans. The store is far away. What can I do?

Jeans with security tag still attached
reddit | lordofwhisky

Speaking from experience, if that isn't one of the tags with ink in it, you can just smash it a few times with a hammer.

"Danger sign‼️"

Tracks in snow showing that a person slipped and fell
reddit | maRRtin79

Sometimes when you walk in the snow, you see evidence of a bird of prey hunting a rabbit. Other times, you see evidence of someone bailing in spectacular fashion.

"The metal grates have been completely eaten through from the Pepsi/Mountain Dew dispenser at my Taco Bell."

Soda fountain grates corroded by soda
reddit | Meow_Star_

Everyone loves soda, but seeing this pic of a fully corroded metal bar should give all of us pause.

"We had to cut several thousand bananas for a marathon and this is what happened to the knives."

Knives damaged after cutting bananas
reddit | suchcows

Add "don't use the same knives to cut several thousand bananas for a marathon" to the big list of life lessons, I suppose.