20 Dads Who Got Beautiful Makeovers From Their Daughters Experimenting With Makeup

Ashley Hunte
A small child covering the eyes of her father.
Unsplash | Bermix Studio

While a lot of good can come out of having kids, there are also plenty of dangers. Like, trying to take a nap while your kids (especially your daughters) have their makeup set out.

But these dads who got makeovers took it in stride, even if they didn't know they were getting one in the first place.

This dad unwittingly started a Twitter thread.

Showing off the makeover he got, he captioned his picture as, "see this.. this is why I wanted boys."

Of course, other dads shared their struggles.

I guess every girl needs someone to practice their skills on, and it won't always be her!

Some dads are nothing but a canvas.

I think this dad was used more as a canvas for abstract art than makeup art. Either way, practice, practice, practice.

It's nice when you get to match.

I'm not really sure what you'd call this look, but I can't help but feel pretty happy seeing these smiling faces. So, they did something right.

I don't think they go in with a plan half the time.

But I guess that's half of the fun. Even if you end up with a dad who doesn't look all that amused.

Some of them have some serious color coordination!

Nothing like every color in the pastel rainbow to brighten up a face.

Don't forget about face painting.

I wouldn't be surprised if this girl's first job ends up being a face painter at birthday parties. She already has the skills!

Accessories are important, too.

There isn't a person in the world who can look intimidating with this amount of bows and flowers in their hair.

At some point, you might get your hair dyed.

But hey, at least the color will wash out. Or grow out. Eventually.

Eventually, they'll learn advance techniques too.

I've heard of winged eyeliner, but never winged eyeshadow. I wonder if that'll catch on.

There's also never a bad time.

Even when you're in the middle of working (and yes, streaming does count as work).

At some point, you're going to have to accept that this is your life.

I have to say, though. This dad looks pretty good. His daughter's probably had a lot of practice, though.

Careful, or you might end up seeing red.

Or being red, I guess. That kid's face right now though. That's the look of someone who has zero regrets.

You may also be the guinea pig for new hairstyles.

On the plus side, this guy didn't wake up to a complete dye job. Just a half dozen tiny hair elastics.

When the glitter comes out, it's game over.

It's all fun and games until you take a shower a week later, and you're still finding glitter everywhere. That stuff never truly goes away.

Go ahead, be the unicorn.

I'm not gonna lie, I think this picture is absolutely hilarious. Maybe one day he'll feel both pretty and unicorney.

"It's called art, you wouldn't understand!"

It may not be fun playing the canvas, but you have to admit that the art is pretty awesome.

Sometimes, grandpa gets painted, too.

Funny enough, this man doesn't seem to mind one bit. I guess that's why they call it quality time.

Don't forget the toes!

Great, now this dad is ready for sandals season (unless he wears socks in sandals...).

A little highlighting can go a long way.

If this was two years ago, I wonder how good this guy's daughter is now.