20 Times Schools Didn't Set A Great Example

A school bag-check lineup
reddit | JL-Nobody568

Say what you will about the education system, but it tends to work, more or less. While school won't teach us how to do your taxes or set up a mortgage, it generally does a decent job of teaching people how to read, write, and do basic math.

Sometimes, though, these institutions fail us, and in some seriously baffling ways. Need proof? Look no further.

"This stair set at my school leads to a hand rail."

Stairway leading into obstructive hand rail
reddit | OldProduce205

I like how the trash can is put here as a half-hearted attempt to direct people away from the obstructed stairs. It's a nice try.

"My school's lunch. This is supposed to be a taco salad. The orange stuff underneath is grease."

Disgusting taco salad for school lunch
reddit | DeepFriedSausages

As someone who grew up in a place that didn't have school lunches, I'm kind of glad after seeing some of the horrifying things that cafeterias apparently serve.

"Just spent my second-to-last high school lunch period helping the counselors move mac and cheese meant for students without lunch from room to room, only to find out they were all expired."

Expired containers of macaroni and cheese
reddit | FIamenwerfer

I'm going to give the school props here, because this pic indicates that they at least threw out the expired food. Other schools, as you'll find out, aren't so conscientious.

"The elevator call panel in the new building at my school."

Confusing elevator call panel
reddit | Sam956

Is this seriously the elevator panel? How does one move between floors? It seems like every button will trigger an alarm or call the fire department.

"The disabled parking at my school."

Wheelchair parking leading directly into stairs
reddit | Phoenix-Rider

This path isn't so steep that it couldn't be made into a ramp. In fact, it is a ramp — provided you can get past those first few steps.

"This poster at my school."

Confusing pro-science poster
reddit | --Reno--

If you can't make a proper acrostic poem out of a word, it's probably best to abandon the format altogether, because stuff like this is a total mess.

"I see this at school every day."

Large, poorly aligned ceiling light
reddit | MomoNPlaYa

This is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things — after all, it casts light, which is its intended purpose. Still, the alignment drives me nuts.

"My school bathroom with a hand dryer inside one of the stalls."

Hand dryer inside a washroom stall
reddit | Duover

This is inconvenient for everyone not in the stall, but for the person in the stall, it's the ultimate convenience.

"My high school newspaper praised this and OK'd it without any doubts."

Newspaper page with scribble design over stories
reddit | Feralman2003

I'm no graphic designer, but I think it's best to let words speak for themselves. Adding a bunch of scribbles only dilutes and obscures the message.

"This is a poster by a design school."

Confusing poster - 'be who yourself choose to be'
reddit | Dofke132

If all the text was the same color, the message would be clear. Clunky, but clear. Instead, we get this confusing sign.

"Just got handed this in the middle of class. I’m in high school."

Notice asking students to pay $85 for a yearbook
reddit | thehighguy9

I remember thinking that high school yearbooks were a must-buy. Now, decades later, I can't look at one without cringing. Sometimes it's better just to save that money.

"Got this at school lunch."

Orange wedge with a sticker on it
reddit | Madmax-imus

After a long morning of studying, there's nothing that'll perk you up quite like part of an orange that nobody could be bothered to remove the sticker from.

"A window in my school's science department."

Windows that don't align properly
reddit | XZ_Rin_666

You'd think that someone could use, y'know, science or something to solve the problem of the misaligned windows in this science lab. Feels like their ability to open and close completely might be a safety concern.

"This is the inside of my potato at school lunch."

A spoiled potato
reddit | Mr-DragonSlayer

This is a bit of a surprise, because the potatoes look fine on the outside. Some surprises are fun, and some surprises are just rotten potatoes.

"Drove for 30 minutes to get to school on the god awful Michigan roads only to find out it was canceled and no one told me."

School closed by snow day
reddit | TheEdgeOverlord

This could be the set-up to a fun movie. But because it's reality, not a movie, it would just result in a long, cold drive back home lamenting how you'll never get that time back.

"You can’t tell, but that’s a school bus. Neighbour is a bus driver and lets the bus heat up before starting his route. Yesterday the bus had other ideas."

School bus on fire
reddit | JennaHelen

This is something that school-hating kids who have to ride the bus dream of every morning. School bus drivers probably aren't as keen, though.

"School has a serious leaking problem, my teacher lives in the fear that the plastic will break and spill on her."

Ceiling leak contained by plastic
reddit | xdarkstarr

The school ought to do something about this leak immediately. Also, not to blame the eventual victim, but it might be time to move that desk.

"My school’s decision to put office tiles in a gym."

Damaged office tiles on a gym ceiling
reddit | henry1679

Whoever made this call clearly never spent time in middle school gym class. I spent most of seventh grade heaving basketballs into the gym rafters.

"My school bag check line."

A school bag-check lineup
reddit | JL-Nobody568

If it's boring to stand in line, just imagine how boring it is to check bag after bag, pulling out textbook after textbook. Safety first and all, but there has to be a better way that doesn't destroy everyone's morale.

"Our high school covers the expiration date with sharpie."

Doritos expiration date covered with Sharpie
reddit | TheBigWedgeOfCheese

If the expiration date isn't visible, is there an expiration date at all?

The answer is yes, there is an expiration date, and these Doritos should be pitched.