A plastic wrapping made to look like grass, but with a solid white border.
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20 Things That Made Me Go 'You've Got To Be Kidding Me'

Every now and then, you might come across a thing that just completely insults your intelligence. It's almost like people go out of their way to make things that are horrible on purpose (oh, who am I kidding, of course they do).

The things in this list seem like they were meant to get on our last nerves. Almost like they're trying to put the wool over our eyes or something.

"Found at my local Target."

Two nearly identical signs. One reads, "May all your weeds be wildflowers." The other reads, "May all your wildflowers wildflowers."
reddit | VerySpicyRamen

Manufacturing error or not, I'm surprised none of the Target employees noticed this and pulled it from the shelves. Then again, they probably don't get paid enough to care.

Okra: the garlic of okra.

A display full of okra that has been labeled as garlic.
reddit | Idkquedire

I'm going to go ahead and guess that there was garlic in that display at one point. But I'm honestly having too much fun thinking about someone looking at okra and saying, "what is this weird garlic stuff?"

"Guess someone doesn’t want you to feel safe there."

A sign with an arrow saying to press a button if you feel unsafe. The button is missing from where the arrow is pointing.
reddit | kiddsky

I'm not gonna lie, just looking at this makes me feel unsafe. Hopefully there's a real emergency button somewhere else.

There's nothing like the element of surprise.

A sign for a building that reads, "surprise event 4th floor."
reddit | DrefinitelyNot

I mean, I feel like calling it a surprise event takes any of the surprise out of it. Unless it's actually an event about surprises and we're thinking about it all wrong...

When you want to build a wall but there's a window in the way:

A window in a room. A wall has been built in the room, intersecting the window.
reddit | Mivous99

I hate it when people do things like this. It's such a waste of a perfectly good window! But I guess people will do anything to save a few bucks.

"I don’t know which door to use."

A glass double door to a restaurant. Each door has a sign that points to the other, saying "please use other door."
reddit | justpointeyourtoes

I don't know about you, but it almost feels to me like this restaurant doesn't actually want people entering. Or maybe it's like a test or something; if you figure out which door is the right one, you may enter.

"At my local Carl’s Jr, the bathroom stall has a gap where you can see the other side."

A gap in a bathroom stall wall that shows the toilet in the next stall over.
reddit | JuJuDinkyDoo

Gaps in the stall door are bad enough, but this is on a whole other level. It's like some people design public restrooms to give you as little privacy as possible.

"I’ll be done with my vacation by then."

An email from JetBlue that states the recipient will get a proper response within 10 days.
reddit | cas161

I get that airlines have been swamped with calls and cancellations/modified reservations for like two years now, but come on! Imagine having to wait well over a week to hear from an airline when your flight is about to leave.

"Being forced to waste both mine and an employee's time to cancel a service (bonus arbitrary software timer on the chat button before it's clickable)."

A page for cancelling a subscription that makes it difficult to actually cancel, but easy to keep the subscription.
reddit | Nocturnus_Stefanus

Pretty much every subscription service out there has you jumping through hoops in order to cancel. I get they want business, but that doesn't mean they have to be so shady!

Good luck trying to get that open.

A set of stairs built on top of an access panel, making it impossible to open.
reddit | CMikeHunt

I can't tell if this is someone's idea of a practical joke, or if it's sheer incompetence. Either way, though, those stairs are gonna have to come down, one way or another.

Hey... wait a minute!

A clear, circular bandage with the gauze at the end instead of in the middle.
reddit | xXStarScarXx

Imagine putting that thing on your cut, only to realize it's actually not going to help at all. The gauze part isn't totally surrounded by the sticky part. That's, like, literally the point!

Oh yeah, that's totally silk.

The tag for a satin fabric that claims to be 100% silk-feeling polyester.
reddit | IWatchYouInTheShower

One thing I've learned about silk and satin is that, there's a huge difference between how they feel. There's too much satin out there that tries to pass itself off as silk, and I hate it!

"Every couple weeks Windows 11 tries to trick you into switching to Edge with this splash screen."

A screenshot showing Windows trying to get the user to use Microsoft Edge as their default browser.
reddit | avggamer241

I almost feel like Windows thinks that if it's persistent enough, it'll either wear us down, or trick us into switching to Edge as our default browser. And let's face it, no one wants to do that.

"Gas Station requires you to pay to get a code for the bathroom, doesn’t let you lock it so people can just walk in on you."

A door with a numeric lock on the handle.
reddit | ITotalyWon

So basically, you need to pay to get a code to use the toilet, but anyone can walk in on you when you're in there... Why do you need to pay for the code in the first place?

What you see isn't always what you get.

A box of veggie lasagna, versus the actual product, which doesn't look as nice as the pictrue.
reddit | Nihilisticky

I guess no matter what country you live in, the picture on the box is always going to look better than what you actually get. Sigh...

They could've used a different sign...

A sign below indoor plants with a price tag of $14.88. The price was drawn on, and $12.88 can clearly be seen underneath.
reddit | WhenwasyourlastBM

In fact, it probably would've been easier in the long run to just print out a new sign. Or better yet, tape the new price on top of the old one. The poor cashier is going to have so many people complaining over this now.

"Our Municipality made bike lanes for us finally!"

A bike lane at a crosswalk. There is a ledge at the end of the lane, making it impossible to bike across.
reddit | sarsina

Tell me you hate cyclists without telling me you hate cyclists. Sometimes, I wish we could all be like Denmark and such, where they actually have the infrastructure for cyclists to ride around town. Too bad most of the world hates it when people ride bikes.

"Go home H you’re drunk."

A hardware store paint desk. The I in "paint" is actually an H slanted sideways.
reddit | tesla-allis

I honestly wonder if they thought no one would notice that the I is actually an H. I can't tell if I should applaud their resourcefulness, or be annoyed at their trickery.

"Found a 'cage accessory', aka a stick, for sale for £4.40 ($5.75) in a pet store in West London."

A person holding a tick that's for sale in a British pet store.
reddit | roodeeMental

This feels like something straight out of a dystopian novel. Like, all the trees in the world have died and we have to buy sticks for our dogs and birds from the pet store instead of just finding one in the park.

"These 'camouflaged' Skittles for Easter Egg Hunts that have giant white borders."

A package of camouflaged Skittles that are made for Easter Egg hunts. The actual products have white borders around them, making them easy to spot.
reddit | Fun-ghoul

On one hand, this is incredibly dumb and pointless. On the other hand, you know there's always going to be one thing of candy no one finds and everyone forget about for months, so maybe this'll stop that from happening?