20 People Who Need To Have A Long Talk With Their Spouses

Ashley Hunte
A burrito still partially wrapped with a spoon handle sticking out of the top, which is torn.
reddit | mainstem_bronchus

Married life is great because you get to spend the rest of your life with someone you really love. But that doesn't mean it's without its challenges. Even if some of those challenges are mild inconveniences at worst.

Dealing with the strange and somewhat annoying things your partner does is just part of life, though. And it looks like the people in this list have figured that much out.

"The way my husband opened this box of crackers."

A red and yellow Ritz cracker box with a hole torn into the side, rather than opened from the tabs at the top.
reddit | asquared3

I'm not gonna lie, I kind of appreciate the amount of effort it took for the husband to open the box, especially when there was a much easier way. You almost can't be mad at that point. Almost.

"This is how much my hubby leaves in the carton."

A carton of Rainbow sherbet with the lid off; a very small portion of sherbet is actually left in the carton.
reddit | Ninjachick307

I've never been married, but even I know the pain of thinking there's ice cream in the freezer, only to find a nearly-empty carton with barely a tablespoon left in there. Some people just have no consideration, I guess.

"The way my wife cut the pizzas."

Two pizzas with abnormally-sized slices taken out of them; a pair of long scissors rests on one of the pizzas.
reddit | Lazerhest

I'm not knocking her for using scissors (which are actually way more helpful for cutting food than knives in a lot of cases). But I think a pizza cutter might've made things a little easier here.

"My wife leaves our hairdryer's cord like this - even while using it."

A hand holding a black hair dryer. The cable is tangled beneath, branching out toward the floor.
reddit | L_B_Jeffries

I'm not sure if using a hair dryer with a tangled cable is dangerous, but it's really bugging me right now. Like, a lot. How do you even put it away when it's like that?

"My partner decided to wash my recently purchased Japanese knife in the dishwasher."

A large knife/cleaver held against a countertop. Visible rust can faintly be seen along the edge and pores of the blade.
reddit | Arushi20

It might be a little hard to tell, but that knife's starting to rust. I can safely say that I was today years old when I learned that some knives aren't dishwasher safe.

I guess next time, warn your partner before they take knife-washing into their own hands.

"My wife is a monster."

Goldfish crackers in a plastic container labeled "cereal," and Cheerios in an unlabeled plastic container.
reddit | cels0_o

At the end of the day, no one is going to confuse Goldfish for cereal. But I'd be lying if I said this kind of thing wouldn't bug me, because it totally would.

"My wife’s inbox."

A Spanish Gmail inbox showing 54,341 unread emails.
reddit | JackBurtonVsLoPan

I... I didn't think it was possible. Having over 54 thousand unread emails in your inbox? Here's hoping she doesn't miss anything important.

"The way my husband stacks up his used coffee spoons in our spoon rest, and won’t put them in the dishwasher!"

Several teaspoons stacked on top of a spoon rest.
reddit | Tipsy_Cat_1420

This is so confusing because why. Why leave so many spoons in the rest? Why not just use one spoon and continuously rinse it off between coffees if you aren't going to wash them every day? Why this?

"My husband doesn’t hit end on the microwave."

A microwave. The display shows a time of 13 seconds.
reddit | lustforlifelizard

This is super annoying because half the time you don't notice it until you go to microwave something! And sure, clearing the time only takes a second, but why can't the people who leave microwaves like this be bothered to do it!?

"Where my hubby chose to stack his shoes when he tidied up."

Several pairs of shoes stacked neatly in front of an open closet, which has more pairs of shoes that are in a disorganized pile.
reddit | Babislug

What gets me about this is that he could've taken all the shoes out of the closet, and then stacked his neatly in there. You know, instead of blocking the closet with his shoes. I guess an attempt was made, though.

"My partner borrowed my car for a few days, and gave it back like this."

A car full of trash; plastic bottles and food wrappers/containers.
reddit | kt-gd

No offence, but if anyone left my car in this kind of state (especially after only a few days!) I'd be calling a lawyer.

"My husband 'just wanted a bite.'"

A white cake with blue and purple flower decorations on it. One chunk of the cake is missing.
reddit | akilahrw

He just wanted a bite, but why does it look like he literally took a bite out of the cake?

I mean, I guess cakes were meant to be eaten. Just not like this.

"My hubby ate the cheese and left the grapes. Full one beside it for reference."

Plastic containers filled with cheese and grapes. One container is missing the cheese cubes.
reddit | Gerbilena

I think what's fascinating here is the fact that this guy could've just gone and bought some cheese, instead of eating the cheese out of this container. Sometimes, the easiest solution is the best one.

"My husband eats his cake by holding it by the icing."

A man holding a piece of cake by putting his fingers directly on the frosting.
reddit | TheScorchbeastQueen

I'm not gonna lie, the absolute chaos in this picture is really amusing. Even if it means knowing this guy probably got frosting all over his hands from holding the cake like a madman.

"4 salt (and pepper) grinders don't work because my husband keeps using them over steaming pots on the stove."

Four different salt shakers which clearly display their contents. Each one has salt that seams to be crystalizing and sticking together.
reddit | ___mommajade

It's all fun and games until the salt starts clumping and won't come out of the shaker. On the plus side, it looks like sticking some rice in there would help.

"Instead of putting a bag in the trash my husband puts it on the counter for me."

A kitchen counter/island. Among the plates and cookware on its surface, an empty garbage bin sits.
reddit | ThekawaiiO_d

I think what really gets me about this is the fact that it only takes a second to put a new bag in there. Believe it or not, you don't have to leave it for your partner to do.

"My wife decided to leave a small amount of milk in the other carton - and open a new one just because."

Two cartons of milk on a refrigerator shelf.
reddit | Hot_Quote6262

I shouldn't need to explain why this is so annoying. This picture (and its caption) should just speak for itself.

"My wife always does this."

A partially-used roll of toilet paper roll balancing on top of a toilet paper roll holder that has an almost empty toilet paper roll still on it.
reddit | Big_Bad_Boogeyman

Is it just me, or is the toilet paper roll that's balancing on top of the other toilet paper roll looking a little skinny? Like it's been used...

This is honestly very annoying and I'd really hate it if I lived with someone who did this!

"My wife eats the filling out of her burritos with a fork, then eats the empty tortilla shell."

A burrito still partially in foil with its top taken off. A fork handle can be seen sticking out of the open top.
reddit | mainstem_bronchus

I really hope this person's wife knows that burrito bowls are a thing that exist. You don't, in fact, need to turn your burrito into a bowl.

I can't be the only one who's uncomfortable after looking at this, right?

"My wife looks at me like my crazy when I tell her the vacuum has to be cleaned regularly."

The underside of a vacuum cleaner. The roller is full of hair.
reddit | EotEaH

As somebody who has a lot of hair, I can relate to this. It's probably the biggest reason why I hate vacuuming -- having to clean that hair out of the vacuum is super annoying.