An ATV hanging from a power line.
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20 Bizarre Sights That Better Have A Darn Good Explanation

Sometimes, you see an image online that's so baffling, you can't help but wonder what led to it. If you're lucky enough, you'll at least get some kind of explanation that tells you what the heck just happened.

And you're definitely in luck with this list. These things are confusing, unfortunate, and just plain strange. But they come with explanations, at least.

"Found a cauliflower growing straight out of a concrete curb in my street."

A wild cauliflower plant growing in the curb of a street.
reddit | TheCowardlyViking

I guess just keep an eye on it, and when it's big enough to eat, take it home? That's what I would do if I found a random vegetable plant growing on my street.

"My coworker drags the front of his foot when he walks."

A person's shoe on their foot. The front toe area is worn through at the bottom.
reddit | PhilsPhoreskin

I had to physically stand up so I could try walking like that, just to see how you could wear your shoe down in that spot. It can't be comfortable.

"I drove over my phone."

A phone that's completely smashed, both the screen and the back.
reddit | a-happy-hugo

I'm not gonna lie, that phone isn't nearly as damaged as I thought it would be for being run over. Cars are, like, thousands of pounds. And phones are tiny in comparison. Still sucks, though.

"Security Camera inside the car wash is equipped with a squeegee wiper."

A security camera with a small squeegee on the screen.
reddit | BayYawnSay

This is one part genius, and like two parts hilarious. I can't get over that tiny squeegee. It's just so ridiculous!

And yet, in a place like a carwash, it makes perfect sense.

"Well this happened at work last night."

Dozens of cartons of eggs in crates and stacked on top of one another. The stack has fallen, resulting in hundreds of broken eggs.
reddit | lucifertheboomer

I don't know where this is, but that place is about to have an egg shortage for a couple of weeks. Looking at this picture is causing me physical pain, to be honest.

"My SIL went to go to work this morning. Might be a little late."

A red car that's been crushed beneath a large, fallen tree.
reddit | cod45lover

At the very least, it doesn't seem like anyone got hurt. Plus, I'm pretty sure car insurance covers tree damage.

Too bad the sister-in-law doesn't have a WFH job.

"Handle on the bucket of water broke right over top of the cat litter resulting in an explosion of wet cat litter everywhere."

A wet bathroom floor that's also covered in kitty litter.
reddit | wonder-woman-wanna-b

I guess one of the dangers of having a cat is that you're constantly one dropped bucket away from having a litter mess all over the floor.

"My bread tag was misspelled."

A bread tag that shows the best before date as ARP 4, rather than APR 4.
reddit | thelonebroccoli

If the best before date is misspelled, does that mean it technically never expires? I'd say yes, but I'm sure the eventual mold on the bread would say otherwise.

That's... one place to install handles.

A row of bus seats. One seat has handlebars screwed onto it, making it impossible to sit.
reddit | Finlandia1865

Unfortunately, there's really no explanation for this weird thing. All I know is that if you tried to sit on that bus seat, you'd probably end up breaking a bone or two.

"I don't own a trampoline."

A backyard. A trampoline set rests on the fence, next to a large tree.
reddit | bunnyknux54

As much as it must suck for the actual owner of the trampoline, I can't help but wonder how strong the wind must've been to completely blow that thing over. Weird.

"These lane lines in my neighborhood."

Sloppily painted lane lines down the middle of a road.
reddit | AverageCharley

I'm genuinely concerned for whoever did that. With any luck, the brush just malfunctioned, and it wasn't, like, somebody who was drunk on the job or something.

"A client of mine refuses to take down his Halloween decorations…."

A skeleton Halloween lawn decoration dressed in a pink Easter Bunny onesie and mask.
reddit | Readyupryder

I'll give them points for creativity, but I can't stop thinking about what would happen when it rains. That costume probably smells really bad.

"My kitchen faucet can supply boiling water."

A running kitchen faucet where both water and copious amounts of steam are pouring into the sink.
reddit | Northwhale

Yeah, this is terrifying. If the water is hot enough to produce that much steam, then it's definitely going to give you second degree burns as soon as you touch it. No water needs to be this hot out of the sink!

A door leading to nowhere... literally.

A warehouse with a glass door and windows. On the other end of the glass, a brick wall has been installed.
reddit | Flimsy-Recover-7236

Who needs a window when you could just have total darkness? For real though, this is one of those pictures where the context would've helped so much. Too bad there isn't any...

"These damaged phones on display next to a rollercoaster."

A glass enclosure that holds five broken phones.
reddit | timcotten

You know how rollercoasters come with cubbies where you can put your stuff so that it doesn't all fall out during the ride? Yeah, use them.

"You could see the Eiffel tower from our hotel room in Paris... through the window of the more expensive room."

A shot of the Eiffel tower through three sets of windows.
reddit | moonpie_san

It's all fun and games, until the occupants of that room decide to close one or both sets of curtains. Then it's goodbye, view...

"Someone left their bike under the wrong tree."

A bike attached to a railing. Both the bike and the rail are covered in bird poop.
reddit | Nordic_Plant_Lover

I guess those birds didn't decide to use this spot as a toilet until after that person left their bike there. Or else, wouldn't the owner of the bike have noticed the amount of poop on the railing?

"Absolutely shattered..."

The trailer of a large truck, which has opened doors and massive amounts of broken glass pouring out of it.
reddit | skeetac

You know, I genuinely thought this was a truck full of water that opened. Then I looked a little closer. That's glass. That's... so much glass. I don't envy whoever has to clean that up.

"So mate, how bad was the flooding in Gympie last week?"

An ATV hanging on an electrical wire overtop of a street.
reddit | mercutio70

So basically, flood waters got so high, it caused that ATV to reach the same level as the wire? I guess that goes to show that you shouldn't underestimate floods.

"Found my old phone in a drawer with a puffy battery."

A phone with a battery that has puffed up so much from lack of use, it's cracked the phone open.
reddit | dotnotdave

When you leave a fully charged battery sitting around for long enough, it'll either drain, or puff up beyond recognition. Clearly, the latter happened to this poor dude.