A pan on a gas burner. The pan is lopsided, with the side next to the handle touching the burner.
reddit | dingopringo93

20 Designs That Fail So Hard They Almost Circle Back To Good — But Not Really

I have to admit, there's something really addicting about looking at bad designs. Some are just so bad, they're (almost) good. Not quite, though.

These designs honestly have me losing my mind. Someone out there really thought any of these were good enough to put on shelves, or to set loose on an unsuspecting public. It doesn't get any funnier than this.

What came first, the crosswalk or the shrubbery?

A crosswalk leading to a playground. The striped crossing section leads to a set of shrubs, rather than the clear path off to the side.
reddit | Apecc_Legs

I mean, it almost doesn't matter which came first. The bottom line is, somebody messed up. And clearly, they didn't care, or else they wouldn't have done that.

You squeezed what into what?

A box with a white background that reads ,"We squeezed into this 8-pack of sparkling water." There's supposed to be words between "squeezed" and "into," but it's written in a faint yellow that blends in with the background.
reddit | Polenen

This is so hilariously bad! The fact that somebody really thought putting pale yellow on a white background was a good idea? Wild.

"These are stairs…"

A set of wooden stairs. The pattern makes the stairs blend into one another upon descending.
reddit | A-weema-weh

I'm sure for most people, you could walk down those stairs just fine. For me, I'd absolutely be clinging onto the railing for dear life because I'd 100% trip on a step at least three separate times.

"This is what happens when your Fiverr designer only has MS Paint."

A product page for a skirt. The colour is obviously edited, making it look like the model is wearing a poorly drawn tulle(?) skirt.
reddit | spacebagel25

Because it isn't hard enough to buy things online without having actually seeing them in person, right? In all seriousness, this lack of care is one of the worst parts about fast fashion trends.

"Dublin Airport didn't think this through..."

A luggage cart return. There are holes in the wall at the end of the return, from carts bumping into it.
reddit | TheBampollo

Yeah, they definitely didn't. You're telling me that they couldn't have at least made it so those guard rails actually, like, guard the wall? Terrible, but in the most hilarious way.

"My friend has found this elevator. They needed to go to the 8th floor. Actually, pushed the 10th floor button and it went to the 9th floor, and the 7th floor button goes to the 7th floor..."

An elevator with buttons for floors 1-7, and then 10.
reddit | Rere_arere

Also according to OP, there is no floor 10 to begin with. This layout just keeps getting worse and worse.

It lets a lot of light in, at least...

A house front covered entirely in windows, minus where the door is.
reddit | VrLights

This is probably the worst way to design a house. Believe it or not, there is such thing as too many windows. All I can think about is how much of a workout it must be to open all those curtains every day.

"If you need a way to make it easier to lose your tools working in the yard…"

A pair of packaged loppers with a camo design on them.
reddit | NotAFanOf2020

I take it that, in somebody's attempt to make a yard/garden tool more "masculine," they forgot what the point of camouflage was in the first place. If you drop those in the yard, good luck finding them.

Simplicity, but make it as complicated as possible.

A picture that reads, "simplicity," in letters that are arranged in a complicated pattern.
reddit | SocraticHunkyWannabe

I need to know if this was some kind of ironic statement, or if it was meant in the most genuine way possible. Bad design or not, I kind of want one of these for my house.

"This accessible toilet at a healthcare facility."

A small, public bathroom. The toilet is facing the sink, leaving little room to actually get into it. There are accessible rails beside the toilet.
reddit | Bruneque

Some people need to take a good, hard look at the word "accessibility" in the dictionary, and then try designing bathrooms again. This one really ain't it.

"This sign on the wall of a restaurant I went to last night."

An image on a wall that reads, "enjoy every spoonful that life dishes out," accompanied with a picture of a fork.
reddit | tishytisch

See, this is less a bad design, and more an infuriating one. Even if it was meant to be ironic, it would still really tick me off. That fork could've easily been a spoon!

Ah yes, because...

A set of stairs with a random ramp leading to a post, and with another small portion of stairs.
reddit | Tostone74

I truly don't understand what's going on here. Is it a set of stairs that was supposed to have a ramp but the post got in the way? Did they put the ramp in because of the post? In any case, this is an absurdly stupid design.

Those mini-stairs on the side are killing me right now.

When you don't have cats, but you want everyone to think you have cats.

A beige sheet set that has floral prints in various colours, that look kind of like stains.
reddit | puggle_patronus

Reddit user prgutiarman called these, "The Cat Butt collection," and I think that kind of sums up what's wrong with the design on these sheets.

"This is a poster by a design school."

A hanging banner that reads, "be who yourself choose to be."
reddit | Dofke132

This definitely wasn't thought out very well. I get they're trying to go with "be yourself" and "be who you choose to be," but all together this doesn't make any sense.

"Saw this at the mall."

Various animal plushies on all fours, including an Angry Bird one.
reddit | camilleishiding

I, for one, am genuinely terrified of the Angry Bird horse plushie. This is definitely the kind of weird, vaguely threatening thing you'd find in a mall, though.

"My hotel has a window to the bathroom, so I can hear every little noise my roommates make in the morning, also the bright light shines through."

A window leading to another room from a wall overlooking a bed.
reddit | ambulanceChasers

See, I get why somebody would put a window between two interior walls (to let light in). But that doesn't mean you should always put up indoor windows. Sometimes, it makes things worse.

"The placement of this ‘Press to exit' button in my apartment building."

A faded exit button in bewteen two emergency buttons.
reddit | imgirafarigmi

I think the fact that the exit button's text is all faded makes this so much worse. I wonder how many people have been accidentally stranded thanks to this placement.

Nothing beats a sign with confusing wordage.

A sign advertising caramel apples, 1 for $5.99 and 2 for $10. But the 1 is in a weird place, making it seem like both prices are for 2 apples.
reddit | vedrick

The first time I looked at this, I totally missed the 1. I bet this place has a bunch of confused, angry customers who thought they'd be getting two caramel apples for the price of one.

"The handle of this pan is heavier than the actual pan…"

A pan on a gas burner. The handle of the pan is weighing it down, causing it to tilt on one end.
reddit | dingopringo93

On the plus side, if you stick enough food in that thing, it'll balance itself out eventually. Still, I feel like this is a pretty dangerous design.

"This toilet at my sister's house."

A person standing in an incredibly small room with just enough space for a toilet.
reddit | Agitated_System6964

Having extra bathrooms is a great way to increase the value of your house. The only caveat is, they need to be functional. I'm, like, 99% sure this toilet is violating at least a dozen codes.