20 Things People Found That Were All The Way Out Of The Ordinary

Rocket launchers in a dumster
reddit | DoomedArcane

There's the ordinary, and then there's the extraordinary. If seeing extraordinary things was ordinary, well, then the extraordinary would become ordinary.

Some of the pics here are extraordinary. Some are simply more than ordinary. In any case, though, you won't see anything that's expected.

"My job has a room for taking a nap. The room also has a gigantic roll of paper towels in case you have a cold."

Nap room at a workplace
reddit | JOshua1985

This is a great move by whoever runs this workplace. Personally, I would find it really hard to resist the temptation of the cozy nap room.

"This ice patch I found that looks like a feather."

Icy patch looks like a feather
reddit | GreasyCheese5976

People love to hate on cold climates, but snow and ice can do some pretty unexpected stuff. Case in point: this feathery ice. It's uncanny, and makes you wonder how it all works.

"Found a fox skeleton on the beach today."

Fox skeleton on a beach
reddit | WillyHeeler

There's something about seeing a predator's skeleton, with teeth intact, that immediately makes it look like some kind of monster. And to its prey, it really was a monster.

"This 'Remove Before Flight' pin was not removed before the flight."

"Remove Before Flight" pin was not removed before the flight
reddit | rosanna_rosannadanna

Hopefully this was discovered after the plane was safely back on the ground. Finding this at cruising altitude would cause some anxiety.

"My brother found a .50 bullet encased in coral at the beach today."

Bullet encased in coral
reddit | bloomconnor

If this bullet could talk, I'd love to ask it some questions. Namely: when and where were you fired, and what's the deal with all the coral?

"Minecraft player designed this house."

House with 19 windows on the front
reddit | VrLights

It's good to get natural light in your abode and all that, but there's also something to be said for privacy and aesthetics. You know who loves this design, though? Anybody who sells curtains.

"Dublin Airport didn't think this through..."

Baggage cart corral leads to dents in the wall
reddit | TheBampollo

I'm guessing this example of poor design was discovered approximately five seconds after this cart corral was used for the first time.

"There was one heart shaped treat in my dog's bone shaped treats."

One heart-shaped dog treat in container of bone-shaped treats
reddit | evasie

Some people would see this as random happenstance, while others would take it as a sign.

"These columns."

A house with grandiose columns
reddit | DaFunkJunkie

Yes, the columns are certainly eye-catching, but when you continue to study this photo, it gets worse. That second-floor balcony is hideous.

"What you staring at? I'll shred you with my boots."

Poison ivy-themed boots
reddit | Flying-Armpit

This is a striking pair of boots, no doubt. You'd just want to be careful if you were moving around in them, that's all.

"My right hand has a single crease, which goes from left to right without breaking."

Hand with continuous crease from side to side
reddit | crewza

I thought, "Aren't all hands like this?" and then checked my hand. Nope, turns out this guy has highly unusual hand creases.

"This fully underground house in Las Vegas."

An underground house in a bomb shelter
reddit | aeline136

Here's a glimpse of our dystopian future should we ever become involved in nuclear war: underground shelters that (poorly) replicate real homes. It almost makes you miss the outside world more having to paint it on.

"Found this on a walk."

Decorative well with legs sticking out
reddit | AuroraPlonka

The person who snapped this photo figured it was a joke or gag, and not a murder in progress. I'll choose to view it that way, too.

"This 'built-in' eavestrough I saw."

Gutter built into architecture of a building
reddit | JKLCS

Gutters are usually an architectural afterthought, slapped onto the side of a building after construction is completed. These ones buck the trend. I wonder how much it cost to incorporate them like that?

"A piece of ice cream dropped from my spoon as I was scooping and it looks like a tiny shark."

Shark-shaped gobbet of ice cream
reddit | theseapriestess

This person shows some great observational skills. Personally, I'd be too distracted by the prospect of ice cream to notice something like this.


Custom Dallas Cowboys paintjob on a truck
reddit | lml__lml

Sports fans know what it's like to have a deep, unyielding, unreasonable love for a given team. I can only assume that's what's going on here — and that they want everyone else to know about it, too.

"In case Florence + the Machine comes on shuffle."

Tambourine in a shower caddy
twitter | @sweetbanisters

I guess if you're going to keep a musical instrument in your shower caddy, a tambourine is a decent choice. Beats bagpipes, or, say, a tuba, at the very least.

"Lamp posts being turned into a dual purpose electric car charging points in some parts of England."

Lamp posts being turned into a dual purpose electric car charging points in some parts of England
twitter | @PPathole

It's pretty cool to see something that's already part of our infrastructure in great abundance — light poles — turned into something forward-thinking.

"Found a mini Millennium Falcon inside a plastic cover on medical equipment I install."

Millenium Falcon image hidden in medical equipment
reddit | MrRJGreen

Is this a true Easter Egg or just random chance? Either way, there's nothing wrong with a little Star Trek in your day. Hey-o.

"The Riverside Bomb Squad found two rocket launchers in a dumpster at my school."

Rocket launchers in a dumpster
reddit | DoomedArcane

On one hand, it must be cool to see a rocket launcher in the flesh. On the other hand, if you went to this school, you might be a tad unnerved.

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