20 Usually Normal Things That Are Way Bigger (Or Smaller) Than We're Used To

Ashley Hunte
An absurdly long foosball table.
reddit | Staker17

When you see certain things of certain sizes, it can be really hard to imagine them bigger or smaller than they are. So, when you actually see something that's bigger or smaller than it usually is, it's kind of shocking.

The pictures in this list are anything but normal. They're kind of making me doubt my own sense of scale.

"Found a tiny seemingly ripe orange."

A person holding a tiny orange between their fingers, showing both the outer rind and the inside.
reddit | Slash428

I wonder if there's a world record for smallest orange. And if there is, I wonder how close this little guy would be to holding that record. Like, it's so tiny!

"The Brachma is the largest breed of chicken weighing in at 9kg."

A child holding an absurdly large chicken.
reddit | Browndog888

I can confidently say that I've never seen a 20 pound chicken before in my life. This thing is bigger than some dogs! I'm impressed, but also a little terrified.

"Christ the Redeemer getting some maintenance for its upcoming 90th birthday."

The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A man is standing and posing out of a maintenance hatch in the statue's shoulder.
reddit | PandoraFortuneCookie

I have personally never been to Rio de Janeiro, but I still feel like people wouldn't look at the Christ the Redeemer statue and think it was as big as it is.

How big road signs really are, with a human for scale.

A person standing in front of two green highway exit signs that are on ground-level.
reddit | AnxiousIndicator

This is another one of those things we don't really think of as super big. But I guess it actually makes a lot of sense, since you can see highway signs from pretty far away and all.

"Little flowers for a perfect ant bouquet?!"

Tiny flowers next to a person's finger.
reddit | CandidEstablishment0

I don't think I've ever seen such tiny flowers before! They're actually really cute.

According to the comments, those are chickweed flowers. Neat!

A cute little tiny kitchen model for all your cute little tiny kitchen model needs.

A miniature kitchen and dining set, complete with tableware.
reddit | proudofmyweiner

I think we need more miniatures in the world. Sure, they don't really do much (unless you're really into playing with dolls). But they're super cute, and that's good enough for me.

A tiny rubber duck, just because.

A tiny rubber duck balancing on a person's finger.
reddit | KikaStudioRu

I don't think you could take a bath with that rubber ducky. It's so small, it would get whisked away with the bathwater as soon as you unplugged the drain. Poor guy!

"Nearly 7-foot, 240-pound lake sturgeon (left) caught in Detroit River believed to be 100+ years old."

A man laying next to a fish that's longer than the height of the person.
reddit | B-L-O-C-K-S

Yeah, see, this is why I hate any large body of water. You never know what absurdly large fish you're going to find down there. This sturgeon is really giving me the creeps.

"My 6’ tall bf next to a tiny Fiat at a car show in Ocean City, Md."

A man standing next to an absurdly small, vintage car.
reddit | amber_maigon

See, this is what I'd consider to be a clown car. I'm half expecting a dozen cheerful clowns to start climbing out of that thing.

"What is this? Hopscotch for ants?"

A small chalk outline for the game, hopscotch.
reddit | ire111

I'd really love to know who drew that, and why. Because no person (not even a kid) could play hopscotch on such a small board. Maybe it really is for ants.

"Big old bedwarmer."

A person on a bed with a large dog.
reddit | digdilem

It's amazing how some dogs can be like, five pounds, while other dogs can be over 100 pounds. And they're all the same species! Dogs are truly a gift.

"Octopus Tree, Oregon coast."

A large tree with several large branches facing upward.
reddit | bellychik

Believe it or not, there's a person in this picture (bottom left, right next to a wooden sign). If that dude wasn't there, I'd assume this tree was a normal size tree.

"The Big Pineapple in Queensland, Australia."

A family standing in front of a large pineapple statue in Australia.
reddit | sharkyboy623

I'm sure enough people have made jokes about this being SpongeBob's house, even though it's totally SpongeBob's house. Still, never thought I'd see a pineapple this big.

"An absolute banger of a lobster."

A fisherman holding a lobster with giant claws.
reddit | blanka44

Excuse me while I reference SpongeBob once again, but this lobster has what can only be called big, meaty claws.

"In awe at the size of this breakfast menu in Blackpool."

A woman looking inquisitively at a large restaurant menu.
reddit | sfish27

I'm sure that breakfast menu has every single breakfast item known to humankind. It probably has breakfasts from all around the world, too.

Great, now I'm craving breakfast.

"Long Banana (banana for scale)."

A banana next to a much larger banana.
reddit | compileforawhile

This is probably the only picture in this list that's of something I've seen before. A very large banana. They happen, every now and then. No need to be alarmed.

This avocado, on the other hand...

An avocado that's the size of a hand and that has been cut in half.
reddit | OptimusFriems

Yeah, that avocado is a little ridiculous. But just imagine all the guac or the avocado toast you could get out of that thing! It's a millennial's dream.

Need more giant fruit? Check out this big ol' raisin.

A large raisin and an M&M (for scale) resting on the palm of a hand.
reddit | CarlJose4

If that's how big the raisin is, I'd love to have been able to see the grape it used to be. Just leave it out of any baked goods, and we'll get along fine.

"A tiny pomegranate from my mom’s bonsai pomegranate tree."

An unusually small pomegranate in a person's hand.
reddit | GnomeRidingTurtle

I feel like, if I had a tiny pomegranate, it just wouldn't be the same. After all, the seeds are the part you actually want. And there are, like, no seeds in there.

"Biggest foosball table I’ve ever seen."

A large foosball table in a hall.
reddit | Staker17

I don't even know how you'd play foosball on that thing. It's probably, like, a 10 person game or something. At that point, you might as well be playing actual soccer.