20 Weird Things People Spotted That Raised A Whole Bushel Of New Questions

Ashley Hunte
A pipe sticking out of a wall that happens to be glowing orange.
reddit | HarfaMars781

I think we've sort of gotten to a point where the weirdest things about are day aren't the weird things we see. Like, finding something abnormal is... actually really normal.

Yeah, I know, it makes no sense. But when you think about all the weird stuff people find and then post online (like the stuff in this very list), you'll get what I mean.

"So called 'Blood rain' evening last week in Gibraltar. No edit."

The view of a city from a small portal window. The city is covered in red dust/light.
reddit | GregMeger

Yeah, apparently there have been dust storms in the Sahara that have been so bad, sand is blowing into parts of Europe. It's also causing weird weather like this.

"My friend's bruise resembles The Mona Lisa."

A close up of a bruise on a person's arm. The bruise resembles a person from the shoulders up.
reddit | Justchillingtochill

I see a head, I see hair, I see shoulders... and weirdly enough, it does look like the Mona Lisa. I guess sometimes life imitates art.

"Grabbed a drink from the mini fridge and noticed half of it froze."

An iced tea lemonade drink where half of the bottle is frozen vertically.
reddit | lolwutdo

Okay, so bottles of drinks freezing like this happens a lot (especially when the bottle is up against the cooling element in a fridge). But the fact that this drink happens to be half lemonade and half iced tea? Amazing.

"The spelling on the cover of this book."

A book called "The Hungover Cookbook." The words are misspelled, making it read, "The Hungoevr Coobkook."
reddit | Jsyourboy91

I'm not gonna lie, I really want this book now. I guess intentionally misspelling the title is pretty good marketing. Plus, if you were actually hungover while reading it, you probably wouldn't notice the spelling errors, anyway.

"Old can of coconut cream turned blue in my fridge."

A half-full can of a whipped cream-like substance that's been coloured  blue.
reddit | nathyks

That doesn't even look like mold. It just looks like coconut cream that someone stuck some blue food coloring in. Still wouldn't eat it, though.

"A building that displays floor 13."

An elevator with two columns of floor buttons. The 13th floor button is above 11 and 12, but below the alarm, off center and slightly crooked.
reddit | mrmuffcabbage1

I get why buildings usually go without floor 13, which is why this one is so much worse. I absolutely hate the fact that it's the only floor button that's off-center. Not to mention the fact that the sign with the braille on it is crooked.

"My childhood coat hanger have his hangers in a [sic] inappropriate place."

A coat hanger that's shaped like clowns who have the hangers seemingly coming from their crotch area.
reddit | haleluyeah

I'm hoping those hooks are supposed to be feet (like, the clowns are walking and each have one foot up). Otherwise... might need to arrest these clowns for indecent exposure.

"This bench that looks like a video game render."

A white wooden bench with chips in the paint that form lines, giving the chair the appearance of comic book art.
reddit | borgemeister

Thanks to all the conveniently placed paint chips and fades, this bench looks cell-shaded. To me, it looks more like something out of a comic book than a video game.

"Very precise alcohol content in my beer (6 decimal points)."

A label for a beer can written in German. The alcohol content displayed shows 6 decimal points, at 5.294365%.
reddit | adamcos1

I guess it's better to be precise as possible than to underrepresent the alcohol content. Yeah, it's weird, but I guess it's also pretty responsible on their part.

"In Poland there are actual licensed TikTok Popsicles."

Two ice cream bars with the TikTok logo on them.
reddit | zlotyjasiu2009

I guess it was bound to happen eventually. With today's youth (and half the grown-ups) obsessed with TikTok these days, I'm surprised we haven't seen the brand on more random stuff yet.

"Apple or Pear?"

Either a Macintosh apple that's oblong in shape like a pear, or a pear that has the colouration of an apple.
reddit | Apo110_

This thing is making me really uncomfortable. It looks so much like an apple and a pear at the same time.

According to OP, it ended up being a pear. So, that's one mystery solved I guess.

"My cat's pawprints in the snow."

A snowy piece of concrete with a seat on it. Next to the legs of the seat, cat pawprints and indents from falling are visible in the snow.
reddit | eastdaisy

Looking at cat paw prints is honestly so much fun. Like, trying to figure out where your cat was going and stuff. This one seems to have taken a fall, though, and I'm so curious to know what happened there.

"Three different colors of peanut butter Chex at the store today."

Three boxes of peanut butter Chex on a shelf. Each box has a slightly different colouration from the last.
reddit | AsleepTransition1233

I really want to say that the leftmost one was probably stuck in the sun for a little while and got faded, but the peanut butter on the rightmost one is really weird. Is it a printing issue? Am I thinking about it too much?

"Cobra and scorpion wine."

A bottle of wine. Inside the bottle, a cobra and legs of at least one scorpion are visible.
reddit | mrgoldnugget

That's... really weird. And kind of gross, to be honest. OP drank a bottle and said it was strong liquor, which I don't doubt.

But man. I can barely drink from a tequila bottle with a worm in it, so this is a no for me.

"This caterpillar train I saw at the park today."

A line of caterpillars walking across a paved walkway.
reddit | djazzie

I really want to know where these caterpillars are going. Also, how do they know where to go? Caterpillars and butterflies (and moths, I guess) are so mysterious.

"My banana has three curves in it."

A wavy banana. Exactly as it sounds.
reddit | uphigh_ontheside

I have to ask: is the banana okay? It's looking a little... wavy. I'm not gonna lie, it's almost too cool-looking to eat.

"These weird mushrooms growing in my backyard."

A group of fungi on the ground. They're pinkish in colour and appear to have the texture of raw meat/flesh.
reddit | SodaDaydreams

Nothing like going out to your yard and finding some mushrooms that look like a crime scene.

A few comments called this thing a cage mushroom, which apparently is supposed to look like something that died. Weird.

"This pipe at my bathroom glows orange for some reason."

A pipe descending from a wall. It's glowing orange.
reddit | HarfaMars781

Reddit user NomadClad has a pretty good explanation of what's going on here.

"The staining on and around this pipe makes me thing the vent cover has come off allowing both sunlight and rain to go directly in... Then again it could just be a red reflection coming in the window causing the glow; and that's actually a drain pipe, and the stains are leaking s*** from the people above you."

I think it's probably something OP should get checked out...

"My phone vibrated when I was taking this photo."

A picture of a front porch. Thanks to the phone vibrating when the shutter went off, the picture looks wavy.
reddit | the_d00m_song

Oh man, looking at this picture for more than a few seconds is making my eyes hurt. Like, it's such a cool effect and all. But not one you can stare at for a long time.

"Bob Ross branded energy drink, for that positive energy."

Cans of "Positive Energy Drink" with Bob Ross's face on them.
reddit | GabbersLJ

File this picture under things that are both strange and amazing. I would want to try a Bob Ross positive energy drink. Just once, though.