20 Pics That Show Some Truly Baffling Human Behaviors

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Two people taking up the entire width of the airport conveyor belt.
reddit | DieselSELdr

Humans are complex creatures. While there are societal rules we tend to follow, sometimes people throw those right out the window and partake in some strange and unusual acts that we wouldn't normally see, throwing us all off our rhythm.

That's what this list is for, displaying some captured moments of baffling human behaviors that will leave you wondering just what was going through that person's head!

"Customs office destroyed my sculpture someone bought from me because they wanted to check if I didn't hide drugs inside."

A destroyed rock sculpture in a box.
reddit | tadamig

It's incredible that they can just completely eviscerate something and then just go on to deliver it anyway like nothing happened and it's all the shipper's fault somehow. Do they really think people fall for that, or...?

"The way my box was delivered to me by USPS."

An extremely beat up USPS box.
reddit | FleeingMyLife

Apparently it's 'riff on the mail system' time, which sometimes is deserved! For all the good they do, they're also kind of ridiculous, like here. How could this even happen? Did they stop to play a soccer game with this box?

"[How] I caught my five-year-old eating a banana today."

A child eating a banana sideways.
reddit | cornbreadcake

You've had a child for five years and either never taught them how to eat a banana or never caught them eating them like this before? At least they got the peel off, that really is the most important step.

"I pay $28 a month, and this is the 8th week in a row that they've forgot to pick up my recycling."

A large recycling bin on a driveway.
reddit | herbert-earp

The OP said that they've called multiple times, filed tickets, and sent emails, but to no avail. You'll just have to get their attention another way, like setting off fireworks that spell out "come get my bin, now!"

"Neanderthal in front having a stretch in economy."

A man stretching his hands up and reaching backwards onto the airplane seat behind him.
reddit | trumpisashitstain

Horrific. Offensive. Incredibly rude. How anyone can do this with a good conscience is beyond me. I feel bad even existing an inch outside of my designated seat.

"My mom's coffee cup ripped while in the cupholders [...]."

A pair of car cupholders filled with coffee.
reddit | EatingUranium

How clean were those cupholders? If she just got a detailing done, she could toss a couple of ice cubes and a straw in there and still have her drink!

No, I thought about that for a second too long and it's just gross, now I'm the one with the baffling human behavior for having that thought.

"The size of my sister’s burger at Applebee’s."

A burger patty that's maybe one third of the bun.
reddit | Tiger212GB

That is definitely a slider that they put on a full-sized bun. Hopefully, anyway. If it's not, then Applebee's must be going down if these are the tactics they're using to save a few bucks.

"I asked my wife to rinse the beans."

A wet can of beans in a strainer.
reddit | benrogers9815

I want to believe that this was a silly prank that your wife thought would get a laugh out of you, but I've seen weirder things before, so this could also be very real. Either way, your beans are still unwashed.

"I’m a teacher and l made some flowers for decorations and this other teacher took them and used them for their decorations instead."

A teacher's bulletin board decorated with paper flowers.
reddit | naoshimii

I've heard some teacher drama in my days, you would not believe the strange, petty things that happen once students are gone. This is the perfect example. Who would steal decorations like this? What kind of grudge are you holding? Just make your own!

"My girlfriend's account was hacked, so the bank is sending a separate letter for each transaction disputed."

A large, large stack of letters.
reddit | Lewmungous666

For how complex banks are and how much security goes into making sure all of our money is safe at all times, they can also be incredibly, profoundly silly at times. No one thought to make this more convenient?

"[Guess] who only had cash."

A sign for a store saying they're going cashless.
reddit | whirlpoohl

I haven't carried cash in what feels like years now, but even I think that anywhere going completely cashless is really strange. Sometimes that's all people have, they should be allowed to eat too!

"The best place to check your lottery tickets, then buy more, then check them and buy more, is DEFINITELY in line at the pharmacy."

A man standing at a pharmacy counter.
reddit | nikkicocaine

People are allowed to play the lottery for as long as they want, yes, but you have to have a sense of awareness too. Glance behind you, if you see people waiting, just stop and come back later, especially since this is a pharmacy.

"I fail to see how that's more comfortable."

A cat laying on a glass stovetop when there's a bed right next to her.
reddit | Neon_The_Noble

For cats, it's not about comfort, it's about inconvenience. They'll lay wherever they have to that'll get them the most attention, no matter if it's positive or negative. That's why my cat likes to lay directly on my keyboard even when I'm still using it.

"There Was a Sticker on my Sandwich from Wendy’s."

A burger where the tomato still has the sticker on it.
reddit | Doubledecked

Everyone says that these stickers are edible, but that's not something I'd want to test out via my Wendy's burger. At least you know it's fresh?

"Can't back out of my driveway."

Someone's driveway being blocked by another car.
reddit | WARxxPIGG

It's tow truck time! Tow that car wherever you see fit. Down the street, across the city, into a river maybe, who knows! The world is your oyster.

"I bought a new silverware set because mine was diminishing, I lift up my 11-year-old's mattress and among the horror I found all of this."

A collection of spoons and forks on a counter.
reddit | TexasPooneTappa

Someone correctly pointed out that this picture was taken after they were washed, to which OP responded, "Oh dear God. The cookie crisps. Please don't make me think about the cookie crisps."

"Stand right, walk left? Nah. We’re sure nobody has a flight to catch. It’s totally ok for us to stand and block the entire moving walkway."

Two people taking up the entire width of the airport conveyor belt.
reddit | DieselSELdr

Many people in the comments were saying, "You could have politely nudged past them or asked them to step aside," which is true, but I think the picture taker is allowed to be annoyed too! It's like a sidewalk, single file and keep to the right!

"This clothing store that hung its shirts sideways…"

Shirts hung on a hanger sideways, hook through the arm hole.
reddit | RedditNoly

If this was a store-wide thing, I'm not sure I'd want to shop there anymore. It's just offputting enough that it feels alien, or uncanny even. Put them back please.

"My brother won’t eat the middle of donuts."

The center of a donut.
reddit | qOpTheMighty

What? Why? The inside is just the outside but smaller, so what's the difference? Also, was he using a fork? Actually, wait, that I get, those glazed donuts can be mighty sticky.

"At a 'bowl' QSR, she did this the entire time she was ordering."

A woman reaching fully over the counter at a restaurant.
reddit | rvavt

No. Oh my god, no. Absolutely not. This is unacceptable and extremely disrespectful to the people who are certainly not getting paid enough to deal with you being all up in their space like this. Never do this, ever.