20 Crappy Designs That Deserve Awards In The Shape Of 'The Bird'

Ashley Hunte
A staircase painted like an accessible parking spot.
reddit | casperfk

There are some designs out there that are so bad, they're borderline offensive. They make you wonder how people got away with making them in the first place.

When it comes to the designs in this list, they all almost feel like they were created to be one giant middle finger to the world. So, we're giving them the bird right back.

"Ah yes, a perfect depiction of me talking on phone."

A stick figure that has abnormally wide shoulders and is supposed to be holding a mobile phone.
reddit | dhavalp03

The person who made this highly questionable picture needs to learn two words: quality control. Like, geez, the font isn't even uniform. What the heck happened here?

"Who even thought this was a good idea?"

An electronic McDonald's sign on the side of a building. The letters are squished together and overlapping each other, making it difficult to read.
reddit | ampftw12

I was really sitting here for a couple minutes, thinking that sign was supposed to say, "McDorads." Like, it almost looks like some bootleg McDonald's they'd have in a video game or something. What a mess.

This shirt that this model is totally wearing right now.

A model for an Amazon product page, who is wearing a sleeveless shirt that has been painted pink with a photoshop paint tool.
reddit | Monixwastaken

When it comes to Amazon product pages, you can always rely on them to blatantly insult our intelligence. Like, do these sellers really think people are going to think the models are wearing things like this?

"See that beige part on the ground? It's a brand new bike lane in France!"

A sidewalk along a picturesque street. The sidewalk is beige and grey; the two colours are divided by a jagged white line.
reddit | VersionGeek

Yeah... no. As good as it is to add bike lanes wherever you can... you also need to make sure they'd actually fit there. This is just messy and confusing.

"Danger bench."

A bench at the top of a hill that overlooks a steep drop to a body of water.
reddit | ArcticAur

This bench is stressing me out. It's totally an accident waiting to happen. And the worst part? All they'd have to do is put a railing of some kind in front of it. Then it wouldn't be nearly as dangerous.

"People should stop making faces on windows."

The side of a bus or train that has a large ad depicting students. The faces of some students are warped thanks to their placements over windows.
reddit | TupoCbsher

I wonder if the people who put that ad on there realized this was going to look ridiculous before they did it and just didn't care, or didn't notice until after the ad was stuck on there... and just didn't care. Either way, they probably didn't care.

"This toaster toasts the plastic surrounding your breakfast."

A white toaster with visible melting in the plastic around the elements.
reddit | Illustrious-Brief-31

Because there's no better thing to put on your toast than melted plastic. No but seriously, that's both gross, and probably cancerous? I wouldn't be using that toaster. Ever.

This sticker tried so hard to be rude.

A sticker that's supposed to read, "I love the sound you make when you shut up!!" It's arranged in a way that makes it nonsensical.
reddit | SillyCommunist

It tried, and it failed. Instead of saying, "I love the sound you make when you shut up!!" It looks more like, "I love the sound when you shut make up!!"

Okay, this is downright evil.

A package of cookies that looks large, but the plastic tray inside leaves very little room for cookies.
reddit | 4BDUL4Z1Z

It's like they wanted people to think there were way more cookies in there than there actually were. Why would anyone be so evil and do that?

"It's not even in front of the pedestrian crossing."

Bumps for walking sticks to find the end of the sidewalk. This patch is several inches away from the end.
reddit | PassMurailleQSQS

Oh yeah, it's not like people need those warning pavers to warn them when the sidewalk ends. Because blind and visually impaired people don't exist, apparently.

"Got it on my United Airlines flight. The lack of apostrophe is killing me inside."

A napkin for United Airlines featuring Coke bottles and text that reads "There s [missing apostrophe] magic when we fly together."
reddit | trouble_architect

This makes me think that the apostrophe button wasn't working when they were printing the text on this napkin. There's even a space there. Either that, or quality control once again decided to take a vacation.

"Went to a coworker's place on a day off; checked the time literally 10 times before realizing..."

An analogue wall clock. The number 2 is replaced with a second number 1.
reddit | YellowFcknSubmarine

Why is it that my first thought was that this was some kind of daylight savings clock? Because, you know, 1 AM happens twice when we switch back to standard time.

But then I realized that would make even less sense than this being some kind of weird error.

"50% off."

A sign for a store called Red Shoes. The S is in the shape of a foot, which makes the sign instead read "Red Hoes."
reddit | wasmaimran

It just takes one letter for a sign to go from normal to vaguely threatening. I wonder if the store owners know that their logo totally doesn't look like it says "Red Shoes."

"It was surprising to read on first look."

A Barbie sticker that reads, "hello," but has Barbie partially covering the O.
reddit | idiot-at-all

Hey, speaking of how a single letter can make something normal look threatening. There's something really comical about Barbie smiling next to a sign that looks like it says, "Hell."

"Hgme Sweet Hame."

A marketplace listing for a porch sign that reads "Home Sweet Home," but has both O's replaced with the logos for the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Braves, respectively.
reddit | SeirTheWolf6

This feels like it was made for a very specific sports fan, and also for people who hate reading. It feels like the longer I stare at it, the more brain cells I lose.

"New Construction didn't seem to plan for porch beam it seems."

A front porch and depressed driveway. A support beam next to the porch rests on the retaining wall next to the driveway, but is wider than the wall.
reddit | PrivateBurke

I'm no construction worker, but even I can tell you that there's no way this is to code. In fact, I probably wouldn't be going anywhere near that house.

"The design on these lights makes it look cracked."

A wall sconce with a cracked-like design along the glass.
reddit | Draygons11

I hate lights that look like this. I feel like they were designed by people who hate good taste. They're just awful!

A swing, but you can't swing on it.

A swing in a playground. A chain extends from the bottom of the seat to the ground beneath it, making it impossible to actually swing.
reddit | Dbrow243

This was definitely put in place because of safety issues — either somebody got hurt, or they didn't want to risk anyone getting hurt. But you know what would've been better? Removing the swing altogether. Like, what's the point of having it like that?

"Wheelchair friendly stairway."

A small staircase painted with the accessible parking sign.
reddit | casperfk

You don't need to be a wheelchair user to find this insulting. Like, whoever did this is probably super evil, and just likes watching people get angry.

"Lego printing super dark colors against a black background. I tilted the phone to catch some glare so you could see it at all."

A book with black pages and dark green Lego blocks printed on it.
reddit | ten10thsdriver

The best kinds of instructions are the ones you can't understand at all!